Ring Flash MF-R76 vs Ring Light 72: Which Should You Use

If you are utilising extension tubes to get closer to your subject. The Ring light 72 and MF-R76 right flash are particularly useful.

In fact, the MF-R76 is a Flash and the Ring72 is an LED which means both of these units will suitable for different types of photography. First thing first, let's find out the difference between LED continuous light and flash. 

Normally, flash enables to make the best of cameras and lenses though achieve the highest quality attainable. When the camera shutter opens, the flash provides a great amount of light intensity. We may use a high aperture and achieve a large depth of field in the photo because of the intense flash. Thanks to its performance, flashes are also useful as a fill light when filming outside in daylight. Moreover, with high power output, flashes can generate enough light to photograph a cyclist or even snap a portrait that jumps out from the background. However, flashes have a colour temperature of roughly 5400 - 5600K, which is difficult to combine with natural light indoors. 

On the other hand, LED power is far lower than the flashes which means the camera settings must be modified. In many circumstances, LEDs are a better alternative for another light source in the scene because it allows adjusting the colour temperature, making it incredibly adaptable and creative. The huge advantage is that there is suitable when shooting indoors and outdoors where there are lamps or daylight. 


Close Up Creativity For Macro Photography 

The Pixapro Macro MF-R76 (Godox MF-R76) is a macro ring flash placed in front of your lens. The MF-R76 Macro offered specific types of light that are frequently visible in the subject's eyes. Unlike the flash gun or studio light, the MF-R76 offer a different style of light distribution. Because the ring flash fits around the lens. Through cutting down the hash shadows, it also achieves a professional look and able to mix with other lights. If you are looking for an even light cast with spectacular light details, the Godox MF-R76 is the best for you. You can also show the viewer every single element such as the hair, make-up in a portrait image. It's perfect to create the incredible and allow the shadows to fall away from the camera highlight.

Similar to the MF-R76, the Ring 72 also produces a unique, near-shadowless look, due to it being an on-axis light source. Many photographers have commonly used both two units as a main light source or as a secondary light source. Fair enough, both the MF-R76 and the Ring72 are also suitable for use in complex lighting setups such as photographing close-ups of flowers and medical photography

The real story is many people things that creating light sources is the main purpose of the ring light and ring flash. However, in stills and videographers also use both units as they are non-directional lights. Furthermore, both softbox and ring light produce similar quality of light. That also two right lights making great lighting choices for shooting content by videographers and photographers. If you are setting up your home studio for still life, or portrait, the softbox is a must-have lighting device. Moreover, if you are planning on taking close-ups such as vlogs, and makeup tutorials. The MF-R76 and Ring 72 are the better choice to set up and consenting beautiful light. Even, when combined with softboxes, photographers have a bigger version of the ring to help the wider light scene. 

Universal Compatibility 

In terms of compatibility, filter thread adapter rings in the following diameters are included with the MF-R76 and Godox Ring 72: 49mm, 52mm, etc. This makes it possible to attach it to the front of the majority of camera lenses. Both units are compatible with the common camera models in the hot shoe for non-HSS/TTL flash triggering such as Cannon, Nikon and Sony.


Versatile lighting controls

The Godox MF-R76 ring flash is designed with a separate brightness control system. You can allow firing both tubes simultaneously or separately from the full power to 1/128 at the 1/35 stop to achieve a light-to-dark ratio, creating uniform lighting of your subject. When you have to shoot in an increasingly sensitive light. One of the advantages of the MF-R76 creates your subject has 3-dimensionality and made the traditional ring flash look by using both halves at the same power.

Unlike the Godox MF-R76, you only can control the left or the right halves of the LED ring independently. In fact, your light can not be limited to flat and homogeneous lighting. The manufacturer released the Ring 72 with a simple design with two dials labelled from 1-10. These features allow you to use the ring flash off camera if you wish. The lighting controls of the Ring 72 allows you to make one half of the ring flash darker than the other which gives your subject more 3 dimensionalities. Moreover, one of the advantages of the Ring 72 is the large selection of adapter rings

Godox MF-R76 Ring Flash 

Focus High Efficiency 

While the Ring 72 and the MF-R76 come with adapter rings. These features allow them easy attached to the front of most DSLR or Mirrorless lenses with axis lighting makes. Therefore, it is perfect for shooting videos of small products like ring. However, Ring 72 missing the power ratio to create efficient objects in low light. Unlike the Ring 72, the manufacturers produce the MF-R76 with a power ratio up to 10 levels. That features focus and compose your shot faster, and easier to create the best object even in low-light situations. The PiXAPRO Macro MF-R76 also has a sizable LCD screen that displays information such as the current mode, battery life, and the output settings for the flash. That allows photographers to exactly get what they want and control their features easily. 

Stable and Reliable performance

Dual power options are convenient for the Ring 72. Either 4*AA batteries or a rechargeable lithium battery can power it. It may be used with either the WB100 battery for the CITI100pro (AD100pro) or the VB26 battery for the GIO1 (V1), making it ideal for almost any circumstance. An ultra-compact, the RING72, is ideal for close-up macro photography or video. If you want simple, easy-to-use illumination for shooting small subjects like jewellery, insects, and flowers, whether you're a working professional or a hobbyist, the RING72 is the appropriate choice. It is also excellent for those working in the medical or forensic sectors who must take. 

While the MF-R76 comes with large rechargeable lithium up to 660 flashes at full power. It ensures that you can shoot for a long time and is confidence-inspiring. The MF-R76 also allows you to purchase a spare battery if you need to swap it out. For instance, the lithium battery of MF-R76 is compatible with the Godox V1 lithium battery VC26 and AD100Pro lithium battery WB100


As the name implies, the power output of the Godox MF-R76 is higher than the Godox Ring 72 with 76W and 8W respectively. Therefore, the MF-R76 is a flash and can be used to freeze motion, and also control ambient exposure by using the shutter speed on your camera. While The Ring 72 is a continuous light with 8W of power and daylight-balanced at 5600K, the Ring 72 produces a beautifully soft light and be used for videography as well.  

Size And Handing

The Godox MF-R76  is not unwieldy when mounted on the camera. You can handhold it with a single hand for shots without discomfort with 130mm x 130mm x 27mm of ring light dimensions and 120mm x 70mm x 50mm of controller dimensions. While the Ring 72 seems a little less weight with 84mm x 71.5mm x 50.5mm of controller dimensions and 132mm x 30mm of ring light dimensions. 

Ring 72 Day Light - Balanced LED Macro Ring Light


Whichever ring light or ring flash you decide to use. Here are our top tips for getting the best results when using MF-R76 and Ring 72. Try using different-sized lights to create different applications. Using a light source larger than the subject will produce a softer light. Eventually, the position can also make a difference. The best lighting spot is to place the light source above the subject. And also, the mode slightly down to the side of the subject.

EssentialPhoto and PiXAPRO are pleased to be a direct partner of Godox in the United Kingdom, with the largest collection of Godox stock available in the UK, so you can be confident with the support and assistance we provide. As we are representing Godox at The Photography Show 2022, this further shows our partnership and commitment to the Godox Brand, and we are always looking to expand this further. Feel free to contact us if you are still confusing which one would be the best for you. 



MF-R76 Flash





Continous light


Power output



Colour Temperature


Brightness Control

Independent Left half, Right Half controls

Independent and Together Left half , Right Half controls

Power Range

10% - 100% (10 Levels)

1/1 – 1/128 (1/3-Stop Increments)







Flash Duration


1/300s – 1x20,000s

Focus Assist Beam


0.7W x2

Focus Assist Beam CCT



Power Supply

4x high-Capacity AA batteries

Compatible Lithium Batteries

VB26 or WB100

VC26 or WB100

Ring Light Dimensions

Ø 132mm x 30mm

130mm x 130mm x 27mm

Controller Dimensions

84mm x 71.5mm x 50.5mm

120mm x 70mm x 50mm

Net. Weight



Adapter Ring Filter-Thread Sizes

49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm and 77mm

49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67m, 72mm, 77mm