Beginner's Guides: How to choose the Best LED Tubes

In this article, we’ll find out more about the different types of the two most common LED tube lights: the Godox TL vs the Aputure Amaran.

Why do you need tube lights? 

Small lights like LED tube lights become one of the most well-liked and adaptable lighting options available today for many situations. It works especially well in application and installation settings where a variable range of contemporary.

It has several great reasons to use with lower running costs and far longer lifespans. In terms of large LED tube lights, it is utilised frequently to give brilliant a variety of bigger or more open settings such as workshops, labs, kitchens, corridors, foyers, gymnasiums and parking lots.

With smaller LED tube lights, in contrast, it is popular assembled under cabinets and other built-in or freestanding furniture or even other important display areas. Therefore, it can be challenging to choose with LED tube lights are best for you. In this introductory guide, we’ll find out more about the different types of tube lights you should buy online. We’ll also compare LED tubes between the two most common LED tube lights: the Godox TL tube lights vs the Aputure Amaran tube lights. Because they come with a new feature that makes them stand out from the rest of the tube lights. 

 Image Taken Using Godox TL60 

Price Comparision

Model Name

Current Price

Godox TL30


Godox TL60


Aputure Amaran T2C



Godox TL120  £265.99


Aputure Amaran T4C  £272.00




The TL series tube lights are designed to give users a better experience with an incredibly compact design. As the name implies, the TL30 come with 30cm-long tube lights weighing just under 300 grams. The TL30 weighs about two smartphones that you could barely feel in the bag. In fact, it becomes a perfect choice for travelling studios, working with such a portable will be a liberating experience. Next, the tube TL60 measures 29.5’’ in length (around 75cm) and 1.9’’ in diameter with only a weight of 1.6 pounds. The last one also the longest one in the TL series is TL120 with around 117cm and a weight of 2.8 lbs. In fact, it makes three of them easy to mount or even used handheld.

About the T2C and the T4C, the build of both units is heavily dependent on plastic which suggests these fixtures can not take any sort of impact. On the T2C, it is released with the fixture of φ4.2*60cm / φ1.6*23.6in and the weight of 2.34kg / 5.15lbs. While with lower weight and fixture than T2C, the T4C is only measured at the overall fixture dimension is 4.2*4.2*4.2*120.0cm. In fact, both two versions are suitable for users in different situations and easy to transport as well. 

Power Output

Taking into consideration, the Godox TL120 and the Aputure Amaran T4C are two units that have the highest power consumption with 30W and 50W respectively. Following, the TL30, TL60 and the Aputure Amature T2C tube lights are three available options for photographers who refer to the lower electrical energy per unit time.

The TL30 is the lowest power consumption which is only 8W. On the other hand, the maximum power consumption of the Godox TL60 and the Aputure Amaran T2C are 18W and 25W respectively. However, the higher watts don't mean higher brightness which also depends on different elements such as CRI, TLCI, and also colour temperature. Therefore, you will also need to consider other elements that might affect your outcome. 

TL60 Bi-Colour RGB Tube Light

Colour Library 

The Godox team confirmed that the TL series have the same colour temperature at 2700K-6500K. Photographers are able to adjust the TL30, TL60 and TL120 from 2700K to 6500K. All three lights will allow daylight balance function. So you can avoid unfavourable mixed lighting in your scene. According to Aputure’s website, the Amaran T2C and T4C tube lights have a metal body which has a colour temperature range of 2500k to 7500k. You can find a cloudy or cool white at 7500k. In general, there is not much difference between the Godox TL series and the Amaran series. Moreover, utilizing the latest in Amaran full-colour technology, the T2C offers 46 colour gel presets and 15 adjustable built-in lighting effects to provide creative solutions for any lighting scenario. 

Light Quality

The CRI and TLCI are two of the most important and the first consideration when choosing a lighting device. This helps to determine what you can achieve with the light and the overall quality of light. Similarities, both the two series of Godox brand and the Aputure brand have excellent colour rendition capabilities of over 96 and the CRI of above 98. These features give the photographers the opportunity to diverse lighting setups to represent impressive performance. It also highly explored creativity and creates memorable magic moments with high efficiency. So, if you are looking for television production, broadcast, video footage or photographs, the Godox TL tube light series and the Aputure are giving the best of both worlds with not much difference in the quality of light. 

Fx Special Effect 

One of the most differences between the two series is the Fx special effects. First thing first, the Godox team updated the two newest versions TL60 and TL120 with 39 lighting effects. It includes diverse illumination settings such as TV sets, fireworks, candles, police cars, etc to improve your experiences. Therefore, the Godox TL are also suitable for using outside activities of photography. So if you looking for a tube light combined with multiple effects it's worth considering the Godox TL series. 

When compared with T2C and T4C, Amaran full-colour technology, offers 15 adjustable built-in lighting effects to provide creative solutions for any lighting scenario

TL120 Bi-Colour RGB COB LED Light Tube 

Control Method and Control Distance 

Bluetooth, WiFi, DMX, and wireless DMX remote control are all options for controlling the TL series. You can adjust your lighting without having to manually adjust the unit or wires. As a result, the Godox RGB LED light tube is a must-have accessory for both aspiring and professional photographers. In this article, the TL series includes a built-in battery and power adapter to support a variety of shooting styles including filmmaking.

When compared to the Godox TL series, the Aputure Amaran series have a few different control methods such as USB-C to 5-Pin DMX512 In & out adapter cable. But also similar to the Godox TL series by the ability to control by on-board, sides link App, DMX via. By controlling DMX with a separately available USB-C to 5-Pin DMX512 in and out adapter cable, the Amaran series have professional-level control to an individual or groups of lights. In more detail, the Amaran T2C is made for photographers who need a 2’ linear lighting solution with battery operability. This feature is suitable for in camera practicals or as an accent light when shooting people or products. 

Internal Lithium Battery 

Both of the three units are powered by a different lithium battery, the TL30 has a built-in 3.6V/2900mAh lithium battery. Therefore, the TL30 has a full-power runtime of about 1 hour, making it ideal for long shoots. The Godox TL series' built-in battery allows for local flexibility and can be used outdoors.

While the Aputure Amaran series are powered with 24V/77Wh. 24V/77Wh battery pack is the model feature that gives the entire fixture a lightsaber vibe where the battery becomes the grip. It also allows the T2C has the longest duration time up to 4 hours. Check our similar review hear.  


Here are some accessories you might be want to convenient for you to enjoy the lighting. For the Godox series including the TL-G120 grid, the LSA-18 adapter holder (if you did not purchase the quad kit), and the TL-B2, TL-B4, and TL-B8 brackets for holding 2, 4, or 8 Godox TL120 lights. 

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Brand Godox Godox Godox Aputure Aputure
Model TL30 TL60 TL120 Amaran T2c Amaran T4c
Retail price (USD) £76.99 £213.99 £239.99 £202,80  £326,99
Max Power Consumption 8W 18W 30W 25W 50W
Internal Lithium Battery 3.6V/2900mAh 14.4V/2600mah 14.4V/5200mAh 24V/77Wh 24V/77Wh
Color Temperature 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K 2500K ~ 7500K 2500K ~ 7500K
Light Brightness Range 0%-100% 0%-100% 0%-100% 0 to 100% continuous
0 to 100% continuous
RGB Color Gamut 0-360° 0-360° 0-360° 0-360° 0-360°
CRI 96 96 96 ≥95 ≥95
TLCI 98 98 98 ≥98 ≥98
Duration(Continuous output in 100% full power in 2700K for 6500K) Approx 60 minutes Approx 2 hours 150 minutes Approx. 4hrs Approx. 100mins
Control Method Smartphone APP(for both Android and IOS system)/2.4G wirless/DMX control Smartphone APP(for both Android and IOS system)/2.4G wirless/DMX control Smartphone APP(for both Android and IOS system)/2.4G wirless/DMX control On-board, Sidus Link App, DMX via
USB-C to 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
Adapter Cable
On-board, Sidus Link App, DMX via
USB-C to 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
Adapter Cable
Control Distance Bluetooth Wireless=30m
2.4G Wireless=50m(with optional RC-R9 remote control)
Bluetooth Wireless=30m
2.4G Wireless=50m(with optional RC-R9 remote control)
Bluetooth Wireless=30m
2.4G Wireless=50m(with optional RC-R9 remote control)
≥80m / 262.5ft/Bluetooth 5.0 (Sidus Mesh)
≥80m / 262.5ft/Bluetooth 5.0 (Sidus Mesh)
Operating Temperature ﹣10 to 40℃ ﹣10 to 40℃ ﹣10 to 40℃ ﹣10 to 40℃ ﹣10 to 40℃
Dimension 42*300mm 48*750mm 48*1170mm 69 x 38 x 34cm 129 x 25 x 31cm
Net Weight 0.73kg 1.27kg 1.82kg 2.33kg
Length 0.3kg 75cm 116cm