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RICO140 Product Photography Lighting Kit with Dual Sided Paper Background - CLEARANCE

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The RICO140 Ring Light Product Photography Lighting Kit with Dual Sided Paper Background is ideal for people who want to produce professional-looking results quickly and easily, whether you are using a DSLR camera, a mirrorless camera, a Point-and-shoot camera, or even your smartphone to photograph small products for e-commerce product catalogues such as jewellery, cups, stationeries etc. 

RICO140 Ring Light Product Photography

Shadowless Ring Catchlight: Ring-shaped designed can create an aperture effect without shadow while producing a charming catchlight during portrait, beauty, and fashion Shoots.

Dimmable: 360 LEDs to provide a maximum of 40Ws of power and has a stepless brightness control dial which ranges from 10% to 100% Brightness.

Adjustable Colour Temperature: Colour temperature can be controlled from 3200K to 5600K. A warm colour temperature is typically used during photography or filming when a warm and healthy glow is required on the subject. Daylight is commonly used for product photography or video blogging.

High CRI: (CRI) is >90 and will provide more colour accuracy representation of the subject. This is essential especially for makeup artists, tattoo artists, hair colourists or painters.

Tiltable head design: The light can be titled to 180 degrees. This is especially important for anyone needing to do flat lay photography, filming artwork or crafts on a table, brow or lash specialists or tattoo artists. 

Built-in Round Diffuser: It features built-in round diffusion which produces more uniform light, the light produces a soft, even glow without hotspots. It works great for glamor shots because it smooths out skin imperfections and enhances the look of the overall skin tone of the subject.

Low Heat Emission: Produces very little heat and will not cause any discomfort during Videos or Photography Sessions or artists applying makeup application or any products which are heat sensitive.

Re-designed Heat-Dissipation System: Covered in ventilation slits, to maximise airflow or more efficient heat dissipation, prolong life span of the LED, which is about 50,000 hours of usage.

Built-in Shoe Mount Design: Shoe mount which enables you to mount a wide range of different accessories directly to the light, such as smartphone brackets and small ball-heads for mounting small cameras and camcorders too.

Silent Operation: Re-designed heat-dissipation system so a fan is no longer needed which provides the bonus of a complete silent operation making it suitable to use for live video, interview production etc.

Intuitive design: It is lightweight and slim profile make it suitable to use on location or to showcase your set up in social media.

GLOWPAD144SB LED Panel - Ring Light Product Photography Kit

Edge-Lit LED Technology: The GLOWPAD 144SB use edge-lit led technology, where the LEDs are mounted around the edge of the light, facing towards the centre of the panel. The light is then reflected outwards, producing a beautifully even diffused quality of light. The GLOWPAD 144SB mimics the effects of a softbox, but without the added bulk that a softbox can bring

Variable Colour-Temperature: The GLOWPAD144SB, feature adjustable colour temperatures, between 3200K (tungsten) and 5600K (Daylight), to match the colour of the lighting in your shooting environment. It can also be used to alter the mood of your video.

High colour accuracy: The GLOWPAD144SB, has a Colour Rendition Index (CRI) of ≥93%, which is essential for capturing the true colour and representation of a subject. This is popular amongst Makeup artists and beauty vloggers.

User-Friendly Interface: The GLOWPAD144SB features an easy-to-use interface, where one dial is used to control the brightness (between 100% down to 10%), and the other dial controls the Colour-Temperature of the light.

Several Mounting Options: The GLOWPAD144SB, features a hot-shoe mount, which enables it to be mounted directly on top of your camera. The hot shoe mount also features a female ¼”-20 thread, when enables it to also be mounted to a tripod or light stand with a ¼”-20 thread. There is also a ¼”-20 thread at one of the sides, allowing it to be mounted sideways, great for rim-lighting.

Battery Powered Option: The GLOWPAD144SB, features Sony NP-F series battery plate, which enables it to be powered by a Sony (Or Sony compatible) NP-F series (Sometimes known as L-Series) rechargeable batteries (included with option 2) or AC power adapter.

Dual-Sided Paper Backgrounds

Size:  Each Paper Background offers dimensions of 56cm x 88cm, the ideal size for small to medium product photography.

Colour: Each Dual-Sided Coated Coloured Paper Background features two different coloured sides, giving you more flexibility with your photography.

Material: Each Background is made from Durable Coated Coloured paper, making them crease-resistant, as well as water-resistant and can simply be wiped clean should anything spill on them.

Table Background Stand

Min & Max Height: with a maximum height of 68cm and a minimum of 39cm, it means mounting your background onto a tabletop surface will be easy. This stand offers enough height to shoot your products at the surface height.

Footprint Diameter: the wide footprint diameter of 36cm, giving you a stable stand for your equipment and maximum stability. This ensures that your background does not topple over when shooting. You can also easily fold the legs in on themselves to make it much more compact when putting it away.

Cross Bar: the 70cm crossbar will mean it gives plenty of space to clip your background on covering a wider area, and this easy slots on top of the stand for setup.

Material: the sturdy but lightweight aluminium frame will give you a hardwearing strong background stand whilst making it easy to set up and put away for storage or transportation.

Background Clips: the small background clips included will allow you to easily mount your background to the crossbar, providing a stable clamp and completing your setup.  

The RICO140 Ring Light Product Photography Kit with Dual Sided Paper Background will support smartphones and tablets to achieve clean and professional product photos for your eCommerce and catalogue. This lighting set-up will also support mirrorless cameras, digital cameras, webcams or DSLRs. 

For more information on the products included within this RICO140 Ring Light Product Photography Kit with Dual Sided Paper Background please see the links below:



Table-Top Stand

Dual-Sided Backgrounds


Please note, from 1st May 2024, as this kit contains a Paper Background which features a unique design & packaging, this kit will feature a 14 Day Return Period if the mentioned product remains unopened & in its sealed packaging. Once this item has been unsealed and opened, it is no longer covered by our returns policy.


  • Ideal for quick and simple Product Photography, for e-commerce or eBay listings.
  • Quick and easy Set-up
  • Suitable for use with Smartphones, or point and shot cameras
  • Bi-Colour - Colour Temperature Variable between 3200K and 5600K.

What’s In the Box

  • 1x RICO140 Ringlight
  • 2x GLOWPAD144SB
  • 1x Dual-Sided Paper Background
  • 1x Table-Top Background Stand
  • 1x Light Stand
  • 2x MT-01 Mini Tripod
  • 1x Smartphone Bracket


RICO140 Max. Output40W
RICO140 Colour Temperature3200K-5600K
RICO140 Colour Rendering Index≥95
RICO140 Power Range0%-100%
RICO140 LED LifeApprox. 50,000 hours
RICO140 Voltage100-240V 50/60Hz
External Diameter of Ringlight14"
Diameter of Ringlight Aperture23.5cm
Glowpad144SB Max. Output15w
Glowpad144SB CRI≥93
Glowpad144SB Colour Temp.3200-5600K
Glowpad Dimensions288mm ×148mm× 28mm
Background Stand Min. Height39cm
Background Stand Max. Height68cm
Crossbar Length70cm
Background Stand Base Width36cm
Background Stand Base Depth20.5
Background Stand MaterialAluminium
Background Dimensions56x88cm
Background MaterialHard-wearing Coated Paper

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