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Godox SL100Bi Three-Head Softbox LED Lighting Kit

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The Godox SL100Bi Three-Head Softbox LED Lighting Kit is a complete Continuous Lighting set-up that includes everything needed to capture professional Video results. The SL100BI is a 100W Bi-Colour Portable LED Light that features a compact design for easy transportation/storage, whilst also providing high CRI & TLCI and Built-in Lighting Effects. The SB-BW6090 softboxes feature a reflective interior to maximise light efficiency with two layers of diffusion to create a soft and gentle lighting. These products can then be mounted securely onto the included 240cm Air-Cushioned Light Stands, with the lights all being able to be control from the single RC-A6II Remote. The kit comes with two different carry case for easy storage, the CB06 Roller Case for the Lighting, Modifiers and remote, and the CB03 Stand Bag for the light stands. This kit is perfect for anyone looking for a complete set-up for most Video fields such as Interviewing, Content Creation, Live-Streaming and more.


SL100Bi LED Light

Immense Power: The SL100BI is a powerful LED light, with an average light output of 32,100 lux at 1m with the standard reflector, which makes it super-bright for its super-compact size.

Super Compact: Measuring a mere 24.3cm x 24.8cm x 12.7cm and weighing in at 1.6kg. this makes the SL100BI a great light for mobile photographers or videographers.

Impeccable Colour Accuracy: Super-high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) rating of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥97 for accurate colour reproduction. This means that the SL100Bi is suitable for Professional Broadcast use as well as for Film-Making and Commercial Cinematography. 

Variable Colour Temperature: Adjust the colour temperature anywhere between 2800K and 6500K, enabling you to perfectly match the colour of the ambient light in your shooting environment, so you don’t have to worry about mixed lighting which can ruin an otherwise great shot.

Shoot at Virtually Any Framerate: The integrated COB LED chip is also Flicker-Free, meaning you can shoot virtually any framerate, or any shutter angle without fear of introducing flicker into your footage. 

11 Built-In Lighting Effects: The SL100Bi features 11 Built-in Lighting effect pre-sets, which simulate various lighting scenarios, including Lightning storms, TV, flashes, broken bulbs, candles, fire and fireworks etc.

Multiple Control Options: Built-in 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Remote Receiver, which enables it to be used with wireless remote control (sold separately), allowing you to control up to 16 different channels simultaneously. It can also be controlled via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet using the GODOX Light app.

Bowens S-Type Mount: Bowens S-Type mount makes it compatible with a wide range of modifiers straight out of the box, which gives you the option to shape and modify the light to suit your needs. 

SB-BW6090 Softbox

Rectangular Design: Rectangular softboxes are probably the most commonly used type of softbox. Since rectangular softboxes have long straight edges, they enable users to easily feather the light towards or away from their subject.

Hardwearing And Resilient: Made from a hard-wearing fabric and has a frame consisting of four durable rods, inserted into a durable metal alloy ring. This makes the softbox extremely lightweight, yet strong. Excellent durability, for an affordable price.

Reflective Interior: Highly reflective interior and black exterior. The reflective interior is designed to bounce the light around the interior of the softbox to maximise light efficiency. The black exterior of the fabric prevents light leakage from your light source and absorbs any stray exterior light.

Dual-Layer Diffusion: Two layers of diffusion, enabling the softbox to produce soft, homogenous lighting over the entire front surface of the softbox, with minimal hotspots. They also help to reduce specularity on your subject.

Great Portability: Included with its own slim profiled carrying case, making it ideal for transportation. Since everything packs flat, it takes up very little space in your storage room or lighting kit bag.

240cm Stand

3 Tier Extension: making it collapsible to a height of 75cm and fully extend to 240cm.

Air Cushioned Dampening System: this helps to prevent any sudden drops to minimise the risk of damage to your equipment or causing injury to yourself.

Thick Sturdy Central column: can be lowered down to be used as a fourth leg, offering extra stability.

Detachable Spigot: Comes with the most popular universal 1/4" and 3/8” thread which makes it easy to use with other units up to 5kg.

RC-A6II Controller

2.4GHz Wireless Transmission: This enables it to be able to communicate with the lights at distances of up to 50m away in an open area, without requiring direct line-of-slight like traditional infra-red remote controllers do. this enables you to position lights behind walls etc. opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

32 Channels And 16 Groups: The RC-A6II has 16 groups, enabling you to control up to 16 groups of lights in your setup.  With 32 separate channels to choose from, allowing you to reliably control your lights in virtually any situation.

CB-06 Roller Case

Adjustable Dividers: The CB-06 Roller Case features a plethora of reconfigurable dividers, enabling it to take practically all your photography gear. This protects them from damage during transportation, or when in storage.

Durable Construction: Features a rigid outer shell, with a padded lining. It also includes a selection of reconfigurable dividers, enabling you to compartmentalise the bag, providing maximum protection to your gear whilst you are on the move.

Portable Design:  Two super-smooth caster wheels, that when used in conjunction with its pull handle, enable you to easily transport your case. It also features 2x super-durable carry straps, which enable you to easily lift the bag for carrying it over places you can’t use the rolling function.

CB03 Stand Bag

Perfect For People on The Go: Hold light stands or tripods up to 104cm in length and can store up to two lighting stands. This makes it the ideal bag for mobile photographers, and videographers, who are looking for a simple and compact solution for carrying light stands or tripods onto shoots with them.

Godox CB03 Protect Your Assets: Made from a high-quality, durable nylon fabric with a padded interior. It measures 104 x 19 x 15cm in size and features two stand pockets, enabling each stand to be separated avoiding friction between them whilst in transit.


The Godox SL100Bi Three-Head Softbox LED Lighting Kit is an ideal three-light set-up for Video Productions, including all the relevant equipment to capture professional results with ease.


For more information on the products included within this Kit please see the links below:

SL100BI LED Light

SB-BW6090 60x90cm Softbox

240cm Air Cushioned Stand

RC-A6II Control

CB-06 Roller Case

CB-03 Carry Case


  • Perfect for all types of Videography
  • Super Compact Design
  • CRI of 95+ TLCI of 97+
  • Built-In Lighting Effects
  • SB-BW6090 features highly reflective interior to maximise light-efficiency
  • 240cm Light Stand provides wide spread legs for maximum stability
  • RC-A6II Remote features 32 Channels & 16 Groups
  • CB06 comes with padded dividers to reconfigure to suit your needs.
  • CB03 made from a durable Nylon Fabric

What’s In the Box

  • 3x SL100BI LED Light
  • 3x SB-BW6090 Softbox
  • 3x 240cm Light Stand
  • 1x RC-A6II Remote
  • 1x CB06 Roller Case
  • 1x CB03 Carry Case


SL100BI LED Light
Power Output100W
Colour Temperature2800K - 6500K
Power Range0-100%
Brightness32,100 lux @ 1m (With Standard Reflector)
Beam Angle120°
Lighting Effects8
Working Temperature-10° - 40°C
Control MethodSmartphone App, RC-A6 Wireless Remote (Sold Separately)
Number of Channels32
Number of Groups16 - 0-9 A, B, C, D, E, and F)
Wireless Transmission DistanceApprox. 30m
Bluetooth Transmission DistanceApprox. 30m
Bluetooth Frequency2402.0 - 2480.0 MHz
Accessory MountBowens S-Type
SB-BW6090 Softbox
Softbox Dimension60 x 90 cm
Depth35 cm
FittingBowens S-Type
240cm Light Stand
Min. Height79cm
Folded Length76cm
Max. Height240cm
Max. Footprint Diameter92cm
Max. Load Capacity5kg
Stand Tube Diameter29.5mm/26mm/22.4mm/19mm
Safety MechanismAir Cushioned
Spigot Size5/8inch
RC-A6II Remote
Transmission Frequency2.4GHz
Number of Channels32
Number of Groups16
Operation Temperature-10 to 40°C
Power2x AAA Batteries
CB06 Roller Case
Dimensions120 x 38 x 15 mm
Net. Weight30g
External Dimensions104.1 x 41.3 x 30.5 cm
Internal Dimensions94 x 34 x 25 cm
Caster Wheels2
Closure TypeZipper
CB03 Carry Case
Dimensions104 x 19 x 15 cm
Carrying OptionsConnecting Hand Straps
Closure TypeZipper

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