Matching Softboxes and Reflectors

There are multiple different modifiers available which you can you to adjust your light to suit your needs and two of the most common ones are Softboxes and Reflectors. Each of these have their own function, but some of these will offer a very similar effect. In this blog, we match two different Softboxes with two different Reflectors, and explain how these items offer a very similar effect.

Firstly, lets compare the differences between Softboxes and Reflectors. Due to the size differences between Softboxes and Reflectors, Softboxes offer a much larger spread of light which would be useful to cover a larger space. But by being larger, they produce a softer light, allowing for a more gradual transition between light and shadow, compared to the Reflector which would cause a harder and more direct light.

The first set of matching Softboxes and Reflectors we are going to discuss are the DeepPara Softbox and the 45 Degree Long Focus Tele-Zoom Reflector. What both of these modifiers do is offer a better lighting set-up for you, by creating a more even and focused lighting on your subject or background. Also, as these two modifiers are designed to be much longer, they create a way of sending your light much further as it is focused in a more specific direction, which would help if you require a more intense light for a particular shoot.


The second set of matching Softboxes and Reflectors we are going to discuss are the 65cm 16-Sided Easy-Open Softbox and the 65 Degree High Performance Reflector. Whilst these modifiers will also offer a more even and focused lighting, just as the previous two would, they do differ. As they are a designed to be much wider, they would create a wider spread light, offering the ability to cover a wider area, which would more suit shooting multiple people or a large space. But they would also shorter distance, due to the fact they are not as long as the previous two modifiers.


So, whilst modifiers are designed to differ from each other, they do often share common characteristics with each other. But whilst this may be the case, each modifier will suit a different scenario, so it is always best to do you research before deciding which will best suit you.


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