Accessories to Turn Your Smartphone into a Professional DSLR

Many people believe that you need a DSLR or a professional camera to shoot high-quality videos and click gorgeous photographs. The truth is, you can manage professional-level shots with your smartphone as well. And hey, you don’t even necessarily need an expensive phone with a high-res camera to get the job done. All you need is the right set of accessories.

Here are a few things you should get to get the best results from your smartphone.

LED Panels

If you want to get the perfect shots from your smartphone, you need proper lighting. This is where LED panels come into the picture.

The GLOWPAD 350D Slim-Profiled Bi-Colour LED Panel is a great tool to get started with. It has a CRI of ≥95 and uses edge-lit technology to help create accurately coloured images. It offers soft, diffused, and even lighting that’s perfect for shooting a video or conducting a photo session using a smartphone. The light is ideal for taking still shots or making videos of still life.

All you need to do is set these panels near your subject to illuminate them the way you want, and voila! You’re good to go!

Alternately, you can try the ORTA600B Super-Soft Bi-Colour LED Panel. This also has a CRI of ≥95 and is popularly used by makeup artists, bloggers, and videographers to capture well-lit shots. The edge of the light is embedded with 600 SMD LED chips that help produce an even stream of light instead of a direct beam.

You can also choose to use a softbox if you’re photographing larger subjects or filming interviews.

Ring Lights

Another thing that you can use to make your shots look more professional is use ring lights designed specifically for smartphones.

The 10" Ring Light comes with mounts for a smartphone and a microphone and has been designed specifically for filming with a mobile device. Whether you want to shoot a travel vlog or film an ASMR video, this is the perfect tool to achieve DSLR-like results without actually using a professional camera.



Lightweight, portable, and compact, this adjustable contraption provides sufficient illumination through the 12W ring light. You don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up and can get started right away with this no-fuss lighting and recording tool.


If you’d rather just invest in a single ring light without any mounting tools or stands, the Smartphone LED Ring Light is a pretty good option. The 3W light source provides a daylight-balanced lighting effect that complements the filming capabilities of smartphones. All you need to do is simply clip the ring light onto your phone and you’re good to go.

From capturing portraits and selfies to filming videos, the ring light can be used for various purposes. You can also attach it to your laptop camera or webcam and get some extra lighting when needed. Overall, it’s a highly convenient and user-friendly lighting tool with a battery life of over 45 minutes. You can take it along with you by carrying it in its drawstring carry pouch.

The Smart Phone LED Constant Light, on the other hand, is yet another option to keep your smartphone in place via a phone bracket to provide you with extra light for your photos and videos in low-light situation

This option is kind of like a hybrid model. It allows you to mount the ring light directly onto the phone but also offers you assistance in holding your device and getting better to attach to any light stand or bracket. This allows for professional shots.

Lighting Kits

For individuals who don’t want to buy different accessories separately, we’ve got something exciting in store: our video conferencing lighting kits for smartphones that can help you capture professional shots with your mobile device.

The Mobi LED Single-Light Video Conferencing Kit was originally designed for Zoom or Skype meeting calls, but hey, who says you can’t use it for other projects? The kit comprises one daylight-balanced Mobi LED light that provides just the right extent of illumination needed when filming with a smartphone. It also produces diffused lighting which is flattering for the subject and doesn’t brighten things up disproportionately.

This LED light kit can be used when you want to conduct that will not dazzle you as you are talking. It also includes a clamp that allows you to directly mount your smartphone to the light. You can use the kit for Instagram or Facebook Live sessions, shooting videos of yourself speaking, or conducting product photography of small items.


The Mobi LED Twin Video Conferencing Kit is ideal for projects that require you to shoot in the landscape mode and cover a greater area. It comprises 2 LED light panels, an extendable mini tripod leg, and a smartphone bracket. After adjusting the bracket angle and mounting your smartphone on the tripod, you can position the two LED light units closer or farther away from the subject. Through this kit, you get to light the subject from either side instead of the overhead lighting that the single light kit provides.

As far as the LED lighting itself is concerned, you get a CRI rating of over 95. The lighting is also daylight balanced, dazzle-free, and flicker-free.  Trust us; you’ll be able to capture high-quality images and footage without a DSLR in sight!

So, are you ready to shoot some stunning photographs and videos with your smartphone? Make sure you get the right accessories from a reliable store!

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