Must-Have Pet Photography Equipment

Animals can be tricky to photograph, and it requires a lot of patience even if they are capable of following instructions as they have short attention spans that can cause minor movements that can ruin shots or prevent you from capturing sharp images. In addition to having a camera with a quick adjusting focus, you'll need other essential photography equipment that can make photographing animals easier by providing the ideal setup that can remove the burden of capturing the perfect shot from the camera.

Flash Lighting

Lighting can be intimidating for animals, especially when using flash as it appears suddenly, and it can produce sharp noises, so it is essential to acquaint them with the equipment so they can relax and become comfortable, allowing you to capture the personality of the pet. The PIXAPRO CITI600 PRO Is a battery-powered strobe flash that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light down to 1/256 of its total power in increments for photographing for small and large pets with varying depth of field. The short flash duration of 1/10,000th of a second, along with recycling times of less than a second, provide sharper images without lag. The flash also comes with high-speed sync, providing ultimate control over lighting to ensure the subject is not over or underexposed.



CITI600Pro TTL Battery Powered Flash (Godox AD600 PRO)

Continuous Lighting

Flash lighting can often be a question mark when it comes to the final product, which is why using continuous lighting can help you get a better picture of what the animal will look like in the final shot. The PIXAPRO LED100D MKIII Pro is a LED continuous light for studio use that provides a power output of 100W, and it is an energy-efficient option as it uses 1/3rd of the energy required for fluorescent lighting. The LED light can run up to 50,000 hours, and it is exceptionally quiet due to the redesigned heat dissipation system making it ideal for shooting pets that are easily startled. The light also provides a colour temperature between 3200K and 5600K to provide warm and cool undertones while maintaining colour intensity as it has a CRI of 95.



LED100D MKIII Daylight Balanced LED Studio Light


Harsh lighting does nothing to flatter pets as it can cause glare and excessive shine if the animal has a shiny coat. It can also cause harsh shadows that will not produce flattering results even if the animal is exceptionally adorable or beautiful, so it is essential to use modifiers to control the light in any setup. The PIXAPRO 150cm Large Umbrella Softbox Is the ideal modifier for introducing layers of diffusion to soften the lighting without significantly dimming the setup. The umbrella Softbox is portable and easy to set up, while the reflective silver interior ensures the diffused light is reflected to the set, and the black exterior prevents light spill. This modifier produces a natural-looking light to produce softer shadows. It can also be used with a honeycomb grid which adds additional focus to the diffused light for producing images that captured the soft and fun-loving side of different pets.



150cm (59") Octagonal Easy-Open Umbrella Softbox With 4cm Grid

Lighting Kits

If you're looking for a fuss-free setup, there are kits available that make the photography equipment selection process simpler, and they are specifically assembled to capture the best angle of different animals.

The PIXAPRO PIKA200 PRO Mobile Pet Photography Kit is a great option if you use your smartphone for photography. The kit is extremely lightweight yet powerful as the PIKA200 PRO Flash provides 200Ws of power, which produces 500 flashes power charge along with quick flash durations and recycle time. The kit also comes with a 90cm Softbox that is easy to set up and features a reflective silver interior and black exterior to optimize light diffusion. There is also a light stand that can achieve a maximum and minimum height of 240cm and 79cm, respectively, for photographing pets of different sizes. The stand is protected by an air cushion that prevents any unfortunate injuries on set. The 5-in-1 reflector can be used to produce different colour effects depending on the type of shoot you are conducting while eliminating shadows or dark spots.



PIKA200PRO Mobile Pet Photography Flash Lighting Kit (GODOX AD200 PRO)

The LUMI200 Three Head Pet Portrait kit is better suited to close-up images of pets as it comes with three 200W flashes that have an LCD to adjust the intensity of the light. The LUMI 200 comes with hey flash duration of up to 1/2000th of a second and recycle time of just over a second. The kit also comes with a 60cm beauty dish that can produce software light without compromising on image detail and depth. The beauty dish also provides a natural and warm tone light that flatters most pets. It comes with a two-layered diffuser and honeycomb grid to provide additional control over the light intensity. The 60x90cm Softbox is also easy to set up, and it can be used to diffuse the key light to provide additional focus on the pet being photographed.



LUMI II 200 Three-Head Pet Portrait Photography Kit


The background can set the creative direction of any set, and it can be used to add to the personality and character of the pet as the colour and texture of the backdrop can make the pet stand out by providing a contrast. The PiXAPRO 2.7x4m Dual-Sided Vinyl Backdrop Can be used for different pet photoshoots as it features an ultra-matte finish that reduces reflections and glares. The material can also withstand wear and tear if it has an unfortunate encounter with a pet as it is created from vinyl. The backdrop has a width of 2.7m and length of 4m, making it suitable for pets of different sizes, and it comes in versatile colours, including black and white, which can make the subject appear more prominent.