What RGB Lighting is Available at PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto?

RGB lighting is a great tool to elevate your photography and videography to new creative heights, and EssentialPhoto have a huge range of RGB lighting to suit any need! Changing the colour of your lighting can affect the mood and tone of your work or help to add a futuristic or neon-effect to a scene without having to use gels or incandescent lighting.

We’ve put together a quick rundown of the RGB lighting we sell and the benefits of each type!

RGB Panels/GlowPads

Alongside the monocolour and bi-colour LED panels, we also stock RGB LED panels.

The LECO500 II is a great example of a cost-effective, portable LED panel, operating at 36W and offering up to 360 different hues of colour! It also comes with a remote control to change the colours without the need to touch the unit itself and has the option to be used either on mains power or with two rechargeable batteries for when you’re on-the-go! The LECO500 II also comes with options to purchase as a kit with stands included, which makes it perfect for filmmaking or if you need to light a subject from multiple angles with different hues.

Similarly, we also stock the GODOX series of mains-powered RGB LED Panels, such as the GODOX LD150RS, which is a powerful unit, with 16.7 MILLION different colour hues to choose from at 150W and a brightness of 18,500 LUX, making it perfect for professional or broadcast use. Its sibling model, the LD150R, is wider and offers the same features, with the only other difference being a slightly lower brightness than the LD150RS at 17,500 LUX. The LD75R is another option from the range, operating at around half the wattage at 75W and half the brightness at 9,300 LUX.


If you’re looking for smaller options, however, the GODOX M1 mini LED panel may be perfect for you, as it comes with its own mini stand to place on a table or desk and is perfect for vlogging or livestreaming. The R1 model, in a round shape rather than rectangular, is also a great option, and comes with the option to purchase with a mini tripod. These compact RGB LEDs are also a great solution for a super-portable RGB light as they can fit into bags easily or even your pocket, and they both have built-in rechargeable batteries!


The battery-powered GLOWPAD112 is also a great option for livestreaming, with hotshoe mounts and kits that include stands that are perfect for propping up in small spaces to backlight a room.

LED Tubes

If you’re looking for a more unique way to light up your shots, LED tubes are a great investment, especially those with special effect settings.

The PiXAPRO RGB Rainbow series is the most cost-effective of the options, with models in 60cm, 90cm and 120cm offering 320 degrees of light. These fun tubes are great for online content such as TikToks, YouTube videos and livestreams, and are equally as useful for photography shoots to add a pop of colour, with the option to be used handheld, with a base stand or attached to a stand.

GODOX’s TL30 and TL60 Light tubes are also a popular choice, offering 180 degrees of light coverage, but with incredible colour accuracy that makes them perfect for professional and broadcast use, and magnets in the back of the units that allow them to be attached to magnetic surfaces! The TL series can also be used with a remote control (sold separately) or via the app on a mobile phone.


GODOX’s LC500R, however, is unique in that it features a handle, but comes with handy barndoors to direct light and can be set to sync to music or sound.

Luxceo’s Waterproof RGB Tubes can also safely be used outside in rain and snow, or underwater at a depth of up to 2m!

A more detailed blog on our RGB Light Tubes can be found here.


RGB Ringlight

EssentialPhoto also offer an RGB ringlight, the RICO240 II, which can be used either as a standard Bi-colour ringlight or used with RGB hues. The RICO also comes with a smartphone bracket, which makes it perfect for vloggers and TikTokers to brighten up images or add effects to videos with the fire setting or the firework setting for example.

RGB Bracelet

The RGB bracelet is a unique product from SpiffyGear. Designed as a snap-bracelet, the RGB bracelet can be worn on your subject’s wrist for a fun angle of effects, or can be used flat to light a subject from beneath, or possibly to backlight a small set. They are also magnetic, meaning they can be stuck on magnetic surfaces to light from a new angle! 


If you’re looking for a different form of RGB lighting, however, the GODOX RGB LED COB Light may be for you. The SZ150R is a zoomable LED designed for video production, broadcasting and photography, and offers up to 36,000 hues and impeccable colour accuracy.

So whether you’re looking for something small and compact or a powerful professional unit built to display any colour you could dream of, we have just about everything you could need to get started on your colourful projects!

If you need any advice on what products will be perfect for you, why not get in touch with our team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and our team will be able to help!