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DP800IIIV Three Head Studio Flash Lighting Kit

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The DP800IIIV Three Head Studio Flash Lighting Kit features three super-powerful flash strobe lighting units, as well as a collection of different modifier and accessories, to create a complete Studio Photography Kit. The DP800IIIV Flash offers a super bright flash power output of 800Ws whilst also featuring a 30W LED Modelling Lamp, Fast Flash Durations and a 6-Stop Power Range. The kit also includes unique modifiers; a 80x120cm Softbox, Black/White Umbrella and Light reflector with Barndoor & Gels Set, to provide a range of different lighting controls and options. Each light & modifier can be securely mounted onto one of the 240cm Light Stands in this kit, which feature a unique Air-Cushioned design to prevent unwanted collapses during use. The included XT16 Trigger allows for quick and easy communication with each light from camera, and features a universal hot-shoe for compatibility with different camera brands. All of this equipment can then be securely stored in the two include carry cases, the CB06 Case for the Lighting, Modifiers & Trigger and the CB03 for the Light Stands. This kit is perfect for almost all Studio Photography fields, such as Portrait, Beauty, Event, Fashion and more.


DP800III-V Flash

New LED Modelling Lamp: 30W LED modelling lamp enabling you to get an idea of how your lighting is going to look. Since the modelling lamp is LED as opposed to Halogen, it runs considerably cooler, making it safe for use in enclosed modifiers.

Impressive Flash Duration: Capable of flash durations of between 1/800th and 1/2000th of a second. This enables you to freeze, motion, reducing the risk of motion blur.

Fast Recycling Times: Fast-recycling times of between 0.1-1s, enabling you to take more frequent shots and you will hear a programmable ready beep sound when the unit is ready for its next flash. 

6-Stop Power Range In 1/10th Increments: 800Ws flash tube, with a 6-stop power range (1/1 – 1/64 power) which can be adjusted in 1/10-stop increments. This gives you the option of either blasting your subject with light or just adding a little touch of light.

Built-In 2.4GHz Flash Receiver: Built-in 2.4GHz flash receiver, enabling it to be used with the GODOX 2.4GHz X Series flash triggers. They enable you to not only trigger the flash but also remotely adjust the power of the flash as well as switch the modelling lamp on or off.

Wireless RF ID Mode: Wireless ID feature, which enables you to assign specific RF IDs to all your lights and triggers. The Wireless ID allows only triggers with a matching ID to fire the flash(es).

S-Type Modifier Mount: Bowens S-Type modifier mount, making it compatible with a wide range of different modifiers such as softboxes, beauty dishes, snoots, reflector dishes etc.

80x120cm Softbox

Hardwearing and Resilient: Outer skin made from a hard-wearing fabric and has a frame consisting of four durable rods, inserted into a durable metal alloy ring. This makes the softbox extremely lightweight, yet strong.

Reflective Interior: Highly reflective interior and black exterior. The reflective interior is designed to bounce the light around the interior of the softbox to maximise light efficiency. The black exterior of the fabric prevents light leakage from your light source and absorbs any stray exterior light which may otherwise contaminate the purity of your Light.

Dual-Layer Diffusion: Two layers of diffusion, enabling the softbox to produce soft, homogenous lighting over the entire front surface of the softbox, with minimal hotspots.

Great Portability: Slim profiled carrying case, making it ideal for transportation. Since everything packs flat, it takes up very little space in your storage room or lighting kit bag.


40” Black/White Umbrella

Light Efficiency: This style of umbrella is designed so that the light is pointed away from your subject and reflected toward your subject. This umbrella features a white interior, producing a soft diffused quality of light. The black outer surface prevents light from leaking through the surface.

High-Quality Bounce Umbrella: Lightweight eight-spoked metal frame, with an 8mm shaft, making it suitable for use with most brands of lights. The umbrella’s surface is made from high-quality nylon for added durability.

Easy to Store: Collapses down into a compact form factor, making storage and transportation easy.


RFT Reflector

Wider Light Spread: The reflector is 18.5cm in diameter, which is traditionally wider than most reflectors on the market, for a wider spread of light.

Highly Reflective Interior: Helps to bounce the light around for maximum light efficiency, with a black exterior material to reduce light spill.

Umbrella Mount: The umbrella reflector includes an umbrella mount which allows you to easily attach an umbrella to your flash, for even greater options with your lighting

Bowens S-Type Fitting: This means you can easily attach and remove the reflector with little to no fuss.

Focused Light: Restrict the spread of light, producing a more focused light whilst giving more output on the subject, this makes it the ideal tool for any commercial, fashion, or beauty photographers, and for low-key portraits, creating dramatic-looking results.


Barndoor Set With Gels

High-Quality Metal Barndoor Photography Lighting: The barndoor set has a metal frame which easily attaches to the front of your studio reflector up to 17.5cm in diameter.

Independently Moving Shutters for Precise Control: The shutters move independently; this allows you to control the beam of the light and restrict any light spill.

4 Colour Gels and Honeycomb Grid: The Honeycomb grid also known as the egg crate grid, narrows the light spread further, offering greater control.  The set of 4 gels has metal frames for longevity. The Gels come in yellow, blue, red, and diffused offering many different shooting possibilities.


XT16 Trigger

Cross-Compatible: It is also cross-compatible with the GODOX X1, X2, and XPRO Series TTL trigger system (XT16 2.4GHz cannot transmit TTL information).

XT16 Studio Flash Trigger Set Uses Radio Waves: Since the GODOX XT16 studio flash trigger set works using radio waves, you do not require a direct line of sight with your flashes for them to work, and also you can work at greater distances (up to 50m) from your flash, giving you more flexibility.

16 Different Channels: 16 different channels, allowing you to still use your flashes without the worry of accidentally triggering somebody else’s flashes who might be working within your vicinity. If you have a flash that is compatible, you can also control the power levels of your flashes, either in groups or individually.  


240cm Air Cushioned Stands

3 Tier Extension: making it collapsible to a height of 75cm and fully extend to 240cm.

Air Cushioned Dampening System: this helps to prevent any sudden drops to minimise the risk of damage to your equipment or causing injury to yourself.

Thick Sturdy Central column: can be lowered down to be used as a fourth leg, offering extra stability.

Detachable Spigot: comes with the most popular universal 1/4" and 3/8” thread which makes it easy to use with other units up to 5kg.


CB06 Roller Case

Protect Your Assets: Rigid outer shell, with a padded lining. It also includes a selection of reconfigurable dividers, enabling you to compartmentalise the bag, providing maximum protection to your gear whilst you are on the move.

Pull it, Or Carry It: Two super-smooth caster wheels, that when used in conjunction with its pull handle, enable you to easily drag your case around town without having them take the weight of all your gear. For times when you do need to lift the bag, it also features 2x super-durable carry straps, which enable you to easily lift the bag and put it into your car boot, or for carrying it over places you can’t really use the rolling function.

Large Roller Cases for Equipment: 104.1 x 41.3 x 30.5cm in size, making it big enough to store and carry most of your equipment, including Studio strobes, LED lighting, light modifiers, and even your light stands.


CB03 Stand Bag

Perfect For People on The Go: Hold light stands or tripods up to 104cm in length and can store up to two lighting stands. This makes it the ideal bag for mobile photographers, and videographers, who are looking for a simple and compact solution for carrying light stands or tripods onto shoots with them.

Godox CB03 Protect Your Assets: Made from a high-quality, durable nylon fabric with a padded interior. It measures 104 x 19 x 15cm in size and features two stand pockets, enabling each stand to be separated avoiding friction between them whilst in transit.


The DP800IIIV Three Head Studio Flash Lighting Kit offers high-quality results with ease due to the combination of powerful strobe flash lighting units, unique modifiers & accessories.


For more information on the products included within this Kit please see the links below:

DP800III-V Flash

80x120cm Softbox

40” Black/White Umbrella

RFT Reflector

Barndoor Set With Gels

XT16 Trigger

240cm Air Cushioned Stand

CB06 Roller Case

CB03 Stand Bag


  • Perfect for Small & Large Studios
  • 1/1-1/64 Power with 1-Second Recycle Times
  • Built-In 30W LED Modelling Lamp
  • SB-BW80120 Softbox features a highly reflective interior to maximise light-efficiency
  • UB-004 Umbrella offers a White interior, to produce soft diffused lighting
  • RFT Reflector combines a high output with a good spread of light
  • Barndoor Set with Gels is a perfect for when you want precise control over the spread of light
  • XT16 Trigger features 16 Groups & Channels
  • 240cm Light Stands have Wide spread legs for maximum stability
  • CB06 Roller Case come with Padded Dividers to reconfigure to suit your needs.
  • CB03 Stand Bag enables you to easily transport light stands and tripods

What’s In the Box

  • 3x DP800III-V Flash
  • 1x 80x120cm Softbox
  • 1x 40” Black/White Umbrella
  • 1x RFT Reflector
  • 1x Barndoor Set With Gels
  • 1x XT16 Trigger
  • 3x 240cm Air Cushioned Stands
  • 1x CB06 Roller Case
  • 1x CB03 Stand Bag


DP800IIIV Flash
Max. Power800Ws
Guide Number (With Standard Reflector)126m (ISO 100)
Colour Temperature5600K±200K
Operating Voltage100-240V~50/60Hz
Power Output ControlOFF, 4.0~10.0 (1/1~1/64)
Modelling Lamp30W LED
Triggering MethodSync Cord, Test Button, Built-in 2.4GHz Receiver, Wireless Control Port.
Flash Duration1/800~1/2,000s
Sync Port Voltage5V
Wireless Control Port Voltage5V/200mA (only for GODOX/PIXAPRO USB Receivers)
Recycle Times0.1-1s

Diameter: 12.5cm

Height (with Handle): 21.5cm

Length (With lamp Cover) 41cm

SB-BW80120 Softbox
Softbox Dimension80 x 120 cm
Depth35 cm
FittingInterchangeable fitting
UB-004 Softbox
Interior ColourWhite
Exterior ColourBlack
Shaft Size8mm
RFT Reflector
Reflector Diameter18.5 cm
Height/Length of Reflector Body14.8 cm
Inner Reflector ColourSilver
Reflector FittingS type
Reflector Degree55
BD-04 Barndoor Set
FittingStandard 7" Reflector
Barn Doors4-Leaf
Honeycomb Grid Beam Angle50°
Gel ColoursRed, Green, Blue, Yellow
Dimensions17.8 x 0.6 x 0.6cm
Net. Weight810g
XT16 Trigger
Manual Flash ControlYes
Transmitter power supply3V (2*AA batteries)
Receiver power supply5V (powered by flashes)
Transmitter frequency2.4GHz wireless remote system
Max. Working distance50m/164ft (in open areas)
Control on flashesFlash output power, Modelling light on/off, Buzzer on/off, Flash triggering
Max sync speed1/250s
No. of Channels16
240cm Air-Cushioned Stand
Min. Height79cm
Folded Length76cm
Max. Height240cm
Max. Footprint Diameter92cm
Max. Load Capacity5kg
Stand Tube Diameter29.5mm/26mm/22.4mm/19mm
Safety MechanismAir Cushioned
Spigot Size5/8inch
CB06 Carry Case
External Dimensions104.1 x 41.3 x 30.5 cm
Internal Dimensions94 x 34 x 25 cm
Caster Wheels2
Closure TypeZipper
CB03 Stand Bag
Dimensions104 x 19 x 15 cm
Carrying OptionsConnecting Hand Straps
Closure TypeZipper

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