Master Your Product Photography with the 70cm LED Light Cube Tent

For the smaller company or the less experience photographers, managing to create high-quality images has been a struggle, simply due to the fact of the high level of investment in camera and lighting equipment, as well as requiring the in-depth and detailed knowledge of how to get the perfect shot. But this has all been made much simpler with the 70cm LED Cube Tent.

This product is a high-quality lighting set-up for your photography, all whilst maintaining an inexpensive cost. With its built-in LED Lighting and its reflective interior, it offers the photographer a very professional shot with minimal effort. It comes with everything you would need to create and change each shot to best match your product.

All you would need is a camera, somewhere to place the Cube tent and a plug socket. If you would like to use a DSLR camera, you are more than welcome, but you can still achieve a wonderful and professional shot simply by using a Smartphone camera instead.

Simple and easy to use with incredible results


Why is the 70cm LED Cube Tent the best solution?

·   The LED bulbs are very energy-efficient and long lasting, offering the user approximately 50,000 hours of light, removing the need for constant replacement.

·   Collapsible and easy-to-store, making it the perfect set-up if you need to take different shots in multiple locations.

·   Comes with 4 different coloured backgrounds (White, Black, Grey and Warm Apricot), which allows the user to adjust their shot to best suit their product.

·   Brightness of 24,400 lux which offers a well spread and even coverage of light on the product.

·   High Colour Temperature of 5500K which produces vibrant and noticeable colours in your image.

·   Helps reduce unwanted shadows and reflections, giving you a crisp shot and professional image.

·   Comes with a Diffuser layer which helps to further diffuse the light if you deem this necessary for your products.

Example shots using the LED Cube Tent


For more information about using the LED Cube Tent and how it is assembled, please check out this video we have created below 


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