10 Best Budget and Professional Film Lighting Equipment

We are all aware that we are living in a time of rapid techbology advancement which also leads to reshaping the entire film lighting equipment. Have you ever wondered what kind of lighting most Hollywood filmmaking companies have used these days? 

In fact, LEDs are increasingly useful in filmmaking as it offers numerous advantages in modern video production. With the invention of LED lights, creatives can now easily enhance the desired mood and environment of whatever they’re shooting. LED video lights are now compact, portable, and easy to set up with the consumption of less power. Furthermore, it can be easily matched to other light sources which are more ideally lighting solutions for filmmakers. 

In this guide, we’ll look at all the benefits of different types of lighting equipment and the right lights for your film and video projects. 

Best LED Film Lighting Equipment

Before we get started, let's go over some elements of lighting for film productions: 

Colour Temperature: A consistent colour temperature yields the best result, making the sustainable consistent. In this element, you have to consider CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). Basically, if the rating score is closer to 100, the closer it looks to natural light and consistent light. 

Light Output: It measures the total quantity of visible light emitted by a light source. It’s also commonly known as brightness or lumen output. In reality, the good light output is the one bright enough to give us exposure options. 

And also, it depends on different situations and your needs. For instance, if you are going to transport, your LED lights should be compact, and durable or even add extra features: lighting effects, and remote control which helps to increase your experience. 


Godox Knowled Series LED Video Light - Film Lighting Equipment

Nowadays, filmmakers can select from a wide range of LED lights option based on their needs and budget. It is important to have deeply considered when purchasing any type of video equipment, especially LED Lights. Because good lighting is the foundation of an amazing film. 

Knowled M200D and Knowled M200Bi 

The Godox Knowled Series is perfect for Youtubers, streamers and filmmakers who need consistent lighting. In more detail, the Knowled M200D built-in with a colour temperature of 5600K, the Daylight model ensures that skin tones and fabric reflect true colour regardless of environment. Both two units come with a maximum power output of 220W which will work perfectly to set up a small studio lighting or home studio lighting. Godox stated that the Knowled M200D and M200Bi always maintain the highest colour fidelity standards. With a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96+ and a Television Lighting Consistency Index(TLCI) of 97+, you can be confident all colours will be rendered vividly in any shooting environment with natural-looking skin tones. One of the important factors which consider the Knowled series as the best LED light for filmmaking is the ability of a remarkable cooling fan system. It enables rapidly dissipating heat while remaining barely audible to the human ear. 

When compared, the Godox M200Bi Bi-Colour except for increasing colour temperature range from 2800K to 6500K. Moreover, the Godox Knowled M200D and M200Bi also feature a variety of special effects such as flash, lighting, television, and a broken light bulb. However, the Godox M200D features twelve types of lighting effects pre-set which is less than the Godox M200Bi with 21 types of lighting effects. Thank to this, you are able to save time instead of working with a prop department to recreate a specific look



Knowled M300D and Knowled M300Bi 

As the middle of Godox Knowled range, the Godox Knowled M300D/ M300 Bi is between the M200 and M600 models. It has a maximum consumption output of 330W which is 100W more than the M200 LED Light and 410W less than the M600. Each unit can be supported by a DMX console, providing you with the most flexibility and efficiency when coordinating even the most complex lighting tools. The Knowled M300Bi and M300D also maintain a high colour temperature when compared with the M200D/M200Bi with a CRI of 96 and TLCI of 97. Both two units have ultra-precise dimming controls that allow you to adjust the light’s brightness in 0.1% increments. Furthermore, to achieve the exact brightness designed, quickly and precisely, you can also adjust the brightness in 10% increments for quick power adjustments. In order to customise your lighting exactly what you want, the Knowled M300D/M300Bi is designed with four dimming curve options including Linear, S-Curve, Exponential Curve or Logarithmic Curve. It helps to achieve the best lighting effects in the shortest amount of time. 

As the name implied, the M300Bi Knowled Bi-Colour typically produces a colour temperature range of 2800K to 6500K. In contrast, the Godox Knowled M300D produces a daylight temperature of 5600K. So the M300Bi allows you to adjust and create lighting control to adapt to your needs. Moreover, the M300Bi is designed with 21 different built-in FX effects in 7 different styles. It allows you to immediately provide the ideal setting for your studio. While the daylight LED Lights M300D have similar FX effects in 4 different styles. 



Knowled M600D and Knowled M1200Bi 

The Godox Knowled M600D LED Light is an outstanding lighting equipment for filmmaking. It is an ultra-powerful 740W daylight-balanced COB LED light. It is intended for studio and location work because it is not only compact and portable but also provides exceptional illumination. With a maximum brightness of 15,700 lux at 3m with a reflector or 40,100 lux at 3m with an FLS10 Fresnel Lens. So, the M600D is capable of illuminating a large set which is perfect for filmmakers and theatrical productions. In other views, you will be able to easily light up a room or assist in shooting outside in low-light conditions. If you want a smooth operation, it also allows you to adjust in 0.1% or 10% increments, controlling the lighting asset. Furthermore, the Godox Knowled M600D set a temperature of 5600K making it ideal for use in a studio with high-speed cameras. Following all the Godox lighting, the Godox Knowled M600D has employed the popular Bowens S-Type mount. It not only gives you the opportunity to be compatible with a range of modifiers but also gives you the ability to shape and modify the light to suit your needs. Additionally, the light features both an AC and DC making it compatible with two V-mount batteries. It also can be controlled via the Godox app. 

On the other hand, the Knowled MG1200Bi has overwhelming superiority. It is designed with innovative COB technology to ensure a full 1200W power draw in any colour temperature ranging from 2800K to 6500K. In reality, the new MG1200Bi will take you far beyond the film industry with its marvellous performance on set. Especially, the MG1200Bi was designed without chip optics to produce an even, natural and sharp beam of light that mimics sunlight. Even those, the Knowled MG1200Bi Bi-Colour LED Light meets the highest colour fidelity standards with a CRI of 96+ and TLCI of 96+. You can capture natural-looking skin tones during your shooting. The Knowled MG1200Bi features the same other Knowled lights with four dimming curve options that allow for more efficient and accurate adjustment. Furthermore, eleven optional built-in light effects make it simple to replicate 11 different lighting scenarios. It allows you to unleash your creativity and create a more dynamic world on set. 



Godox LD Series LED Video Panel - Film Lighting Equipment

LD LED Panel light Seires is a cost-effective, long-lasting lighting solution for your projects. These lights can help to make your filmmaking more creative as well as productive. The Godox LD75R LED Panel has a lowest power output of only 75W. In comparison, the LD150R and LD150RS follow with higher power output, offering of 150W. Since the LD75R/150R/150RS is an RGB LED Panel lights, it has the colour temperature from 2500K to 8500K to meed creator’s demands. Furthermore, you mey choose more than 16.7 million different colour combinations. It not only allows you to almost create any colour you can think of, but it also helps set the mood of your movie or photo. Three lighting units are designed with flicker-free illumination which means you can shoot at nearly any framerate or shutter angle without fear of producing a flicker. Both units have a respective CRI/TLC rating of 96/97 that reflects brilliant accuracy in colours. Another unique features of the LD series includes 14 effects adding more value to your scene. All the three lighting models support 32groups and 16 channels. Therefore, between three lighting panels, your creative outlets are limitless for any scene. In order to ensure precise colour rendition and accuracy, each lighting units is designed the ability to flawlessly dim the lighting from 100% to 0%. Additionally, silent mode on the LD75R/150R/150RS is ideal for recording video interviews or other situations where fan noise may be an issue. This will save you a lot of time because you won't have to worry about removing fan noise during post-production.

Differences, the Godox LD150RS has a higher brightness of 18,500 LUX than the LD150R. Another option in the range is the LD75R, which has a brightness of 9,300 LUX. When compared to the LD75, it appears to be more than almost half. The Godox LD150RS is a powerful wide panel with a strong presence which measures about 53cm x 51cm. while, the Godox LD150RS is also thick at 10cm as well as utilizing the same power source. In reality, the LD series has a very compact and durable design. 



ECHO600 600W Bi-Colour LED Fresnel Studio Space Light 

The ECHO600 Fresnel Light is a high-powered Bi-Colour LED Video light. It is specially designed to the needs of the film and television industries. In more details, the ECHO600 built-in with 420 Daylight-Balanced and Tungsten-Balanced LEDs from 2900K to 5600K. Thanks to this features, you are able to match the colour of the ambient lighting or set the mood of your scene. In addition, the ECHO600 supports the DMX512 control protocol which is ideal for large productions. In order to produce accurately render colours, it is released with the high rating of CRI/ TLCI of 96/98. Obviously, the ECHO600 features fresnel lenses, allwing it to travel over much greater distances than the traditional LED light panels. Eventually, the ECHO600 is ideal for large television, movie and theatrical productions.  

Nowsaday, filmmakers can choose the wide range of LEDs based on their needs and budget. It is important to have deeply consider when purchasing any type of video equipment, particularly LED lights, because good lighting is foundation of great film. 

Brand Godox Godox Godox Godox Godox Godox
Model M200D M200BI M300D M300BI M600D MG1200Bi
Price £664.00 £750.00 £853.00 £948.00 £1,405.99 £3,485.00
Power 220W (Max) 220W (Max) 330W (Max) 330W (Max) 740W (Max) 1400W
Controller Power Supply Input 100-240V/ 50~60Hz 100-240V/ 50~60Hz 100-240V/ 50~60Hz 100-240V/ 50~60Hz AC100-240V/ 10A
100V-240V~50/60Hz 14A(Max.)
Controller Power Supply Input DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC48V/15A No Data
V-mount battery (optional) Input Parameter 14.8V, 150Wh/26V, 270Wh 14.8V, 150Wh/26V, 270Wh 14.8V, 150Wh/26V, 270Wh 14.8V, 150Wh/26V, 270Wh
14 8V150Wh / 26V 260Wh
Channel 32(1-32) 32(1-32) 32(1-32) 32(1-32) 32(1-32) No Data
Group 16(0-9. A-F) 16(0-9. A-F) 16(0-9. A-F) 16(0-9. A-F) 16(0-9. A-F) No Data
ID 1-99, OFF 1-99, OFF 1-99, OFF 1-99, OFF 1-99, OFF No Data
Colour-Temperature 5600K 2800 to 6500K 5600K 2800 to 6500K 5600K 2800-6500K
CRI >96 >96 >96 >96 >96 ≥96
TLCI >97 >97 >97 >97 >97 ≥96
Working Environment Temperature -20-40°C -20-40°C -20-40°C -20-40°C -10-40°C No Data
FX Light Effect 12 kinds within 4 types 21 kinds within 7 types 12 kinds within 4 types 21 kinds within 7 types 12 kinds within 4 types 11
Controlling Method Support DMX512 , 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Support DMX512 , 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Support DMX512 , 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Support DMX512 , 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Support DMX512 , 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP
Support DMX512 , 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP
Dimming Curve 4 types: linear/ S-curve/ exponential/ logarithmic 4 types: linear/ S-curve/ exponential/ logarithmic 4 types: linear/ S-curve/ exponential/ logarithmic 4 types: linear/ S-curve/ exponential/ logarithmic 4 types: linear/ S-curve/ exponential/ logarithmic
4 types: linear/ S-curve/ exponential/ logarithmic
2.4G Wireless Control Distance ~ 60m ~ 60m ~ 60m ~ 60m ~ 60m ~ 60m
Bluetooth Transmission Distance ~ 30m ~ 30m ~ 30m ~ 30m ~ 30m ~ 30m
Display Screen 2.4 inches 2.4 inches 2.4 inches 2.4 inches 2.4 inches 2.4 inches
Light Body Dimension 425.3* 232.3 • 141.7mm 425.3* 232.3 • 141.7mm 425.3* 232.3 • 141.7mm 425.3* 232.3 • 141.7mm 447.3* 242.8 • 152.9mm
378mm x 579mm x 354mm
Controller Dimension 270.4* 123.6*132mm 270.4* 123.6*132mm 270.4* 123.6*132mm 270.4* 123.6*132mm 332.4* 121.6*T79.2mm
162mm x 190mm x 372mm
Light Body Weight ≈3.03kg ≈3.5kg ≈3.03kg ≈3.5kg 4.5 kg 16kg
Controller Weight ≈2.74kg ≈2.7kg ≈2.74kg ≈2.7kg 3.987 kg 6.68kg
Bluetooth Transmission Frequency 2402.00-2480.00MHz 2402.00-2480.00MHz 2402.00-2480.00MHz 2402.00-2480.00MHz 2402.00-2480.00MHz No Data
Maximum Transmit Power 5dbm 5dbm 5dbm 5dbm 5dbm No Data



Brand Godox
Series LD
Model LD150R LD150RS LD75R
Price £862.99 £855.99 £689.99
Max. Output Power 150W 150W 75W
Colour Temperature 2500K ~ 8500K 2500K ~ 8500K
2500K ~ 8500K
CRI 96 96 96
TLCI 97 97 97
Number of LEDs No data No data No data
Luminous Flux No data No data No data
Brightness 17,500 lux (1m) 18,500 lux (1m) 9,300 lux (1m)
Power Range 0% -100% 0% -100% 0% -100%
DC Power Input DC 26V DC 26V DC 14.8V
Power Adapter DC 24.0V 8.33A DC 24.0V 8.33A DC 16.8V 7.0A
DMX 512 Yes Yes Yes
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Remote Range ~50m ~50m ~50m
No. Channels 14 Categories (39 Kinds) 14 Categories (39 Kinds)
14 Categories (39 Kinds)
Dimensions 748mm x 430mm x 107.5mm 542mm x 513mm x 107.5mm
441mm x 410mm x 107.5mm
Battery Usage
2x V-Mount Batteries
2x V-Mount Batteries
V-Mount Batteries
162mm x 190mm x 372mm
Controller Weight 6.68kg
Bluetooth Transmission Frequency No Data
Maximum Transmit Power No Data

Brand PixaPro
Model ECHO600
Price £899.99
Max, Power 600W
Colour Tempterature
2900K – 5600K
CRI 96-98
TLCI 96-98
11,785lx @3m, 4,298lx @5m, 1,237lx @10m (Without Softbox) 3,134lx @3m, 1,142lx @5m, 329lx @10m (with softbox)
Number of LEDs
840 (420 @ 5600K and 420 @ 2900K)
Power Supply
110-240V 50/60Hz
DMX 512 Output Yes
Power Connector
3-Pin 16A EEC Connector
Casing Material
Aluminium Alloy
Stand Mount
1-1/8 inch Junior Pin (28mm)
PWM Value 30KHz
Support up to 4000 FPS
756mm x 759mm x 247mm
Dimensions (Without Yoke)
480mm x 480mm x 247mm
Net. Weight 17.5kg