Top Equipment for Making Cinema Worthy Films

The equipment required for filmmaking is considerably different from that required for commercial photography. If you want to create films worthy of Hollywood, you'll need to create the right setup to ensure you capture high-quality footage of every take. Shooting professional films requires equipment such as cameras, lighting, and microphones which should be bought after careful consideration of their features and by determining if they will provide the best results for the type of film being made. To get you started, we have some basic equipment that you will need to create masterpieces that can one day become cinema-worthy films.


The camera is the foundation of any set, and if you're aiming to make cinema-worthy films, you need to invest in a high-quality camera that can shoot in 4K. Selecting a camera for filmography requires a careful evaluation of your budget as they can be a capital-intensive investment, especially if you're looking for a top-of-the-line camera better used in shooting blockbusters. The camera you choose should be suitable for the type of film you are shooting while considering the platform of releasing the film as well. 


The MOZA Lite 2 Premium is a 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer rig that can be used with multiple cameras ranging from DSLRs to cinema-grade ones. This gimbal can support cameras weighing up to 7kg while weighing around 2.2kg due to its lightweight magnesium alloy structure. It allows filmmakers to control camera movements by using an advanced algorithm technology for enhanced stabilization. The MOZA gimbal uses permanent magnet synchronous motors, which provide low vibrations resulting in additional stability along three axes. It comes in three operational modes: underslung, upright, and briefcase, making it ideal for use in multiple scenarios due to its extreme flexibility. The multiple functional wireless thumb controller allows you to configure your device and control the gimbal movement without creating any additional movement for cinema-quality shots. 

MOZA Lite 2 Premium


The Kenro Twin Tube Video Tripod is a versatile and portable tripod developed specifically for use by professional film production companies and filmmakers due to its high-quality construction. The tripod can support weights up to 6kg as it is made of strong materials that ensure the durability of the equipment. The twist-lock legs make it easy to set up and adjust the tripod while ensuring it does not move once it is set in place. The tripod head features a fluid drag action for ease of panning during filming, and it is easy to fix any camera using the adjustable panhandle and quick release plate. The tripod can also help you ensure your camera is level during shooting by checking the built-in spirit level for shooting more precise footage. 

Kenro Twin Tube Video Tripod


The PIXAPRO 70cm Carbon-Fibre Slider comes with detachable outrigger feet that can be adjusted for uneven surfaces. The slider comes with a 12.7 x 12.7 cm camera mounting plate with a built-in spirit level and a 12.7 x 15 cm tripod mounting plate with a universal 5/8' spigot socket at each end with 1/4" and 3/8" threads for ease of use and height adjustment. It is constructed using carbon fibre and aluminium and uses a belt drive system with adjustable resistance allowing the filmmaker to control the speed of the camera motions. This slider is ideal for achieving smooth camera motions that can produce high-quality films with enhanced focus even during motion shots for cinema-quality footage.

PIXAPRO 70cm Carbon-Fibre Slider


Unless you're shooting a silent film, sound is an essential element of any film. The Comica BoomX-D D1 Wireless Microphone is a compact system for recording audio, and it can be directly mounted on the camera or placed on person. The system comes with one microphone and one receiver, which uses wireless data transmission to identify the best frequency for obtaining the clearest audio. This microphone is also ideal for use with multiple actors as it comes with an internal and external microphone that delivers high-quality audio that sounds natural. The audio can also be monitored in real-time, which ensures professional results during the production process. 

BoomX-D D1 2.4G Wireless Microphone Transmitter & Receiver


Film production sets require high-quality lighting, and as there are bound to be multiple subjects in a given space who may be moving around, the setup requires multiple light sources. The simplest solution is to invest in a three-point lighting kit such as the EzyLite Three Head Continuous Lighting kit that comes with three continuous single lamp light sources which are lightweight and produce constant light for the duration of the shoot. The lights also come with three 50 x 70 cm softboxes that are easy to open and integrated with the lighting setup for producing diffused lighting. The kit also comes with standard lighting stands, and a boom stand to use for overhead lighting while adjusting the vertical and horizontal length and elevation of lighting.

Another lighting kit option is the VL300 Three-Light LED Video Light with DeepPara Softbox, Strip Umbrella and C-Stands Kit which comes with three AC-powered COB LED studio lights. The COB LED is a preferred option for all film makers due to their enhanced color accuracy, cool running, impressive build quality, compatibility with multiple light modifiers, etc. However, they are more expensive than traditional fluorescent video lighting. The kit comes with a softbox and a strip umbrella which allows the lighting to be effectively diffused. The heavy-duty c-stand can support the lighting and light modification equipment and it also comes with a roller case for easy transportation and portability.   

VL300 Three-Light LED Video Light with DeepPara Softbox, Strip Umbrella and C-Stands Kit

Light Reflectors

To create a well-lit scene, you cannot simply rely on artificial lighting equipment; you must use appropriate lighting control equipment available to make the most out of your lighting setup. The PIXAPRO collapsible 100x150cm 5-in-1 reflector comes in five colours, including black, wavy/soft gold, silver, translucent, and white, depending on the lighting requirements of the set. This light reflector can be used for multiple shooting situations, including filmmaking, as it provides flexibility with light in terms of tone and intensity as it can effectively modify the light to provide different lighting effects. The reflector can reduce shadows as it comes with grip handles that can be used to adjust the direction of the reflector for manipulating the light. Additionally, it is also easy to set up, and it comes with its own carry bag making it ideal for location shooting.

PIXAPRO collapsible 100x150cm 5-in-1 reflector


Shooting films is not easy as there are numerous considerations including location, actors, wardrobe, script writing, and many more components that make the entire film. However, once you have the right setup, you can be certain that quality of the final product will be up to par.