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LiteFlow K1 Assorted Cine Light Reflector Panel Kit

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The KNOWLED LiteFlow Cine Lighting Reflector System is a new and innovative cinematic light control system, that introduces a fresh perspective on illumination. With outstanding reflectivity, and coming in a Multitude of Sizes and Various Degrees of Diffusion, the LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector Syetm is highly versatile. The LiteFlow system offers remarkable light quality, convenience, and control designed to streamline your workflow on set. The lighting solution that Cinematographers, directors of Photography, and gaffers have been waiting for.

Natural Cinematic Lighting

Sometimes, illuminating your subject or scene directly can result in lighting that looks "very artificial". The Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow Cine Light reflector panels utilise the power of the inverse square law, to extend the transmission distance of light, enabling you to bounce the light around your set for a more natural look. Simply point your main light at one of the reflector panels, which will then bounce the light to illuminate your subject, resulting in a more natural look. you can also place smaller LiteFlow panels around the set, enabling you to more to highlight other points of interest in your scene. This gives you the flexibility to create complex lighting scenarios, without necessarily needing a multitude of lights on-set.

Godox LiteFlow Panel, Light Path Diagram

Safe And Efficient Control

Thanks to its lightweight design, the LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector panels make it a breeze to use with high-output fixtures at low elevations,  significantly reducing the workload of the crew, whilst improving health and safety. In addition, it also enables you to effortlessly adjust the angle of reflection, for maximum control.

Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow Panel being used to reflect light from a high-powered light fixture into a window

Harness the Power of the Sun

As well as being used with artificial studio lighting, the LiteFlow Cine Light reflector system is also great for use in outdoor environments. simply use a single or multiple LiteFlow panels to redirect the natural sunlight to illuminate your subject(s), and other points of interest in your scene. It will even let you redirect natural sunlight into fight spaces.

The KNOWLED LiteFlow Panels being used outdoors to illuminate a movie set

Four Levels of Reflectivity

With a mere 3% power loss, the LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector system boasts exceptional reflectivity producing impeccable light quality. Each of the four LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector Panels comes with different reflectivity ratings (D1, D2, D3, and D4), which produce different results depending on your lighting needs:

D1 - Hard Light

  • Redirecting light
  • Reducing the need for extra sources
  • Extending the light path to simulate natural fall-off
  • Reflecting tungsten or sunlight to produce hard light
Liteflow D1 Reflector

D2 - Moderately Diffused Light

  • Diffusing direct light
  • Redirecting lights
  • Reducing the need for extra sources
  • Extending the light path to simulate natural light fall-off
Liteflow D2 Reflector

D3 - Soft Light

  • Diffusing direct light
  • Creating naturally soft shadow effects
  • Ideal for fill light
Liteflow D1 Reflector

D4 - Soft Light

  • Diffusing direct light
  • Altering the light beam into a strip shape
Liteflow D1 Reflector

A Multitude of Sizes - Limitless Possibilities

The Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow K1 Cine Light Reflector kit ships with four different-sied panels. The Kit comes with 4x 50cm Reflector Panels, 4x 25cm Reflector Panels, 4x 15cm Reflector Panels, and 4x 7cm Reflector Panels.

the GODOX KNOWLED LiteFlow Panels come in different sizesZero Colour Shifts

The LiteFlow panels have been meticulously designed to ensure that no colour casts are added to the light reflected from the panels. With the LiteFlow Panels, you can be assured that the colour temperature of the light remains as pure as it did when it left the original light source.

Effortless Installation 

Each LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector utilises a sleek rail mounting system with a guide slot, enabling you to connect one of two types of connectors. the kit comes with a selection of baby-pin, connectors, and a selection of 5/8" stud receivers. This enables the LiteFlow panels to be mounted to a multitude of stands and other studio grip accessories. 

Gaffer mounting a LiteFlow PanelProtective Corner Bezels

Each LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector panel features a protective bezel on each of the corners, to help protect the panel from getting damaged. It also enables you to easily access the panels around you without needing to touch the reflective face of the panel, accidentally getting fingerprints on it, which could affect the lighting being reflected from it.

Corner Bezels to help protect the panels form impact damage and for gripping the panels

The Godox LiteFlow Cine Light Reflector system, allows you to experience a world that holds no bounds when in the world of cinematic lighting. this innovative cinematic light reflector system will enable you to create breathtaking and immersive moves that previously Cinematographers, DOPs and gaffers could only dream of.

Please note, due to the nature of this product, this item falls under our 14 days return policy and cannot be returned once the product has been opened.

Please Note:  Please wear specialised gloves when handling the reflectors, to prevent scratches and fingerprints. After use, make sure to clean the reflector immediately to keep the surface pristine condition and free of stains. 

Please note, due to the dimensions and/or weight of this product, this falls into our ‘Large Products’ shipping category and additional handling will be applied. The additional handling cost will be £10 and this will automatically be added to the shipping cost at the checkout page.


  • Highly-Reflective For Maximum Light Efficiency
  • Available in Multiple Models and sizes
  • Lightweight and Easy To Set Up
  • Enables you to achieve a more natural lighting effects
  • Great for use as a fill light, or as a pseudo secondary light.
  • Suitable for use in the studio, or on location.

What’s In the Box

  • 4x LiteFlow 50 Panels (D1/D2/D3/D4)
  • 4x LiteFlow 25 Panels (D1/D2/D3/D4)
  • 4x LiteFlow 15 Panels (D1/D2/D3/D4)
  • 4x LiteFlow 7 Panels (D1/D2/D3/D4)
  • 2x WMR Rail Mount Receiver
  • 2x WMS Rail Mount Stud
  • 1x SWO1 Safety Cable
  • 1x Pair of Gloves
  • 1x 100ml Cleaning Spray
  • 10x Cleaning Cloths


ModelDimensionsNet. Weight
LiteFlow 7 D1/D2/D3/D470mm x 70mm46g
LiteFlow 15 D1/D2/D3/D4150mm x 150mm167g
LiteFlow 25 D1/D2/D3/D4250mm x 250mm403g
LiteFlow 50 D1/D2/D3/D4500mm x 500mm1.43kg


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