CITI1200 PRO - Compatible Modifiers and Accessories!

The CITI1200 PRO (AD1200 PRO) 1200Ws Battery Powered Flash is our most powerful flash lighting unit that we have available, but let’s look at what modifiers & accessories that would be compatible with this to further improve your Photography.

Bowens S-Type Mount

The flash head for the CITI200 PRO comes with a Bowens S-Type Mount as standard, which is the most common fitting available on the market. This means you are able to use a wide range ofdifferentmodifiers with this flash lighting unit. We here at PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto have a wide range of different modifiers available with a Bowens S-Type Fitting to allow these to work with the CITI1200 PRO Flash Unit. These include a selection of different options such as Large Softboxes and Beauty Dishes to deal with the impressively powerful flash output created by the CITI1200 PRO.

120x180cm Rectangular Easy-open Umbrella Softbox

This softbox features a much larger surface area compared to standard softboxes. This means that it will be capable of properly distributing the light produced from the CITI1200 PRO & is perfect for Portrait & Fashion Photography.



100cm (39.3") Collapsible Portable White Beauty Dish S-Type

This beauty dish offers a white interior to create a softer lighting to help accentuate facial features, perfect for Portrait Photography. The added diffusion layer softens the light even more and the grid prevent any light spill.

AC Adapter

Whilst you are working in a studio space, you may wish to not have to recharge the battery when you are so close to mains power. With this in mind, we have our CITI1200 PRO AC Apapter that you simply plug into the main body and this allows you to use mains power with this flash unit.

Ring Flash Head (R1200)

This ring flash head attachment attaches directly to the CITI1200 PRO main body and can be used as a main light or as a subtle fill light. The ring light produces a soft, near shadow-less illumination to reduce harsh shadows to give Portraits a more edgy-fashion style. Below are a selection of additional modifiers for the Ring Flash Head Attachment.


Silver Reflector for CITI1200 Pro Ring Flash Head (RFT-21S)

This silver reflector is designed to attach to the CITI1200 PRO Ring Flash Head. The Reflector helps to further spread the light and the silver interior means that your light will offer more specularity in your Photography.



White Reflector for CITI1200 Pro Ring Flash Head (RFT-21W)

This white reflector is designed to attach to the CITI1200 PRO Ring Flash Head. The Reflector helps to further spread the light and the white interior means that your light will offer a more diffuser quality of lighting in your Photography.



Honeycomb Grid for CITI1200 Pro Ring Flash Head (BD-09)

This Honeycomb grid is designed to clip onto the ring flash head. The Grid helps to offer more control over the lighting being produced from the CITI1200 PRO, whilst helping to prevent any unwanted light spill.