What's New? Video Releases March 2023

Not been keeping up to date with new releases? Here are all the lighting equipment for the video you've missed from us this month. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all our videos and news!

ST-IV+ and Godox XPro II Triggers Now Available!

The new ST-IV and XPro triggers are now available at EssentialPhoto, with new features such as bluetooth capability and single contact triggering. Most camera model options are now available, with the remaining on the way. 

What is the Grid on a Softbox for?

A handy short video from Jason Vaughan, this video highlights what purpose a softbox or beauty dish grid has, with comparisons of images with and without grid from the same shoot so you can spot the differences between the two. Super useful for amateur photographers or those just starting to get into lighting equipment for video. 

Comparing the Arc Softbox with a Standard Strip Softbox

Garry Tyler from PGD Photography shows the benefits of an Arc Softbox for portraiture photography over a normal strip softbox, and how it offers a more flattering wrap-around light. 

Light Painting with the Godox TL60 RGB Tubes - Lighting Equipment For Video

Another Jason Vaughan video, but this time, Jason is demonstrating how to light paint with the Godox TL60 RGB Light Tubes on long-exposure shots. Using a dark studio and a silhouetted model, Jason is able to create colourful striking images just using a camera on a tripod, a model, and a bright RGB LED tube.