LUMI200 vs Elinchrom D-Lite RX 2

Every photographer is looking for the best quality equipment at the most reasonable price for their budget. In this blog, we take a look at two different 200W studio lights, the PIXAPRO LUMI200 and the Elinchrom D-Lite RX 2, to see which of these lights are the best option for you.

Even though both of these studio lights are 200W, they do differ when it comes to power output. For instance, when at 1m @ ISO100, the guide number for the LUMI200 is 49 compared to the 45.3 that is offered by the D-Lite RX 2, which means the user will receive a better light coverage over a further distance when using the LUMI200 compared to the D-Lite RX 2. The Colour temperature is also slightly better for the LUMI200, as it has a colour temperature of 5600K whereas the D-Lite RX 2 has a colour temperature of 5500K, meaning that the LUMI200 would have a slightly more vibrant lighting and would offer a sharper image. The Modelling bulb in the D-Lite RX 2 is also less powerful than the LUMI200 version, as it is 100W compared to the 150W offered by the LUMI200. At max power, the LUMI200 also has a faster flash duration at 1/2000s whereas the D-Lite only offers 1/1200s, allowing the user a slightly faster shot which leads to more shots in a period of time.

With the LUMI200, the display is much simpler as it has a large screen to display the settings and the buttons/ports are all labelled precisely. But with the D-Lite RX 2 the display is slightly less user-friendly, as there are simply labelled button and no display to help the user see exactly which settings are currently in use. The Elinchrom D-Lite RX 2 comes with an Elinchrom fitting for modifiers, which is a less common fitting than the Bowens S-Type fitting that is standard with the LUMI200, meaning that it could be more difficult to find suitable modifiers and they may cost slightly more due to this. The LUMI200 also comes with an 8mm Umbrella slot compared to the 7mm that is standard on the D-Lite RX 2. Most umbrellas have an 8mm shaft which means that the user would find it much easier to find an umbrella to use with the LUMI200 than the D-Lite RX 2, as the 7mm Umbrella are Elinchrom’s own particular size and usually are more expensive than the average ones.

Left: LUMI200 Display

Right: D-Lite RX 2 Display

The Recycle times for these lights also differ. The LUMI200 has a Recycle time ranging from 0.3~1s but the D-Lite RX 2 has a Recycle time between 0.2 to 0.6s (when using the light at 230V), this means that the D-Lite RX 2 offers a quicker recycle time than the LUMI200 which would allow the user to shoot more rapidly and take more shots. The Dimensions of the two lights, whilst similar, are also different. The D-Lite RX 2 is 26cm (L) x 19cm (H) x 14cm (W) and the LUMI200 is 34cm (L) x 21.9cm (H) x 11.4cm (W), this means that whilst the D-Lite RX 2 is a wider light, it is much smaller overall, making it better for portability and storage. This point is emphasised by the fact the LUMI200 weighs more at 2KG compared to the 1.3KG of the D-Lite RX 2.

One noticeable difference between these two lights which could seriously impact which to purchase is the price. Because whilst you are looking at between £230-£240 for the D-Lite RX 2, the LUMI200 would only cost £114.99, which is pretty much half the price. This would be a huge difference to the average customer as it would allow them to either simply save the money, or to invest the difference into different modifiers/stands that they may wish to use with this light.

PIXAPRO lights also come with a 2 Year UK Warranty which means that, if for any reason, you have a fault or an issue with your light during this period, you will be able to get in touch with us for any assistance and help you may require and we will be able to help resolve any of this issues that you may have. The LUMI200 is also part of the PIXAPRO One System, which means that the user is able to control all of their PIXAPRO lights with the same trigger, making your shoots much easier to control and will lead the user to achieving better shots.

After looking through all of the specifications for both of these lights and the information available, we believe that the LUMI200 would be the better of the two light to choose. Whilst the D-Lite RX 2 does have some positives, such as the recycle times and the size/weight difference, overall the LUMI200 has much better technical specifications. And the bonuses that come with the LUMI200, such as the 2 Year UK Warranty, the One System compatibility and the massive difference in price, the LUMI200 would be the better option between the two.


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