Comparing LED Panels for Filmmaking and Broadcasting

Sourcing the Best LED Panels Light Filmmaking for studios and broadcasters can be a big task, especially if you're used to a specific brand or type of lighting. However, you can miss out on some innovative new lighting equipment if you stick with the same brand.

Godox have recently released their brand new 650w Best LED Panels Light - The P600Bi, which is built for broadcasting and film studio settings, and is a perfect addition to the collection of large-scale production studios looking for something new. The P600Bi is also part of the Godox KNOWLED system, which is geared towards large-scale productions for television and filmmaking. 

 At 650w of efficient LED power, it packs a punch, and outputs around 11,400 lux at a distance of 3m, while the unit comes in at just 10kg, a lot lighter than some of it's competitors. Adjust the brightness in as little as 0.1% increments for precise control over the results, and use four dimming curve settings. 

The P600Bi - Best LED Panels Light also benefits from a wide range of control options, including DMX, RDM, CRMX, Godox Light App, 2.4G remote, as well as standard on-board controlling. This makes the P600Bi one of the only App-controllable high-end broadcast-grade lights on the market - something that Godox has rolled out for much of their brand new video lighting range!

 As one of the most cost-effective options for large-scale studio LED lighting, the P600Bi is a powerful yet compact and affordable option for media and broadcasting, readily available in the UK! 

Specs S30-RP Gemini 1x1 Hard Gemini 2x1 Hard Vortex8 Vortex4 SpaceX LED 9000 LUXED-4 HELIOS H700B LED Space Lite 6 Bi-Color Godox P600Bi Hard
Price (£ Approx) £2,701 £2,000 £4,830 £4,369 £2,223 £5,164 £3,174 £2,621 £2,691 £1,588 £2,400
Bi/RGB Bi-Colour RGBWW RGBWW RGBW (8Pix) RGBW RGBAW Bi-Colour Bi-Colour Bi-Colour Bi-Colour Bi-Colour
Size 1x1 1x1 2x1 2x1 1x1 Six Arrays Six Arrays Four Arrays Six Arrays 1x1
Power 200W 200W 500w 650w 325w 1200w 900w 720w 720W 900w 700w
Brightness 563 lx / 52 fc @3m,5600K 3023lux @3m,5600K 23,000 lux @3m,5600K 13,900lx @3m,5600K 7,300lx @3m,5600K 7,600lx @2m,5600K, with optics 9600 Lux @3m,5600K 13000 lx / 1208 fc @3m,5600K "2295Lux @3m,5600K
(with silk skirt)"
11500 lx @1m,5600K 11400 lx @3m,5600K
Beam Angle 105°(Half Peak Angle) 46° "20° (naked)/
>100° (with diffusion)"
20° (Half Peak Angle) 20° (Half Peak Angle) "115° (naked)/
50° (optics)"
"90° /
150°(with optics)"
N/A N/A 140° Between 45° and 55°
Weight 9kg 8.1kg 11.5kg 15.9kg 9.9kg 18kg 26.8kg 24 kg 18kg 26kg 10kg
CCT 2700K, 3200K, 4300K,
5600K, 6500K, 10000K
2,700K - 10,000K 2,700K - 10,000K 2200K - 15000K 2200K - 15000K 2200K - 15000K 2600K - 6000K 2800K – 6500 K 2700K - 6000K 2600K - 6000K 2800K – 6500 K
Colour Rendition 2,700K: CRI > 98, TLCI > 98,
3,200K: CRI > 98, TLCI > 98,
4,300K: CRI > 97, TLCI > 96,
5,600K: CRI > 97, TLCI > 96,
6,500K: CRI > 96, TLCI > 94,
10,000K: CRI > 92, TLCI > 88
Rf=93.1 Rg=103.4"
CRI(Re)=93.9 TLCI=96.4
Rf=93.1 Rg=103.4"
CRI=95 "CRI=96
Control Options On-Board Controller,
5-Pin DMX In and Through, EtherCon LAN network connectivity, USB-A, Art-Net
Apollo CRMX*,
Integrated: DMX, RDM, CRMX. Optional dongle: Bluetooth "On-Board Interface,
DMX via standard 5-
pin XLR connectors,
Wired Remote Control
Integrated Lumen radio Timo
Two with Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB Type A"
"On-Board Interface,
DMX via standard 5-
pin XLR connectors, Wired Remote Control
Accessory, Integrated Lumen radio Timo
Two with Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB Type A"
"Standard Lumen Radio or optional
ShowDMX Wireless DMX inside.
DMX via standard 5-pin XLR connectors"
DMX remote control "DMX via 4-Pin XLR,
LumenRadio (CRMX & W-DMX)"
DMX 512 Wired & Wireless DMX512 "DMX, RDM
2.4G remote,
Tilt Angle +/- 90° N/A N/A 360° 360° N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
IP Water Rating N/A IP20 IP20 IP65 IP65 IP20 N/A IP20 N/A N/A N/A

Need some more information about the new P600Bi LED Panels Light for Filmmaking or about any of our other PiXAPRO or Godox broadcast and film grade lighting units? Why not get in touch at and our team will be able to offer some suggestions and put a quote together for you and or your business! 

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