BeamLight Max90 Cinema-Grade Parallel-Beam Light Reflector

The GODOX KNOWLED BeamLight Max90 is a Cinema-Grade Parallel-Beam Lighting Reflector, designed for use with Godox G-Mount fitting lighting Fixtures such as the KNOWELD MG1200Bi, and the MG2400Bi Cine Lights. With its cutting-edge optical design, the BeamLight Max90 produces a 5° near-parallel beam of light, minimising light fall-off enabling you to throw light over greater distances. It also significantly increases the effective light output from your light source, giving you more flexibility. This makes it perfect for replicating natural sunlight over long distances. the GODOX BeamLight Max90 is perfect for Cinematographers, Gaffers and DPs  who are looking to get the most out of their Godox G-Mount LED Cine lights.

Godox BeamLight Max90 Cinema-Grade parallel-Beam Reflector