Food Photography Lighting: Everything you need for the perfect shot

Nothing can beat natural light when it comes to taking photos and when it comes to food photography, a few essential equipments and tricks can make all the difference.

If you want to get insta-worthy shots, we've got you covered. All you need is a few tricks up your sleeves to handle the gear. You can make your food look bright and appetizing with these lighting options:


Lighting Kit

PiXAPRO Bi-Colour Flat Lay Overhead Food Photography Lighting Kit

Create the most aesthetically pleasing food shots with the Pixapro Bi-Colour Flat Lay for your social media platforms. Whether you are a professional chef or have this undying for setting up beautiful-looking plates, this kit is just for you. It comes with a large 90cm easy-open softbox, which produces toned out and soft lighting, put together with a 2 in 1 Boom stand that enables one to position the light above the subject.

Additionally, you have the LED100B MKIII Pro Bi-Colour LED light, which gives you the chance to alter the light's color temperature to mimic different times of the day for you. For instance, the warm glow of early mornings, lighting emulating late afternoons or emulating the cooler tones of mid-afternoon. Ideal for Product and Food Cinematographers who would like to emulate Natural Window Light.



PiXAPRO Bi-Colour Flat Lay Overhead Food Photography Lighting Kit

Background Board

GLOWPAD350S Food and Beverage Photography Kit with Dual Sided Background Board

You need a background for your food plate and let's face it, not all of us have the best-looking tables and backgrounds. The GlowPad 350S food and beverage photography kit with a double-sided background board is designed to allow you to capture high-quality, Professional-looking images of food and beverages for professional or personal use over websites and social media platforms such as Instagram Pinterest, Tiktok, and Facebook, with utmost ease. The Pixapro GlowPad 350S is an innovative 45W Daylight-Balanced LED light with a CRI of ≥95, containing 136 LED lights that are placed using Edge-lit technology. This helps to produce diffused smooth light. With Passive smart cooling, the System makes the panel noise-free providing an opportunity for anyone wanting to film and record audio simultaneously.



GLOWPAD350S Food and Beverage Photography Kit with Dual Sided Background Board

Lighting and Reflector

LED200B MKIII Pro Continuous-Lighting Food Photography With Reflector

Your best natural light solution is the Pixapro LED pro-continuous lighting, and that too with a 5 in 1 reflector makes images more pleasing. This kit has been carefully put together to help in creating spectacular professional-quality food images that look as though they have been illuminated by natural window light. It's the right fit for hero images, for websites and menus, or social media.

The kit comes with a big 150cm easy-open softbox to create a super-toned natural window-like quality illusion. This paired with a sturdy 300cm Air-Cushioned Light-stand, mount your light to make for a great duo. Moreover, together with this kit is a LED 200B MKIII Pro Bi-colour LED light that gives you the chance to adjust the colour temperatures of your light, to help mimic different times of the day, such as the golden early mornings and late afternoons or cooler-blueish tones of mid-afternoon. The reflector has an arm and stand, which facilitates bouncing light into certain parts of your shoot for more control.

This kit is ideal for product and food photographers who prefer natural window light. Get yours today!

LED200B MKIII Pro Continuous-Lighting Food Photography With Reflector


105cm (41") 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Softbox with Silver Interior

Softboxes are great for toning downlights to avoid sharp lines and shadows and create more luminous soft photos. Look at the Pixapro 105cm (25.5") 16-rod easy to open rice bowl softbox; super convenient, easy-to-operate light modifier, all of which can be used as a traditional softbox or a portable beauty dish. This softbox is attachable to the front of the studio flash strobe, or the studio LED COB light, to produce soft yet highly-defined lighting without having to do much.

It comes with an umbrella-type easy-to-open mechanism that allows it to be put up and ready to use in a matter of seconds, which is perfect for on-location or in the studio. The highly reflective insides maximize light efficiency while creating natural-looking lighting. This workhorse poses best for weddings, portraits, lifestyle, beauty, commercial, food, product, fashion, and any other macro images.



105cm (41") 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Softbox with Silver Interior

Ring Light

RICO120 34cm (13") Bi-Colour LED Ring Light

Wonder what gets perfectly lit and bright photos on all those food blogs on Instagram? It is the Ring light! The Pixapro ring light offers a perfectly adjustable color-temperature between 3200K (tungsten) and 5600K (Daylight), which mimics the lighting in a regular shooting setup. The color rendition index (CRI) of ≥90% is often used by photographers, videographers, and professional YouTubers. These ring lights are a hit amongst beauty vloggers and makeup artists.

Although ring lights can be used off-camera axis for instance, with a softbox or a beauty dish, they are normally placed right in front of the subject as the camera is placed at the center of the ring light. This arrangement produces a distinctive shadowless effect for the photos and produces fascinating ring-shaped catchlights in the subject's eyes. Its particularly popular among portrait, beauty, food, and fashion photographers.

Since ring lights are also great for food photography, buy your refurbished and highly affordable one here.


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