Here at Pixapro we often get the question, are your products the same as Godox? whilst yes, they may be created in the same factory, buying off PIXAPRO provides many benefits.

One of the biggest benefits is that everything is dealt with right here in the UK. No matter if it is before, during or even after sales, Pixapro offer you the best quality advice and assistance no matter what the query, as promptly as possible. Our company will work to help any customer who has queries about a product before they decide to purchase it, get your order processed and sent out for delivery as quickly as possible so no customer is left waiting or stranded and will assist if, for any reason, there is an issue that has arose once a customer has received their item. And if something has gone wrong with an item, Pixapro offers a wonderful UK Warranty service to make sure our customers are kept happy. Every flash that we sell falls under our 2-Year UK warranty time frame and every Trigger/Receiver Set falls under our 1-Year warranty. Meaning that if during those periods, something happens to a customer’s item, that customer will still be covered and can contact us for help.

Whilst many retailers of Godox may send items from a UK, the warranties will be covered by Godox, this means that if you have any issues under the warranty it will have to be sent back to Godox based in China. For PIXAPRO we handle all the warranties ourselves in the UK, this means a much faster turn around and better point of contact as you will deal with a UK customer service team.

Our aim at Pixapro is to provide the best service possible to everyone who needs us and we strongly believe in providing the best possible service to our customers.

We here at PiXAPRO also offer a repair service for all our rebranded Godox lighting units. For further information about our Repair service, please click here:


Distributed By

We are proud to now stock Godox branded lights as distributed by PIXAPRO, this means that you will get Godox but with everything that you loved with service of PIXAPRO, including a 2 year warranty and UK customer support.

Any lights that now have the Distributed By PIXAPRO logo will be eligible which gives peace of mind for those that would like to purchase Godox but from a local trusted retailer.

We added the Godox LED lights to provide an extensive range of options available from different manufacturers, this gives you a wider array of choice, but you still get the excellent service as expected from PIXAPRO.


Can I use my Godox gear alongside the PIXAPRO equipment?

Yes, as Godox is made in the same factory as PIXAPRO this means that they will be cross compatible. PIXAPRO will work as part of the Godox X system as long as they share the same 2.4GHz receiver or trigger, this means that you can add a PIXAPRO flash or trigger. to your existing Godox setup. So you get all the benefits of owning Godox with the service, warranty and UK provider from PIXAPRO.

Speak to our friendly customer support by phone, email ( or livechat us. We aim to reply all queries within 24 hours Monday-Friday, or 48 hours during peak season.

Godox Equivalent Items