Introducing the HaDrone Galider™

The HaDrone Galider™ is the first of its kind, representing over 10 years of engineering prowess and a product of 13 investment rounds with 255 investors, resulting in over £4.75 million in investments. With cutting-edge technologies and an unmatched set of capabilities, the HaDrone Galider is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The HaDrone Gailder™ is a revolutionary new product bound to disrupt the photography and videography industry like never before. The first of its kind and an all-in-one product perfect for any setup, whether that be photography, videography or hybrid. Designed to be your go-to piece of equipment, the HaDrone Gailder™ is not only an all-encompassing 16 million colour LED lighting unit, but comes complete with a full-frame, 50-Megapixel Resolution, 16K 120p Video and 500fps burst rate camera with a lens range of f/1.2 to f/64. It truly is an extraordinary bit of kit.

HaDrone Galider™

Four Modes

The HaDrone Galider™ offers four different modes for users to choose from, including Limitless ∞ Lighting, Combo Capture, Astro Artist, and Maetricks Mode

Limitless ∞ Lighting, users can set up any lighting combination they desire, anywhere, and anytime. 

Combo Capture mode allows users to take stills and videos simultaneously.

Astro Artist mode enables users to create stunning light paintings in the sky. 

Maetricks Mode is perfect for Bullet Time photography, allowing users to capture incredible slow-motion footage in 360°. 

All modes can be activated by voice, just say “Hey Higgs…” followed by the required mode to command your Galider into action.

Four Modes

Xero Net™ Technology

The HaDrone Galider™ comes equipped with Xero Net™ technology, which uses in-built sensors and predictive AI to anticipate your next move and stop dead using its AirAnchor™. This technology makes the Galider extremely responsive, even in the most challenging conditions, and ensures maximum safety during flight.

Xero Net Technology

SBNC Technology

Another unique feature of the HaDrone Galider™ is its SBNC™ technology. This technology allows the Galider to break the sound barrier in silence, using Sonic Boom Noise-Cancelling technology. This means that you can fly your drone without disturbing your surroundings, making it perfect for aerial photography and videography.

SBNC Technology

Pow3r Panel

The HaDrone Galider's™ Pow3r Panel is a revolutionary piece of hardware, containing three new technologies for recycling energy: 

WindSok™ technology allows the drone to scan its environment to create an efficient flight path and recycle wind energy.

PhotonVolt™ technology uses 50% recycled light, 30% more than leading solar panels, perfect for its cutting-edge solid-state battery.

ReverbBoost™ technology, which uses ultra-sensitive material that reacts to sound waves and converts microscopic movements into energy using patent-pending Pin-Drop Pistons™.

Pow3r Panel

GodAI™ Technology

All this advanced technology requires a powerful AI to control it, and for a generation, software engineers thought it was impossible. However, now with HaDrone Galider's™ GodAI™, the impossible is now possible. This technology enables the drone to perform incredible feats, such as painting pictures in the sky, capturing videos in the perfect style, and even executing specific manoeuvres like Bullet Time photography.

GodAI Technology


In conclusion, the HaDrone Galider™ is a drone like no other, boasting revolutionary technologies, cutting-edge features, and unmatched capabilities. It represents the culmination of over a decade of engineering expertise, and its capabilities are truly beyond what many thought possible. With the HaDrone Galider™, "Seeing is believing". Take your aerial photography and videography to new heights…

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