Comparing Film Grade RGB LED Tubes

Looking to upgrade your RGB Tube Lighting LED? We've compared the specifications of Godox's brand new innovative TP Pixel Tubes with some of the most popular high-end RGB tubes on the market so you can see exactly what you're buying and compare value for money so you don't break your budget. See below for some of the top features of the Godox KNOWLED TP Pixel Tube Lights and for the specs comparison table.

The Godox TP Tube Lighting LED

The new Godox Pixel Tubes, or TP Series, come in three size options: 2', 4', and 8' in length. The tubes are designed with a super high pixel density, plus with programmable patterns, these tubes can be programmed to map specific lighting patterns and colours across one or multiple units, or even images! The ability to control more separate pixels grants smoother per-pixel motion that simulates actual lights for a more realistic and immersive feel to your move projects. Perfect for practical lighting or if you need to emulate a specific lighting pattern or effect on a soundstage. 

With a variable colour temperature of between 2000K and 10,000K, as well as 360 selectable hues, the possibilities are virtually endless. With a plethora of professional control options including DMX, Wireless CRMX, and LumenRadio, the KNOWLED TP series pixel tube lighting LED can be easily integrated into any professional pipeline with the greatest of ease.

See below for comparisons of the Godox KNOWLED Series against the Astera Hyperion, AX1-BTB, Helios and Titan tubes, the Aputure Infinibar series and MPro, the Nanlite PavoTube II series, and the Quasar Science Rainbow II and Double Rainbow Tubes. 

 To view the full table in Google Sheets, please click on the image below. 

Table Comparison of Godox TPR RGB Pixel Tubes. For full text spreadsheet, please follow link.

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