Daylite60D MKII vs COB60D vs ML60

Whilst most shoots call for large and powerful LED lighting, sometimes you may find that a more compact and less powerful light unit is perfect for your requirements. We here at PiXAPRO offer a wide range of LED lighting to help cover a selection of different needs. In this blog, we look at our three available 60W LED Lighting units, the Daylite60D MKII, COB60D and Godox ML60, and compare these to help inform you which is best suited for you.

Power Output

As stated previously, all three of these lighting units offer a Power output of 60W high quality Daylight Balanced lighting, perfect for continuously lighting up single subjects and/or small to medium spaces. Whilst all three lights do offer the same power output of 60W, there is a different in the overall brightness being produced by the lights. The ML60 offers the highest brightness as when measure at 1m with its Standard Reflector, this offers a brightness of 13,000 lux. The COB60 is the next brightest at 11,000 lux and then finally is the Daylite60D MKII at 8,600 lux.

Please note, these measurements were taken with their own unique reflectors attached, and the lights would offer a much closer brightness level without the reflectors attached.


DAYLiTE60D MKII LED Version Bowens S Fit

COB60D Dual-Power Daylight-Balanced LED Light (Bowens S-Type Fit)

ML60 Super-Compact LED Video Light

The Daylite60D MKII, COB60D and ML60 all feature their own designed COB (Chip on board) LED Chip to produce the lighting. These chips are better than traditional LED bulbs as they run at a much lower temperature and a much less likely to break compared to the standard glass that is used for the bulbs. As they feature a LED Chip, this makes all three lighting units Flicker-Free, allowing you to shoot at virtually any framerate, or any shutter-angle without fear of introducing flicker into your footage.

All three of these lighting units offer very similar Colour Temperatures, with both the Daylite60D MKII and ML60 offering 5600K ±200K and the COB60D offering 5500K ±200K, to create a perfect Daylight Balanced lighting. They all also offer very similar CRI (Colour Rendition Index) measurements. The ML60 offers the highest at 96+, followed by the COB60D at 96 and finally the Daylite60D MKII at ≥95. This means the ML60 would offer the slightly better colour representation, but as the measurements are so close, the difference isn’t very noticeable in the overall light.


All three of the LED Lighting units have the capability to be dimmed to better suit the environment they are needed in, but they do offer a slightly different available range. The ML60 offers the widest range, allowing you to adjust the power from 100% all the way down to 0% for complete control. Following this is the COB60D which allows you to adjust the power from 100% down to 1% and finally the Daylite60D MKII offer control from 100% down to 10%. So, whilst there is a slight difference in the overall control, all three lighting units give you a vast range to dim the lighting.

Each of the lighting units feature their own design. The Daylite60D MKII would feature all the controls include on the unit directly, but this wouldn’t include a reflector which would need to be purchase separately, which gives you the freedom to choose which ever would best suit your requirements. The COB60D and ML60 also feature all of the controls on the unit but each offers a different way to attach the batteries. For the COB60D, all you would need to do is remove the cover from the top of the lighting unit and you can insert the batteries here. However, for the ML60, this would come with an external battery plate that needs to be attached to the light at all times in order to be used with the batteries.

Sometimes you may find that you would like to use a modifier with your lighting unit to help achieve a desired effect, and each of the lighting units comes with a mount to allow this. Both the Daylite60D MKII and COB60D feature a Bowens S-Type mount which is the most common on the market at the moment. The ML60 however offers a Godox Mount which is less common, but it is possible to use the lighting unit with a bracket (available here) to use this with Bowens S-Type modifiers instead.

Control Capabilities

Each unit is able to be control directly on the light itself, with simple to use and easy to understand control to prevent any confusion or loss of time. A great benefit to each unit also is that they all can be used with a Wireless Controller (Sold Separately) in order to give you freedom to adjust the lighting whilst away from the unit. Each unit offers its own individual available Channels and Groups whilst using the remote. In terms of Channels, the Daylite60D MKII offers the widest amount at 99 available channels, with the ML60 next offering 32 and the COB60D offering 16. In terms of Groups, the ML60 offer the largest number of groups with 16, followed closely by the COB60D at 10. The Daylite60D MKII wouldn’t offer different groups whilst using the remote control, so you wouldn’t be able to individually adjust each lighting unit and would have to adjust them as a whole.

Power Options

The Daylite60DMKII Lighting unit is only able to be used with mains power, but the COB60D and ML60 lights offer the capability to be used with both mains and battery power. This makes these two lighting units perfect for use on locations where mains power isn’t available. Both the COB60D and ML60 units can be powered by 2x Sony NP-F Series Batteries (Sold separately), which are cheaper and easy to store than normal V-Mount batteries, which also helps with transport to different locations.


When it comes to choosing lighting, the price of the unit is usually an important factor, as you want to get the best quality available for the most reasonable price. The Daylite60D MKII is the cheapest available option at £99.99, followed by the COB60D at £179.99 and finally the ML60 at £249.99. But as you can see from the previous information in this blog post, the higher the price of the unit, the more features and better specifications are available.


Each of the lighting units offers its own benefits and positives compared to the other options. The DAYLITE60D is the lowest price of the three whilst still giving you similar functionality but you sacrifice in certain areas like size and power options. The ML60 is the highest valued light of the three, offering a solid metal casing for an overall better build quality and giving you all the functionality, you would need from your constant light. The COB60D sits between these two, giving you a compact light and most of the important features you will need such as battery options. So, what’s best for you will depend on your budget and needs, but whichever you pick you are sure to be impressed. With the added reassurance thanks to the PIXAPRO’s 2 Year UK warranty, should you have any issues you are covered, with before and after sales support, we are here to help whatever your needs.

Brand  PixaPro (rebrand Godox) Godox
Model  DAYLiTE60D MKII LED COB60D Dual-Power Daylight-Balanced LED Light ML60 Super-Compact LED Video Light
Price  £99.99  £179.99 £245.99 
Power Output 60W 60W 60W
Brightness @ 1m No data  11,000 lux (with 55° Standard Reflector) 13,000 LUX @1m 69,000 LUX @ 0.5m
Colour Temperature 5600K 5500K ±200K 5600K ±200K
Power Range 10-100% 1% - 100% 0%-100%
CRI ≥95 96 96+
Dimensions 25cm x 22cm x 14cm No data  145mm x 88mm x 88mm (excluding reflector and grip)
Weight Approximately 2KG No data  No data 

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