What's New? PiXAPRO Video Releases

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Our 2022 Video Recap - New Video Release

How much of our amazing 2022 year did you remember? We thought we'd look back at our favourite parts of the year to share with the very people who made our year so successful! Thank you to all of our customers for your support and custom throughout 2022, and we hope that 2023 will be just as amazing! 

Creative Flamingo Fantasy Photoshoot with Sleepy Robot Photography - New Video Release 

Join Steve and Jen of the Sleepy Robot team on their shoot with Rhos to create a flamingo-themed fantasy land in the studio with some fun costuming, handpainted flamingo cutouts, and colourful gelled flash heads and speedlights!


Flash Lighting Maternity Shoot BTS with Slav Kondratovic

Join Slav of HandPainted Backdrops on his recent shoot with Emilia to capture some beautiful maternity photos with the CITI400 Pro and PIKA200 Pro flashes, as well as using the 120cm Octabox and the new 80x120cm Flatpak Softboxes! Slav shows his process, and gives some great tips on how to position your lighting for a soft, feathered effect.

The Importance of Consistent Lighting for Livestreams and Videos - New Video Release 

If you're struggling to get your livestream or YouTube video content looking high-quality and professional, it might be time to check your lighting! Barry Mountford, Photographer and YouTuber, has years of experience using lights to produce smart and professional images, and has the perfect foolproof one-light setup for beginner livestreamers and vloggers, with some tips on using natural light vs using lights to enhance your video.