Here at Pixapro we often get the question, “are your studio flash the same as Godox?” Pixapro and Godox products are manufactured in the same factory and they are cross-compatible but buying with Pixapro gives you a whole lot more:

Our aim is to provide an outstanding Customer Care package along with amazing quality light. We implement this firstly with our Expert sales advice, we work hard to help find solutions for companies of all sizes and for all their video and/or photographic needs. Whether you want a small space home studio, custom build from the ground up, portable, studio, school, college or Business, we offer a huge range of products and are here to ensure you find the right equipment for you no matter the budget or desire.

Our Service doesn’t stop there, we also offer: 

  • A 2 year UK Warranty on our branded Lights

(For PIXAPRO we handle all the warranties ourselves here in the UK, this means a much faster turn around and a better point of contact as you will be dealing with our UK customer service team.

  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Prompt quote service 
  • Nationwide Next day delivery & International shipping. 
  • Outstanding Before during and after-sales assistance.
  • Repairs for any damaged item that may fall out of warranty. For further information please click here: 
  • Flexible payment options.

Distributed By


We are proud to now stock Godox branded lights as distributed by PIXAPRO, this means that you will get Godox but with everything that you loved with the service of PIXAPRO, including a 2-year warranty and UK customer support.

Any lights that now have the Distributed By PIXAPRO logo will be eligible which gives peace of mind for those that would like to purchase Godox but from a local trusted retailer.

We added the Godox LED lights to provide an extensive range of options available from different manufacturers, this gives you a wider array of choice, but you still get the excellent service as expected from PIXAPRO.

These include:

SL150 SL150Bi SV200 VL150 VL200 VL300 UL150 UL60 ML60 SZ150R SZ200Bi S60 TL60 LC500R ES45 M1 R1

Can I use my Godox gear alongside the PIXAPRO equipment?

Yes, as Godox is made in the same factory as PIXAPRO this means that they will be cross-compatible. PIXAPRO will work as part of the Godox X system as long as they share the same 2.4GHz receiver or trigger, this means that you can add a PIXAPRO flash or trigger. to your existing Godox setup. So you get all the benefits of owning Godox with the service, warranty and UK provider from PIXAPRO.

Speak to our friendly customer support by phone, email ( or talk to us directly via LiveChat. We aim to reply to all queries within 24 hours Monday-Friday, or 48 hours during peak season.

Godox Equivalent Items