Car Photography: Shooting Spare Parts for E-commerce Sites

Online marketplaces have grown to include catalogues of every good you can buy from a brick-and-mortar store without needing to examine the products in person. The expansion of the e-commerce industry is built on photography as it enhanced the realism of shopping and made it comparable to a physical experience. Product photography is rapidly expanding with e-commerce, and it has developed specific niches to cater to different segments. In this article, we'll be specifically looking at car spare parts photography for the automotive aftermarket industry to provide website visitors with a full view of car parts if they're in the market for repairing and upgrading their vehicles for a smooth ride.

The process of shooting car parts is similar to that of product photography, but there are different techniques and equipment you can benefit from if you want to appeal to the buyer.

Camera and Lenses

The foundation for every product shoot is a high-quality camera such as a DSLR instead of a smartphone that might not match the level of detail a DSLR can capture, and the DSLR can shoot a range of shots with the right lenses. In this case, it can be helpful to have a standard 35mm and zoom lens handy so viewers can get an idea about what the auto parts will look like from a regular and up-close perspective for high-quality images. A mirrorless camera is also another option if you're looking for a more compact camera body by using interchangeable lenses. Be sure to get a stable tripod for shooting consistent images at the same level or at different angles.


Artificial lighting is the way to go with product photography as natural light can be unreliable, often failing to light up the entire set. As the size of different car parts varies significantly from hubcaps to car engines, you might require two setups for shooting small and medium-sized auto parts. You can use a flash speedlite or a continuous light for lighting, depending on the type of vibe you are trying to achieve with your photographs. The PIXAPRO Li-ION350II Speedlite is a compact flashgun with a recycle time of up to 1.7 seconds, and it can produce 500 shots per charge. This Speedlite also comes with a built-in receiver that allows it to be used remotely while adjusting the light setting to meet set requirements.

If you're opting for a continuous lighting option, we recommend the PIXAPRO DAYLiTE60D is a compatible AC-powered LED option that has a CRI rating of more than 95 for accurate colour representation, and it can even produce daylight balanced images for more natural product shots with a brightness dimmer so you can shoot different car parts in different styles. 




Softboxes can be used with both flash and continuous lighting as their main purpose is to diffuse any harsh lighting to produce a flattering image of the car part. Car parts are normally very dull in colour as they are usually metallic-toned, but they can have a shiny surface which is difficult to capture in photography because of the possible reflections from the lights. Softboxes can help reduce any reflections by producing a softer light that does not highlight the shininess of the metal. The PIXAPRO 120cm Octagonal Softbox can be used for both flash and continuous lighting. The internal body of the Softbox has reflective side and back walls, and the octagonal shape allows the auto parts to be illuminated evenly with soft light that emerges from the translucent diffusing material in front of the Softbox. The large size of the Softbox makes it ideal for both small and large objects and reduces any unwanted glares.

PIXAPRO 120cm (47.2") Premium Octagonal Easy-Open Umbrella Softbox


Using a handheld reflector is another way to reduce reflections as the reflectors bounce the light from the light source, reducing glare, so the car part is wrapped in a softer light, making it more attractive to prospective buyers. The reflector can also reduce the need for multiple light sources as it can be used to target any hot spots and shadow areas. The PIXAPRO collapsible 100x150cm 5-in-1 reflector is an excellent option as it comes in multiple colours, including black, gold, silver, translucent, and white, to ensure you have something for every photography set up. This reflector can be easily set up, and it can be adjusted to introduce lighting with the ideal contrast and tone to eliminate shadows and produce a soft effect.

 5-In-1 Collapsible Reflector (100x150cm) 39.3"X59.0"


If you're looking for a level of creativity for your car part shoot, you can explore options such as interactive 360 animations that put auto parts and components on full display. The PIXAPRO Orbit600 is a motorized white turntable that can capture different angles of the car part and create an animation from the images with a spin cycle that can last between 30, 60, or 90 seconds. It can also support objects weighing up to 150 kg that can fit on the platform's 60 cm diameter, making it ideal for both small and large objects. The turntable also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the settings without moving the car part.



ORBIT600 360° Ten-Speed 60cm White Motorized Turntable With Remote Control

Light Tent

Light tents are made of translucent or reflective materials that can eliminate the need for backgrounds and light modifiers that provide a space optimally lit for product photography, especially for reflective items. The PIXAPRO 70cm LED Light Tent creates a controlled environment with built-in LED with translucent diffuser that can provide a soft lighting effect by allowing light to diffuse from all sides and reduce glare. This is suitable for any small car parts such as small engine parts etc. The Larger LED Tent is also available for larger car spare parts or medium to large equipment such as exhausted pipe etc. You can attach the LED stripes in different directions to give 360 degrees of lighting and as long as the car part can fit inside the cube, the photographer can eliminate any light hot spots and dark spots when photographing the parts in front of one of the different coloured backgrounds the tent comes with for some added customization.


  PIXAPRO 70cm LED Light Tent and Larger LED Tent


Your automotive spare parts stock photo can be taken by yourself to create professional still, 360, and 3D photography results for your online ecommerce store. Check this out from

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