Baby and Maternity Photography Kits

We here at PiXAPRO are always looking to find simple solutions for all Photographers, no matter the field that is their main focus. One common field of photography would be for Baby/Maternity shoots, to help capture precious memories for the customers. With this in in mind, we have created a brand-new collection dedicated to this particular field and a few kits specialising in this. In this Blog Post, we take a look at a few of the different kits that we have available to help you decide what equipment you will need.

CITI600 Newborn Baby Flash Kit

This is a simple yet effective single light set-up, which uses a combination of different modifiers to make the most out of the lighting, whilst making sure to keep it soft and gentle for the subject. The Light in this kit would be our CITI600 Manual, which is our 600Ws Battery Powered flash unit, ideal for use on location and away from mains power. It offers super quick Flash Duration and Recycle Times, whilst also having a 9-Stop Power Range to give the user ample amount of control to adjust the light to better suit each shoot. The modifier that is attached to the CITI600 Manual would be our 160cm Black/White Umbrella, which features a Deep Parabolic Design to help better control and focus the light for greater efficiency and to reduce any spill, and includes a removable diffusion material to create a super-soft and diffused lighting. The other modifier included in this kit would be our Collapsible 5-in-1 Reflector that has an oval size of 80x120cm to offer a large reflection of light and includes 5 different colour options for a range of different light styles.

CITI600 Newborn Baby Flash Kit


GLOWPAD450S Baby / New-born Photography Lighting Kit

This kit features two LED Lighting Panels designed to create a soft and gentle lighting to help capture the best possible image. The lighting units in this kit are the GLOWPAD450S, which are our 75W LED Lighting Panels that offer a Daylight Balanced lighting and a CRI of >95 that helps to accurately capture the colours in the subject of the shoot. These panels can be dimmed to better suit the shooting environment and helps to mimic the effect of a Softbox to create a soft and gentle light without requiring large amounts of space. Due to the design of the LED bulbs in the GLOWPAD450S these offer a Flicker-Free lighting, allowing these to be used whilst shooting at virtually any framerate, and they feature a smart-passive cooling system to make these panels noise-free. This kit also includes 2x Light stands that feature an Air-Cushioned design to prevent any sudden drops to minimise the risk of any damage to your equipment. They also offer an adjustable height of between 240cm and 75cm to allow you to better position these to match with the height of the subject.

GLOWPAD450S Baby / New-born Photography Lighting Kit


LED200D MKIII Newborn Baby Light Kit with 120cm Umbrella Softbox and Reflector

This kit is another single head lighting kit, but this features a LED lighting unit rather than a Flash unit, to allow you to better see the lighting being produced. The lighting unit included in this kit is our LED200D MKIII, which is our 200W Daylight Balanced LED Lighting unit, that features a dimmable range down to 10%. The Flicker-Free LED chip being used allows you to shoot at virtually any framerate without issue and the built-it cooling fan and heat sink prevent overheating during extended periods of use. The LED200D MKIII also offer a Bowens S-Type Mount which allows it to be used with a wide range of different modifiers including the 120cm Softbox in this kit. This Softbox features an easy-open design, similar to that of an umbrella, to allow for quick and easy set-up. It also features two layers of diffusion for a soft and gentle lighting and a honeycomb grid for better light control. Both the LED200D MKIII and Softbox are placed on our Boom Stand that allows you to reach to a maximum height of 400cm and can give you more freedom with the placement of the lighting unit. Finally, this kit includes a 5-in-1 Reflector that allows you to bounce the lighting from the LED200D MKIII back onto the subject to remove any unwanted shadows. It also includes 5 different colour options to choose from that each offer their own effect and design for the lighting.

LED200D MKIII Newborn Baby Light Kit With 120cm Softbox & Reflector


When it comes to capturing precious memories for a customer, you need to make sure that the final image is perfect, and using the correct lighting set-up goes a long way to achieving this. With these kits, you should be able to capture the perfect shot every time.

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