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Godox ES30 Twin LED Live-Streaming Set-Up

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The Godox ES30 Twin LED Live-Streaming Set-Up has been carefully designed to create an all-round ideal set-up specifically for online video content creation. The ES30 LED Light Panels feature a Stylish, slim-lined design which beautifully produce Diffused Bi-Colour Lighting & a high CRI of +96, and a TLCI of +97 for impeccable colour rendition. The TL30 units are Bi-colour RGB LED light tubes, which offer 36,000 colours to choose from as well as multiple colour modes and lighting effects. Finally, the EM68X USB Condenser Microphone offers four polar pick-up patterns & a touch-sensitive mute button for quick adjustments. This kit is the perfect set-up for live streaming as well as video conferencing.

ES30 LED Panel

Sleek Live Streaming Light Design: Stylish slim-profile design with solid metal construction, with a desk-mountable telescopic stand. Since the stand stands directly on your desktop or tabletop, the ES30 stands flush against your wall and takes up very little desktop real estate, for a clean, modern look.

Easy On The Eye: Edge-Lit LED technology, to produce a diffused light, which reduces harsh shadows and specular highlights for more flattering results. The diffused lighting of the ES30 also makes them easier on the eyes, enabling you to leave extended streaming sessions, with less chance of getting eye fatigue.

ZERO Noise: Zero fan noise with incredible passive heat dissipation. It's great for any type of video production.

Cool-Running: Super-efficient cooling system which keeps excess heat build-up in your streaming environment to a minimum. This enables you to enjoy hours of streaming, without getting hot and sticky.

Bi-Colour: The Colour Temperature of the ES30 can be adjusted anywhere between 2800K and 6500K. This enables you to match the colour temperature of your streaming environment. It can also be used to select whether you want your stream to have a warmer colour tone or a cooler colour tone.

Impeccable Colour Accuracy: With a Colour Rendition Index (CRI) of 96, you can rest assured that colours will be accurately replicated in your stream. It also has a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 97, the ES30 is suitable for television production and broadcast use.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to control it via the GODOX Light app for smartphones or tablets. This enables you to control either a single light or multiple lights simultaneously.

TL30 LED Light Stick

No Need For Coloured Gels: Since the TL30 is an RGB LED light, you can select between 36,000 hues and shades, enabling you to change the colour of the light to virtually any colour you can dream of, to help set the mood of your film or photo.

Bi-Colour Feature: The Colour Temperature of the TL30 RGB LED Light can be adjusted anywhere between 2700K and 6500K. This enables you to match the colour temperature of the TL30, with the colour temperature of the ambient lighting in your shooting environment, so you do not get undesirable mixed lighting in your scene.

Impeccable Colour Accuracy: With a Colour Rendition Index (CRI) of 97, you can rest assured that colours will be accurately reproduced in your video footage or photographs. Its Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 99 also makes them suitable for broadcast use. Ideal for Television and Movie productions

Mount Virtually Anywhere: The TL30 RGB Light has multiple mounting options to choose from. It features built-in magnets, which allow it to be securely attached to a metal surface to open up a whole new world of light placement possibilities. Each end of the lighting unit also features a standard ¼-inch screw thread, enabling it to be mounted to a light stand, boom, tripod etc.

Compact Design: The TL30 Tube Light have an incredibly compact design. Weighing in at approximately 300g, and measuring a mere 30cm in length, the TL30 Pavo Tube Light is perfect for being placed in discreet areas, making sure your subject receives perfect light coverage.

Light App Compatibility: The TL30 Pavo Tube Light features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling it to be controlled using the Godox Light smartphone app,  at ranges of up to approximately 30m. Perfect for remotely controlling single or multiple lights.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery: The TL30 features a built-in 3.6V/2900mAh Lithium battery with a runtime of approximately 1 hour on full power, great for extended shoots. 

EM68X Microphone

Godox Mic APP: Controlled via the newly upgraded Godox Mic app, which offers you a greater wealth of controls, everything from RGB lighting, Gain control, as well as noise cancellation. It also enables you to control the mic pickup patterns and control real-time monitoring.

Four Selectable Polar Pickup Patterns: Four polar patterns, that can be selected via the Godox Mic App: Cardioid, Bi-Directional, Omni-directional, and Stereo.  This allows you to stream and record in ways that would normally require multiple microphones, opening up a world of possibilities.

Built-In Shock Mount: Durable shock mount, enabling you to help prevent you from getting low-frequency rumbles that can otherwise ruin your audio if your microphone gets accidentally knocked.

One Tap To Mute: Touch-sensitive mute button, enabling you to instantly mute yourself by simply tapping the top of the microphone. The light will handily turn off to indicate that your mic has been muted. 

Latency-Free Monitoring: 3.5mm audio jack on the back of the mic allowing for real-time monitoring. This helps you to ensure that your audio levels are correct, preventing audio clipping.

Plug And Play: Compatible with Windows PCs, Mac, PS5, and PS4, enabling you to render perfect clear sound with USB connectivity easily.

The Godox ES30 Twin LED Live-Streaming Set-Up is perfect for anyone interested in a complete lighting & audio set-up, suited for video conferencing & online content creation.

For more information on the products included within this kit please see the links below:

ES30 LED Panel

TL30 LED Light Stick

EM68X Microphone


  • Perfect for Live-Streaming
  • ES30 creates Bi-Colour lighting with a Sleek Streamlined Design
  • TL30 offers between 36,000 Colours to choose from
  • EM68X captures Omnidirectional, Bi-Directional, Cardioid, and Stereo polar patterns.

What’s In the Box

  • 2x ES30 LED Panel
  • 2x GD-TL30 LED Stick
  • 1x EM68X Microphone


PowerES30 - Max. 35W
TL30 - 8W
Colour TemperatureES30 - 2800-6500K
TL30 - 2700K ~ 6500K
CRIES30 - 96+
TL30 - 97+
TLCIES30 - 97+
TL30 - 99+
ES30 - 233 x 233 x 42mm
TL30 - 42mm x 300mm
Net Weight
ES30 - 0.74kg
TL30 - 0.3KG
Brightness RangeES30 & TL30 - 0%-100%
EM68X Frequency Response20Hz - 20KHz
EM68X Microphone Sensitivity-40dB - ±2dB
EM68X Supported Operating SystemsWindows/macOS

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