Achieve High-Quality Broadcasting and Filmmaking with these LEDs

Lighting is an important aspect of video producers and film-markers whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional. The right lighting can help any video look fantastic. When compared with natural lighting, photography lighting equipment is able to control the lighting in your situation. However, finding the ideal lighting for your video production can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right film lighting equipment. Because there are many options on the market which their own set of advantages and disadvantages. How do you go about finding the best lighting for your filmmaking? 

To make things easier, we at PixaPro compiled a list of the best lighting to buy for filmmakers and broadcasters. 

For many years, filmmakers have used LED videography lights to create mood in their videos as they offer numerous benefits for video shooting. COB LED Lights are frequently used as the primary lighting source due to being made up of multiple small LED chips which are lighter, smaller and far more versatile than their chunky spotlight counterparts. Furthermore, it can be controlled remotely which is very useful when attempting to illuminate an entire scene from a single location. In more detail, this guide will explain six types of LED video lights that are the best durable, powerful and eco-friendly for video shootings in various scenarios. 

Litemons LA150D 190W Daylight 5600K COB LED Studio Light With Support APP Control

To begin with, the Litemons LA150D 190W is light and easy to use on set. The Godox Litemons LA150D is budget-friendly lighting at £195.99 at EssentialPhoto. With different output and daylight versions (5600K) to choose from, the LA150D is an ideal lighting solution for Youtubers, Live-Streamers and Content Creators. It is designed at a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96+/97+ ensuring vibrant natural light and reproducing faithful colours in any application. Moreover, with a step-less dimming range of 0% to 100%, you can quickly adapt the light to any situation. Furthermore, eight special effect modes include lighting storms, TV, flashes, broken, bulbs etc. It not only provides advanced creative control but also adds mood and drama to your cinematography. 

One big feature of the LA150D is the step-less brightness adjustment capability, which ranges from 0 to 100% allowing precise lighting. With the ability to connect your smartphone to the Godox Light APP, the intuitive user interface allows for smooth and easy adjustments such as changing the brightness and FX effects (8 included). Because Litemons LA150D is designed with COB LEDs technology lead to the light emitting area can contain many times more light sources than the standard LEDs. This is the reason why Litemons LA150D is greatly increased lumen output per square inch. Similar to all Godox lights, the LA150D uses the popular Bowens S-Type mount allowing use with a plethora of different modifiers such as softboxes, beauty dishes, fresnel lenses, etc. Thanks to this, you will have more options to choose light modifiers that suit your needs. Eventually, the Litemons LA150D is a cost-effective solution for photographers, cinematographers and videographers who need lighting both in the studio and on location. 

Litemons LA150Bi Bi-Colour 190W Ultra-Compact and Powerful COB LED Light 

The only thing difference between the Godox Litemons LA150D and LA150Bi is the ability to adjust colour temperature. Meanwhile, the Godox Litemons LA150Bi is a Bi-colour version of the Godox Litemons LA150D. With the LA150D, you only pursue daylight-balance lighting. In contrast, the LA150Bi allows you to use daylight and bi-colour options which will help you in being well-prepared for fitting into various environments and creating creative scenes. It is also reasonable for almost all lighting requirements that correspond to the user’s warm or cold colour gamut levels. The LA150Bi is ideal for those who are on a budget but require adjustable colour temperature making it ideal for future proofting your videography gear.   

The LA150Bi is a powerful LED light at 190W that has an average light output of 84,800 lux at 1m with the standard reflector. Moreover, it is an ultra-compact LED light that measures 205mm x 145mm x 215mm and weight 1.4kg. Its size allows it to fit into small spaces and is versatile enough to be used in small or home studios. Similarly, the Godox Litemons LA150 also allows users to control the lights with their smartphone devices via Godox App. Thanks to it, you can easily customise the brightness, colour temperature and FX effects, making it simple and saving time for those who are busy. 

Litemons LA200D LED Video Light and LA200Bi LED Video Light 

The LA200Bi is a powerful LED light with an average light output of 101,000 lux at 1m with a standard reflector of 8,670 lux @1m which is the same as the LA200D. Both units have a high CRI and TLCI rating of 96+/97+ respectively. It accurately reproduces natural and vivid colours for users, satisfying demands even by professional videographers. Following LED members belonging to the Godox family, the LA200D and LA200Bi are released with the Godox light App, which all the adjustments are only a finger tap away. Therefore, the LA series is fast-install and transported. Similarly to the LA150 series, the LA200 series is also built-in with a weight of 1.4kg and dimensions of 205mm x 145mm x 215mm. Additionally, the LA200D and LA200Bi work perfectly with the Godox light shaping system and other mainstream modifiers in the market. 

There are noticeable feature differences when comparing the LA200D and LA200Bi. For example, the LA200D built-in colour temperature operates at 5600K on the daylight model, while the LA200Bi offers a colour temperature range from 2800K to 5600K. Furthermore, the LA200D features 8 FX light effects providing more creative possibilities without extra cost. While the LA200Bi adds another three light effects including candle, fire and firework. 


Brand Godox
Model LA150D LA150BI LA200D LA200BI
Retail price (USD) £195.99 £232.99 £265.99 £310.99
Max Power Consumption 190W 190W 230W 230W
Beam Angle 105° 105° 105° 105°
Color Temperature 5600K 2800 to 6500K 5600K 2800 to 6500K
CRI CRI 96 CRI 96 CRI 96 CRI 96
Cooling System Fan Fan Fan Fan
Dimming Yes, 0 to 100% Yes, 0 to 100% Yes, 0 to 100% Yes, 0 to 100%
Housing Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Reflector Mount Bowens Bowens Bowens Bowens
Fixture Mount 5/8" Receiver 5/8" Receiver 5/8" Receiver 5/8" Receiver
Remote Control Type Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Wireless Range 98.4' / 30 m (Bluetooth) 98.4' / 30 m (Bluetooth) 98.4' / 30 m (Bluetooth)
98.4' / 30 m (Bluetooth)
AC Input Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V
Power Source AC Adapter AC Adapter AC Adapter AC Adapter
Dimension 205*145*215mm 205*145*215mm 205*145*215mm
Weight 1.4kg 1.4kg 1.4kg 1.4kg
Special Effects (FX) 8kinds 11kinds 8kinds 11kinds

SL Series COB LED Light with Bowens S-Type Fitting 

The SL series is an efficient and affordable solution for photographers and filmmakers for daily use. The main difference between these two lights the SL100D is a daylight-balanced lighting unit and the SL100Bi is a bi-colour lighting unit with an adjustable colour temperature between daylight-balanced and tungsten lighting. 

However, the power output of the two lightings is the same, with the SL100Bi and SL100D offering a maximum power of 100W. In terms of overall brightness, the SL100Bi has a brightness of 32,100 Lux at 1m as same as the SL100D. Additionally, all two Godox SL series lighting units have a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 95+ and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of 97+, allowing you to accurately reproduce the colours in your subject. It makes these lights suitable for live production and filmmaking. Each lighting unit also includes eight lighting effects to choose from, such as storm, and flashing to provide endless creativity. Moreover, both the SL100Bi and SL100D units come with 32 channels and 16 groups. To control each of the units, the Godox manufacturer allows users to use the dimmer dials on the back of the units directly or use a dedicated remote control. It allows making quick and easy adjustments from the unit itself. 



Brand Godox
Model SL100D SL100Bi
Retail price (USD) £154.99 £197.99
Max Power Consumption
Beam Angle 120° 120°
Color Temperature 5600K 2800K - 6500K
CRI 95+ 95+
TLCI 97+ 97+
Cooling System Fan
Dimming 0%-100% 0%-100%
Housing Material
Reflector Mount Bowens Bowens
Fixture Mount 5/8" Receiver 5/8" Receiver
Control Method Smartphone App, RC-A6 Wireless Remote (Sold Separately)
Smartphone App, RC-A6 Wireless Remote (Sold Separately)
Wireless Range Approx. 30m Approx. 30m
AC Input Power
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
DC Input Power
Power Source AC Adapter AC Adapter
Dimension 243.0 x 205.0 x 127.0 mm
9.6 x 8.1 x 5.0" / 243.0 x 205.0 x 127.0 mm
Weight 3.5 lb / 1.6 kg 3.5 lb / 1.6 kg
Special Effects (FX)

MLSeries Handheld LED Tube Lights 

The Godox ML30 Daylight LED Light (5600K) and ML60 Bi-Colour LED Light are portable. these run-and-gun lights can be powered in a variety of ways. Both lights are intended for videographers, content creators, producers and filmmakers working on a limited budget. 

In fact, Godox ML30 Daylight LED Light is the smallest COB light in the Godox Lighting Range. Moreover, it has a grip handle by two Sony NP-F series or comparable batteries. Therefore, you can use them right away to pack up the light and power your work while taking up very little space. For accurate colour reproduction, the ML30 and ML60Bi have a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) rating of 97 and a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) rating of 96. This means two units are suitable for filmmaking, commercial cinematography and professional broadcast applications. Even those, two lighting units can steplessly adjust the brightness from 100% down to 0%. Additionally, the ML60Bi and ML30 feature 8x built-in lighting effect presets. Godox also released the ML60Bi and ML30 with a brand-new built-in super-quite electronic fan. This feature helps very much in recording video interviews and similar circumstances that need silence 

The two main differences between the ML60Bi and ML30 are the colour temperature and brightness ability. Firstly, the ML30 LED Light is a daylight-balanced unit, in contrast, the ML60Bi offers bi-colour lighting. From these, you are able to adjust the colour temperature between Tungsten and Dylight-Balanced which is suitable for your shooting environment. Secondly, the COB LED technology is used in the ML30 which can produce a daylight balance of 1300 Lux at 1m. In contrast, the ML60Bi produced a higher brightness at  10,100 @1m



Brand Godox
Model ML30 ML60Bi
Price £174.99 £257.99
Power Output 37.5W 60W
Brightness 35,700 Lux @ 0.5m 7,120 Lux @1m 1,580 Lux @ 2m 10,100 (@1m)
Colour Temperature 5600K
2800K ~ 6500K
CRI 96+ 96
TLCI 97+ 97
PowerRange 0% - 100% 0% - 100%
Power Supply Output 14.0V 3.4A 16.8V 4.2A
Dimensions 120mm x 88mm x 88mm (excluding reflector and grip)
145mm x 88mm x 88mm (Excluding Grip and Reflector)
Weight 587g (excluding reflector and grip)
0.77KG (Excluding Grip and Reflector)
Accessory Mount Godox Godox
Alternative Accessory Mount Bowens S-Type (when used withRound-Head Smart Bracket).
Bowens S-Type (when used with Round-Head Smart Bracket)


Godox TL RGB LED Tube Light 

As the name implied, all lights in the Godox TL series have the same colour temperature range of 2700K to 6500K so you can flexibly switch from warm light to daylight. You also can create better lighting colours to enhance the mood of your footage for any situation with a wide range of 36.000 colour options. It allows your TL tube lights to create bi-colour lighting while also preventing the formation of unwanted mixed lighting. Furthermore, each lighting unit provides excellent colour rendition with a Color Rendition Index (CRI) of 96 and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 98. It ensures that the colour is captured professionally. Similarly, both tube lights had the same power range of 0% - 100% and RGB Color Gamut of 0 - 360°. Moreover, to enhance user experiences, the TL series has built-in 39 lighting effects. It not only allows you to use a variety of lighting conditions but also saves time and money in post-production. 

In terms of differences, each tube light provides a different power output. If the TL180 has the highest power with 55W, the TL30 is the last on the list with only 8W. On the other hand, the TL120 has a power output of 30W which is slightly higher than the TL60 at 18W. This is also the reason why each tube light corresponds to the different brightness produced. After comparing, it is surprising that the TL120 has the lowest brightness of 678 Lux, while the TL60 created the highest brightness of 1500 Lux when measured at 1m. In terms of Godox TL30, it has 740 Lux at 1m. Additionally, the weight and size of these units are significant differences. The TL60 tube light is lighter and smaller 48 x 750mm and the weight at 730g so it the most ideal to ensure your subject receives complete light coverage. The TL120 is heavier with dimensions of 48 x 1170mm and a weight of 1.27kg. The TL180, on the other hand, is the heaviest of the four lights. Finally, the TL30 is the lightest at 0.3kg and 42mm x 300mm.


Brand Godox
Model TL30 TL60 TL120 TL180
Price £76.99 £213.99 £239.99 £446.00
Power Output 8w 18W 30W 55W
Colour Temperature Range 2700K ~ 6500K 2700 – 6500K 2700 – 6500K 2700K~6500K
Brightness @ 1m 740 lux 1500 lux 678 lux
776 lux - 895 lux
Power Range 0% - 100% 0 – 100% 0 – 100% 0%~100%
RGB Colour Gamut 0° ~ 360° 0 – 360° 0 – 360° 0 ~ 360°
CRI 97+ 96 96 96
TLCI 99+ 98 98 98
Built-in Battery 3.6V/2900mAh/10.7Wh 14.4V/2600mAh Lithium Battery 14.4V/5200mAh/74.88Wh
Power Adapter No data 20V 2.4A No data 20V/5.5A
Battery Life Approx. 60 mins Approx. 120 mins Approx. 150 mins
Approx.160 minutes
Control Methods Smartphone App 2.4GHx Wireless Remote, Smartphone App, DMX console 2.4GHz Wireless Remote, Smartphone App, DMX console
Smartphone APP, 2.4GHz Wireless Remote, DMX control
Bluetooth Range Approx. 30m Approx. 30m Approx. 30m Approx. 30m
Wireless Remote Range No data Approx. 50m (with RC-R9 Remote) Approx. 30m
Approx. 50m (with RC-R9 Remote)
Number of Channels No data 32 32 32
Number of Groups No data 6 (A, B, C, D, E and F) 6 (A, B, C, D, E and F)
6 (A B C D E F)
Operation Temperature -10°C – 40°C -10°C – 40°C -10°C – 40°C -10°C – 40°C
Dimensions 42mm x 300mm Ø48mm 750mm Ø48mm 1170mm 51 x 1800mm
Net-weight 0.3kg 730g 1.27kg 2.21kg


LECO Series LED Video Light Panel 

The PixaPro LECO500 RGB II is a simple 36W LED Light Panel that can be used for both stills and videos. While the LECO1000B II is a user-friendly LED Light Panel. So, if you want a powerful light, the LECO1000B is the way to go. The LECO500 RGB II has 600 bright LEDs is less than the LECO1000B II which features 900 LED chips. In fact, the LECO1000B II has the ability to produce super-bright lighting. 

Similarly, both two units have the same Colour-Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 for accurate colour reproduction. So, two-panel units are ideal for professional broadcasts, cinematography and smaller productions. Since the LECO500 and LECO1000 are RGB colour LED panels, you are able to adjust the colour temperature of the lights between 3200K to 5600K. It is the perfect lighting solution for balancing the light with other daylight or tungsten lighting. Even those, it gives you the opportunity to choose from 360 different hues/colours. The LECO500 RGB II and LECO1000 panel's smart-passive cooling system efficiently dissipates heat without the need for cooling fans, allowing the light panel to operate noise-free. 


Brand PixaPro
Model LECO 500B Bi-Colour LECO500S LECO1000B
Price £171.99 £171.99 £349.99
Max. Output Power 36W 36W 100W
Colour Temperature 3200-5600K 5600K 3200-5600K
CRI 96 96 ≥95
TLCI No data No data ≥95
Number of LEDs 600 600 900
Luminous Flux 4,320 lm 4,320 lm 9,000 lm
Brightness 2,400 lux (1m) 4,800 lux (1m) 2,400 lux (1m)
Power Range 10%-100% 10%-100% 10%-100%
DC Power Input 13 ~ 19V 13 ~ 19V 13 ~ 19V
Power Adapter DC 15V 2.4A DC 15V 2.4A DC 19V 4.7A
DMX 512 No data No data Yes
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Remote Range No data >50m 50m
No. Channels 99 99 99
Dimensions 242mm x 191mm x 42mm 242mm x 191mm x 42mm
300mm x 300mm x 46mm
Battery Usage
Battery Usage Time (NP-F750)
Battery Usage Time (NP-F970)
Battery Usage Time (NP-F750)
Battery Usage Time (NP-F970)
Approx. 153mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 244mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 90mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 120mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 50mins (5600K) Approx. 65mins (4400K)


Now that we at PixaPro have covered everything you need to know about film lighting, you're prepared and equipped to tackle your next project. There are numerous types of lights available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, understanding the various types of film and videography lighting gives you a good start. Then you can pick and choose what works best for your specific production lighting needs.