Introducing the NEW R200 Ring Flash for the PIKA200 and AD200!

A brand new addition to the PIKA200 Accessories list, the Godox R200 is an exciting prospect for the many PIKA200/AD200 flash users out there, offering a whole new dimension to using one of the most versatile and popular strobe units on the market. 

The ring flash offers a brand new way of working with the PIKA, a flash well known for it's portability and compactness despite packing 200w of power into it, and means you'll now be able to use it to really add a pop to your photos both on the go and in the studio! 


Plug it into your PIKA and away you go, with HSS and a 10w LED modelling lamp, the R200 comes with an umbrella bracket for modifiers, plus a camera bracket to enable you to attach it straight to the front of your camera. 

The R200 is especially handy for using outdoors or on location shoots, and is great for street photography or for capturing stylish portraiture photos when you're out and about. 


There are also a number of accessories that can be used with the R200 to tailor the light to your needs. A Beauty dish that fits around the ringflash is available to bounce light around the dish to create a broader, softer illumination for maximum light efficiency, while honeycomb grids are available either for the bare ring flash to diffuse the light or to fit over the beauty dish reflector depending on what you need. A coloured gel kit is even available to attach to the front of the ring flash! If you want all of the above, however, they can all be bought as a bundle with the flash itself, plus a handy carry case to fit everything, in the R200 Complete Kit. Or even use the umbrella bracket that comes with the flash to use it with your existing modifiers. 

What does it do?

The primary benefit of the R200 Ring flash is that it provides a softer and wider spread of light than just the PIKA alone would, meaning that head-on it can provide encompassing light for smaller subjects and reduce shadows. It can also be used as a fill light at a different angle, and is easy to manoeuvre due to it's light weight (640g) and small size. 

It's also perfect for beauty and portraiture photography as the circular shape gives models a circular catchlight in their eyes which brightens them up and adds a sparkle. The ring flash also works to eliminate unpleasant highlights and create a glamorous glow.

The R200 Ring Flash is a great addition to the PIKA200 Series Pocket Flash System. It enables you to achieve flawless on-Axis lighting in a way that isn’t possible with other light sources. The on-axis, shadowless quality of light, makes it perfect for use as either a main light or as a fill light, opening up a world of shooting possibilities.

Looking for the best place to pre-order? Look no further. The R200 Ring Flash is now available for pre-order on our website. EssentialPhoto are an official UK distributor of Godox equipment, making it easy and stress-free for you to purchase the latest Godox kit in the UK and 70+ other countries around the world! 

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