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Moza Mini-MX Anti-Shake Cellphone Gimbal Stabiliser + BoomX-D UC1 - CLEARANCE

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This Moza Mini-MX Anti-Shake Gimbal Camera Phone + BoomX-D UC1 set consists of the MOZA MINI-MX MINI Smartphone Gimbal Stabiliser, and the COMICA BoomX-D D1 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone Transmitter & Smartphone Receiver system. The MOZA Mini-MX is a compact and portable battery-powered Smartphone Gimbal Stabiliser, designed to be user-friendly and simple to easily stabilize cinematic footage whilst moving. Simple controls to give multiple options for recording such as portrait/landscape adjustment and an ergonomic design to allow complete comfort for the user. Can be hand-held or attached to a range of Stands/Tripods using the built-in ¼” Mount, expanding your shooting styles and options. With the assistance of the MOZA Genie App available for iOS and Android, the Mini-MX Gimbal Camera Phone will enable the user to explore features like object tracking, face tracking and more. The Comica BoomX-D D1 offers a complete ultra-compact solution for recording audio that can be mounted directly to a mirrorless or DSLR camera or smartphone device. This wireless digital microphone system includes one microphones and one receiver. This bundle is perfect for videographers and filmmakers who are serious about increasing the production value of their work.

Moza Mini-MX Anti-Shake Cellphone Gimbal Camera Phone

Smooth Video Recording: The MOZA Mini MX Gimbal Camera Phone feature its own “Deep Red” anti-shake algorithm, to help create a professional and smooth stabilized footage even when walking or running. Each Gimbal features a maximum load capacity if 280g to allow it to be used with a range of different smartphones. 

Easy Camera Control & Support: Whilst many gimbals require a complicated set-up and control, the MOZA Mini-MX is very simple and quick, allowing for instant use in seconds by simply connecting to your Smartphones Bluetooth and selecting video. The MOZA Mini-MX also offers the user basic camera controls, giving the user a wider range of creative control.

Instant Angle Adjustment: Simply press the Power Button on the handle three time to quickly changed the filming angle between Portrait and Landscape. This gives the user the ability to quickly adapter to the requirements for a particular shoot without the need to pause or stop. 

Cellphone Gimbal Stabiliser with Control Panel: The MOZA Mini-MX Gimbal Camera Phone has been designed with simplicity in mind, with all the required controls and buttons placed directly onto the handle. This layout allows you to easily control the gimbal and camera with only a single hand. 

MOZA Genie App: The MOZA Mini-MX Gimbal Camera Phone has been designed to be fully compatible with the MOZA Genie Smartphone app. This opens a wide range of different features and functions, to improve all available shooting requirements.

Magic Mode: Magic Mode features a range of creative and unique shooting templates, perfect for adding some flair and style to your videography. With easy to follow instructions and tips, creating high quality videos is made easy. 

Constant Focus: Keep your subject always in focus during movement by selecting the subject in the shot and the focus area. This will keep your subject the focus of the shot even whilst moving and keep the video crisp and sharp. 

Smart Gesture Control: Hands-Free shooting has been made simple with Smart Gesture Control. You are free to user pre-set hand signals to trigger your shutter or start/stop recording, to make solo mounted shooting quicker and simpler. 

Simple Editing & Sharing: A Range of different editing options and tools are available, meaning you can instantly edit and share your work from the camera. Capable of functions such as Cut, Splice, Paste, Filters, Effects, Transitions, Music, Subtitles and more. 

Compact Cellphone Gimbal Stabiliser: The MOZA Mini-MX Gimbal Camera Phone has a compact design, with the ability to simply spiral fold the gimbal when not in use, for easy storage and transportation when not in use. 

Fast Tracking: The MOZA Genie App, when used in conjunction with the Mini-MX, features an intelligent algorithm to automatically identify and focus onto fast moving subjects. An ideal function for fast-paced shooting such as sport and dance. 

Slow Motion: Create beautiful and dramatic slow motion to capture the emotion and depth of a scene using the detailed Slow-Motion mode.

Time Lapsing: Capture scenic Sunrises and Sunsets in a unique and professional way using the Time Lapse mode. Wonderful for capturing time passing and ever-changing nature.

Inception Mode: The Mini-MX Gimbal Camera Phone features a dynamic rotating lens effect function, to create impactful and emotive videos. A superb way to create dramatic shots by changing the space and atmosphere.

Cellphone Gimbal Stabiliser Built-in Sport Gear Mode: Sport Gear Mode improves the response time and sensitivity of the gimbal to help tracking quick paced action simply. Ideal when shooting fast and intense sporting events. 

Cellphone Gimbal Stabiliser Built-in Vertigo Mode: This mode allows the user to adjust the zoom speed on the subject to help add a new dimensions and depth to the video.

Ergonomic Design: This Mini-MX Gimbal Camera Phone has been designed with the user’s comfort a main priority, to create a natural holding position and to reduce any strain on the wrist. 

Detailed Craftmanship: Extensive research has been made into creating the best and easiest to use gimbal available, to allow for effortless creativity. The Mini-MX has been created to resolve any common challenges and hurdles to come with portable video shooting.

Connectivity: Whilst designed to mainly be used for hand-held shooting, the Mini-MX features a ¼” mount on the underside of the handle. This allows for connectivity to a wide range of shooting accessories such as tripods and booms.

The MINI-MX Gimbal Camera Phone is a simple yet professional Stabiliser, offering a compact design for easy use and a range of functions and modes to capture the perfect shot. It is the perfect piece of equipment for any videographer and is suited for a wide range of filming such as sports, parties, weddings, and outdoor activities. 

COMICA BoomX-D UC1 Wireless Microphone Transmitter with Smartphone Receiver

Available for Android Devices – The compact transmitter can be attached to your android smartphone device with a USB Type-C port, this means you can now record audio from the comfort of your phone, making the system even more portable.

Available for iOS Devices – The compact transmitter can be attached to your android smartphone device with Apple’s Lightning port, this means you can now record audio from the comfort of your phone, making the system even more portable.

2.4GHz Digital Wireless Frequency – Like the RØDE Wireless Go or the Sennheiser XSW-D series, the Comica BoomX-D series uses the 2.4 GHz wireless bandwidth, which means they work globally. The wireless digital transmission ensures stability with automatic adaptive frequency hopping technology. This means that it will find the best frequency to operate on to minimise interruption and interference. As it is optimised for shorter-range operation in dense WI-FI environments, reducing signal drops and intrusion, for exceptional clarity and reliability. 

Dual Transmitters Triggered by One Receiver – transmit audio of up to two transmitters in just the one receiver in real time, this can be especially useful for interviews or broadcasts where you need to record audio for more than one person, giving an easy solution under one receiver. 

Easy Status Monitoring – the clear bright TFT LCD display will show the battery status of the transmitter and receiver, and audio dynamic monitoring to show the audio level in real time on the screen. As well as the pairing status and signal strength to monitor and reduce the chance of broken, quite or cut audio. 

Internal and External Microphone – the internal and external microphones help to choose the right kind of audio recording based on your needs. Whether you would like to record single audio or multiple audios, for example a room or group, it can be especially useful to have this function with the input modes to get the best mode for you. 

Switchable Output Modes (mono/stereo) – to record a single or multiple audio sources at any one time, the switchable modes can easily be controlled and offers great flexibility when recording audio. 

Real-time Audio Monitor – listen to your audio in real time through the 3.5mm connector. Connect your headphones to the BoomX-D system and listing to the audio recording. This can help to ensure you are recording clear audio without interruption and make sure the microphones are working correctly without malfunction or signal problems. 

Broadcasting Quality Audio – The BoomX-D system will record rich details and deliver a high-quality natural sound. With a higher sample rate at 48KHz it guarantees high-definition recreation of the original audio. As well as the 16-Bit depth which increases audio fidelity and provides more natural sound output 

RF Technology, Auto Freq. Adjustment, Stable Transmission - perfect for using at shorter ranges in dense WI-FI environments, reducing signal drops and intrusion, for exceptional clarity and reliability. This will find the most suitable frequency and automatically adjust, ensuring a stable transmission. 

Low Latency – In order to ensure clear and natural sound, that is fluent and smooth the BoomX has a very low latency of less than 20ms, this is especially useful when matching sound to video to make sure it seems natural, providing professional results. 

Working Range Up to 50m – record your audio at far ranges of up to 50m or 164ft, ensuring effective transmission for smooth audio without interruption or drops, keeping out of shot if necessary. 

Multi-functional Belt Clip – the compact belt clip means that you can attach this easily to your trousers or belt to ensure it is secure and out of view. This can be important to the quality of the recording and not break immersion. It also means that the BoomX system is easily portable and can be forgotten about when recording.

Moza Mini-MX Anti-Shake Gimbal Camera Phone Stabiliser + BoomX-D UC1 for smartphones, with Comica BoomX-D D1 Transmitter & Receiver Bundle, is perfect for Vloggers, Videographers and Film Makers, who want to effortlessly record crisp and clean audio directly in-camera, whilst having perfectly stabilised footage.

For more information on the products included within the Moza Mini-MX Anti-Shake Cellphone Gimbal Stabiliser + BoomX-D UC1 kit please see the links below;

Please note, from 1st May 2024, as this kit contains COMICA & MOZA products which feature a unique design & packaging, this kit will feature a 14 Day Return Period if the mentioned product remains unopened & in its sealed packaging. Once this item has been unsealed and opened, it is no longer covered by our returns policy.


  • Compact and Portable Construction
  • Simple Intuitive Controls
  • Can be used with Smartphones up to 88mm
  • Multiple different shooting modes and functions
  • Attaches via the USB Type-C Cable/Lightning Cable
  • Dual Transmitters transmitting to a single receiver, ideal for multiple users
  • Internal and External Microphone to increase recording options
  • Switchable audio modes from Mono to Stereo
  • LCD Display to show the clearly show the different features and settings
  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Frequency
  • Real-Time Audio monitoring to hear the audio through headphones as soon as it is captured
  • Working range of 50m for effective transmission
  • Multi-functional Belt Clips to hold securely and out of sight

What’s In the Box

  • 1x Mini-MX Compact Stabiliser
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x MI Apple Lightning Receiver (Apple iOS Option Only)
  • 1x UC USB-C Receiver (Android Option Only)
  • 1x Windshield
  • 1x 3.5mm Mic Audio Input Cable
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable


Expanded Dimensions120mm x 120mm x 265mm
Folded Dimensions145mm x 50mm x 180mm
Maximum Load Capacity280g
Smartphone Bracket Range60mm ~ 88mm
Battery LifeApproximately 20 Hours
Charging Time2.5 Hours
Battery Voltage7.4V 2000mAh
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1
Mechanical AnglesPan: 340°, Roll: 300°, Tilt: 140°


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