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Seamless Tabletop Product Photography MOBI LED Twin kit (White)

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 The Seamless Tabletop Product Photography MOBI LED Twin kit (white) consists of two MOBI LED Light Panels, which give a combined power output of 44W and can be controlled with three different power levels, to help create a clean and professional light along with the included Table-Top Background Stand with a 60x130cm PVC Background offering a Matte finish, with its compact and sturdy construction you will be taking still-life or product photography in no time. This kit has been designed to create a handy portable solution for taking high-quality photographs in a small table space. 



CRI Rating: due to the kit’s high CRI rating of 95, you can rest assured that your subject’s true colours are being faithfully reproduced in your final footage or photograph, so there will be no need for colour correction in post.

Daylight balanced LED: MOBI LED is daylight balanced LED, faithfully reproduce colours in comparison to natural sunlight.

Built-in Diffuser: due to the MOBI LED’s built-in diffusion panel, it produces a natural and even quality of light, which is ideal for shooting e-commerce images.

Dazzle free: unlike traditional LED, the MOBI LED is suitable for for long hour use without causing any distress.  

Flicker free: the LEDs used in the MOBI LED are Flicker-Free, meaning you can shoot a virtually any framerate, or any shutter-angle your desire, without fear of introducing flicker. This is important for 360 product video.

Adjustable head: the MOBI LED comes supplied with an Aluminium Alloy height-adjustable Table-Top light stand with a ball and socket head joint, which allows for 360° rotation, enabling it to be positioned in virtually any direction you require

Folded small for storage: the stand can be taken apart and folded down to take up minimal storage space and transport.


Table-Top background stand:

Quick and easy to set-up: the PIXAPRO Table-Top Background stand’s compact size makes it ideal for photographing products such as jewellery and gadgets etc.

Smooth and matt: the PIXAPRO 60x130cm white Matte PVC Background is the perfect solution for table-top photography requiring a smooth, matt surface.

Water resistance: this PVC background is water resistant and can be simply wiped clean and reused as many times as you like.

Crease free: unlike paper or fabric backgrounds, this won’t wrinkle, or crease easily, making set up hassle-free.

Seamless effect: the PVC background can be attached to the crossbar using the two supplied clamps, and can then be draped onto your shooting surface, creating a curve, for the seamless, infinity curve look, to make your product look like it is floating.


The seamless Tabletop Product Photography MOBI LED Twin kit (white) is quick and easy to set-up and is ideal for table-top product photography. the PIXAPRO Table-Top Background stand’s compact size makes it suitable for photographing products such as jewellery and gadgets etc and also suitable for photographing small pets such as hamsters, mice and gerbils etc. This set- up will support smartphones and tablets to achieve clean and professional product photo for  eCommerce and catalogues and will also support mirrorless camera, digital camera, webcam or DSRL.


For more information on the products included within this kit please see the links below: 


Table Stand with White Backdrop 




  • Compact Design
  • Produces even, diffused lighting
  • Daylight Balanced
  • CRI of 95, for impeccable colour-reproduction
  • Height-adjustable Telescopic Stand
  • Background Stand is made from Light-weight and durable aluminium construction
  • Background stand is suitable for use with small PVC backdrops
  • It can also be adjusted between 39cm and 68cm in height
  • Ideal for Table-Top and Smartphone Photography

What’s In the Box

  • 2x MOBI LED Light Panel
  • 2x Table-Top Stand
  • 1x Table-Top Background Stand
  • 2x Background Clips
  • 1x 60x130cm White PVC Background


Maximum Power Output22W
Colour Temperature5600K
Beam Angle60°
Power RangeSingle Power Level
LifespanApproximately 50,000 hours
Power SupplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
MOBI LED Panel Weight440G
Panel Stand Connection1/4" Screw Thread
Background Stand Maximum Height68cm
Background Stand Minimum Height39cm
Background Stand Crossbar Length70cm
Background Stand MaterialAluminium
PVC Background Width60cm
PVC Background Length130cm
Dimensions (LED)22cm x 13.5cm

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