Godox vs PiXAPRO Equipment: FAQs!

At PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto, we work closely with Godox as their Partners and stock Godox equipment, as well as our PiXAPRO equipment which is made by the same manufacturer. This means we get a lot of questions about Godox vs PiXAPRO equipment and whether they're compatible and what with, so we've put together a handy FAQ blog so you can check whether your question has already been answered! 

Are PiXAPRO flashes the same as Godox?

PiXAPRO lighting units are made by the same manufacturer as Godox's are, under the same specifications. PiXAPRO units will have different model names to Godox's, but technically, they are the same equipment. For example, the popular Godox AD200 Pocket Flash is the same as the PiXAPRO PIKA200 Pocket Flash. So you get all the benefits of owning Godox with the service, warranty and UK provider from PIXAPRO.

They also run on the same software as each other, meaning if you have an AD200 and a PIKA200 and want to use them both together, you can! 

Click here for a full model name comparison between Godox and PiXAPRO so if you're swapping brands you know exactly which version you're buying.

I want to use my Godox trigger with my PiXAPRO flash. Are both brands cross-compatible?

Yes, similar to the above point, as the equipment is the same internally, you could for example use a Godox X-Pro Trigger with a CITI600, or vice versa. 

What warranty do I get when I buy Godox from you?

Our standard 2 Year Warranty applies to both PiXAPRO and Godox equipment, so you don't lose out if you'd prefer to buy Godox equipment. Please make sure to check our official Warranty Policy for information on batteries and bulbs, as well as the different policies we offer for stands and softboxes/modifiers so you're aware of what you're covered for when you purchase from us! 

We also now offer the option to purchase an extra year's Extended Warranty for many of the lighting units we stock! The option will be shown in the listing for the unit if we offer it. Check out our blog on how this works here.

Can I pay in instalments on Godox purchases?

Payment plans are available for any equipment we stock on our website. We offer instalment payments through Klarna and PayPal. Please consult Klarna and PayPal Terms and Conditions before purchasing through them.

Can I get repairs done on Godox equipment in the UK?

You can! In fact, we offer in-house repairs at our HQ in Birmingham! We also source our spare parts from Godox themselves to ensure that we're repairing with genuine parts. Contact our team for a repairs quote for your item, and you can either drop it off in person or post it to us if you can't get to us yourself. Postage will not be covered by us.

Can I come to your store and look at Godox equipment in person?

Sure! We have a showroom area in our warehouse front room with some equipment already installed. However we don't have space to show everything at once, so if you'd like to drop by to check out the latest Godox equipment before purchase, drop our team an email a few days in advance of your planned visit, and we can make sure that we not only have the equipment ready to show you, but that we also have somebody on hand to assist you with this specific item. 

If your question hasn't been answered here, get in touch with our team via email at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and we'll be able to look into your enquiry directly.