Business Finance/Equipment Lease

You may find that you need to upgrade your equipment to progress further with your Photography, but financially this may be difficult at the time. We have looked into ways to make this situation easier and we are pleased to announce that we will be now by offering Business Finance/Equipment Lease.


There are a few different reasons why you should have business finance:

·         This finance option is flexible and allows you to effortlessly spread the cost of your order over a period of time.

·         Simple and straightforward application with a decision within 24 hours to reduce the wait for your new equipment.

·         Authorised and regulated by FCA to make this a safe and secure option for your money.

·         Ideal to help businesses who may be struggling to invest in the required and newest equipment without the worry of incurring significant cash flow issues.

·         To keep all Photography and Video businesses competitive in the market with quick and easy access to the latest equipment.

·         Eligible to claim capital allowances (Terms & Conditions apply)

·         Allows you to offer and Interest & Charges against your Pre-Tax Business profits


Once you have applied for this using the steps below, we will offer you a selection of payment plans to choose from (e.g 24 Months, 36 Months). For this period of time, you will make monthly payment for the equipment to help reduce the financial burden of purchasing new equipment. At the end of your payment plan, you will have two options you can choose from:

·         You can return the products

·         You can pay a one-off additional fee and keep the products.


In order to apply for our Business Finance/Equipment Lease, you will need to create a detailed list of the items you would like to purchase to our email address ( and make sure to specify in the email that you are looking to purchase this order using the BUSINESS FINANCE option. Please include the following details in the email:

·         Your Full Name

·         Your Email Address

·         Your Contact Number

·         Your Company Name

·         Your Company Registered Address

·         Your Company Registration Number

Once you have sent your email, you will then receive an update of what else is required for this application.



·         A commercial invoice will be separated to exclude any out-of-stock items.

·         Minimum order amount is £1000

·         All APR will be provided directly

·         PIXAPRO (trade as EssentialPhoto) acts as a credit broker and not the lender.

·         Credit is available to UK residents aged 18 or over.

·         The approval of your application depends on your financial circumstances and borrowing history.



Making sure that you and your business are up to date with the latest technology is vital to stay competitive in the Photography and Video industry. With our new Business Finance option provided, you will no longer need to worry about the financial side of this.