This Year's Best New LED Lights for Videography

It's time to upgrade your video lights! Godox's brand-new LED light collection, the Knowled Series is the new powerful model that is designed for videography, cinematography, and even large scale film and TV productions! With Daylight or Bi-Colour options and powers of between 230w to 740w, you can't go wrong. 

The Knowled Series, recently released by Godox, has joined their collection of powerful and high quality LEDs that are specifically built for video work. The series comes with 5 options:

Choose between Daylight balanced LEDs (D) for simple daylight matching, or Bi-colour (B) options to more easily tailor your light to your environment without the help of gels or colour correctors. Head to the end of this blog to view a comparison table for all 5 models. 

Each LED has a robust build, with a super silent built-in fan to cool the unit without affecting audio recording, and the ability to adjust your lighting by at little as 0.1% to make sure you get the precise brightness you need. The Knowleds are also controllable via remote control by using the RC-A6 Remote, sold separately, or even the smartphone Godox Light app! They can also be linked to a DMX system for larger productions with multiple light set-ups. 

Choose the bigger and more powerful model for larger sets and productions, and for projects that film outside where you have to control your lighting more. But you'll have no problem producing some bright light with the Knowleds! When the M600D is paired with the provided reflector, it can reach 15,700 lux of brightness at 3m! 

Perfect for either in the studio or on location, the Knowleds can also be powered either via mains or by using two V-Mount Batteries, at either 14.8v or 26v each depending on how long you need them to last. These batteries will not be supplied with the LEDs, but the 14.8v option is available here.

Designed alongside the new Godox Fresnel Lenses, the Knowleds can be paired fantastically with the lens and barndoor sets which allow you to direct the spread of light with the barndoors and focus the light with the adjustable lens to create a stylised spotlight effect. This kind of effect is also perfect for theatre productions to light up the stage and spotlight your leading actor. The lens also amplifies the light by focusing it, meaning the M600D hits a whopping 46,400 lux at 3m when used with the lens! 

There are also a number of effects programmed into the Knowleds, such as flash camera, lightning, television screen flickering and a broken bulb effect for when you need to add practical lighting cues to your film!

Specification Comparison

Not sure which power is best for you? We've laid out the important details of each of the 5 released models so you can choose which one is perfect for your projects. 
 Spec M200D M200Bi M300D M300Bi M600D

Power Output

230w 230w 330w 330w 740w
Lux (Bare Bulb) at 1m 8,430 lux 8,430 lux 12,300 lux 12,300 lux 23,800 lux
Lux (With Reflector) at 1m 98,500 lux 98,500 lux 99,100 lux 99,100 lux 164,000 lux
Mains Power and Battery Option
Colour Temperature 5600K 2800-6500K 5600K 2800-6500K 5600K
CRI ≥96 ≥96 ≥96 ≥96 ≥96
TCLI ≥97 ≥97 ≥97 ≥97 ≥97
Dimensions 425.3mm x 232.3mm x 141.7mm 425.3mm x 232.3mm x 141.7mm 425.3mm x 232.3mm x 141.7mm 425.3mm x 232.3mm x 141.7mm 447.3mm x 242.8mm x 152.9mm
Unit Weight 3.03kg 3.2kg 3.03kg 3.5kg 4.5kg
Effects Broken Bulb, Lightning, Flashing, Television. Broken Bulb, Lightning, Flashing, Television, Fire, Firework, Candle. Broken Bulb, Lightning, Flashing, Television. Broken Bulb, Lightning, Flashing, Television, Fire, Firework, Candle. Broken Bulb, Lightning, Flashing, Television.
Looking to invest in the Knowled series for your next projects? Pre-Order your perfect video light LEDs here: The M200D, The M200BiThe M300DThe M300Bi, or purchase The M600D
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