Which LED Panels Suitable On A Tight Budget: LECO or LD series

LED Panels might be upgrades your business with cost-effective, long-lasting, and stylish. Get it correctly and your firm will benefit.

LED Panel lights are a cost-effective, long-lasting, stylish, and versatile method to illuminate your office. Furthermore, these lights can play a vital part in making the office more productive as well as comfortable. Along similar lines, here is all you need to know about ceiling LED panel-based lighting for your business.

The Godox brand is extremely well-known for high output, low cost and high-quality lights with various options. The Godox LD and the PixaPro LECO series are an almost perfect trifecta of portable lighting solutions. Photographers and videographers can use the LED light panels individually or together to shape or flood a wide area. 

In this guide, we here at PixaPro will discuss some of the differences between Godox’s new LD range of LED light panels and put the, up against another popular LED- the PixaPro LECO series. 

We here at EssentialPhoto also offer a 24 Month UK Based Warranty Period for each of our Lighting units. It allows us to offer detailed and professional advice and support throughout this period. From here, you can generally figure out the key main strengths and weaknesses and also choose the appropriate lights.  

Godox LD150RS Review - Do You NEED A Light Panel? | Keith Knittel

Power Output

Each panel has its distinct power output. The LECO1000B and LECO1500B  are two of the most powerful panel in the range, with power outputs of 150W and 100W respectively. Because the only two versions of this panel, it has no power output, although the other versions differ slightly. Bi-Colour LED lighting typically splits the panels' power output, with 50% going to Daylight and 50% going to Tungsten illumination. Therefore, you won't receive 100% power output for each choice. The LD150R and LD150RS follow, with both versions offering a power output of 150W.

In contrast, the Godox LD75R LED Panel has a hidden talent for fitting into smaller spaces. When compared to the two larger LED models, its power output of only 75W. It may be higher than the 30W and 36W of the other LECO300B and LECO500B/S. Therefore, the LECO500B/S is an excellent example of a low-cost, portable LED panel. While each lighting unit of the LD series can easily shape by using the built-in four-leaf barn doors. Both series is ideal for cinematography or lighting subject from several perspectives with different hues. 

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Excellent Quality of Light

Quality is everything when it comes to LED lighting. That is exactly what LED panels bring to the table. In more detail, when compared to the tungsten lighting heads, the LED panels are far better at dissipating heat to shoot for a longer time. It is also important to ensure that the topic of your shot is correctly described. LED panel lights employ prismatic lenses to distribute light evenly and provide higher brightness while releasing less heat. This decreases brightness, allowing you to light up spaces with fewer lighting devices. Furthermore, LED panels emit light based on colour temperature. This means you can light up different settings based on your needs. Making sure the colours are clear and lively is one approach to accurately reflect your subject. 



Godox LD150R RGB LED Panel and PixaPro LECO1500B II Bi-Colour LED Panel

It fairly to say that despite their diverse designs, each panel has the same Color Temperature. The LECO1000B has a colour temperature range of 3200K (Bi-Colour) to 5600K (Daylight) the same as the Bi-Colour versions of the other panels (LECO300B, LECO500B and LECO1500B). The LECO500S had a 5600K colour temperature (Daylight). The LECO500B/S is an excellent example which works at 36W and gives up to 360 different colour hues.

With these measures, the colours of your topic as well as the surrounding areas will be brilliant and apparent. It allows your finished project to stand out from the crowd. While both lighting unit of the LD series comes with the same colour temperature allowing adjustment from 2500K to 8500K. The CRI measurements for these panels support this, with the LECO series and LD series all offering a CRI of over 95. The CRI is somewhat higher at 96. The LECO1500B features over 13 million different colour options with a CRI of 97 and a TLCI of 97. But either of these panels would produce a professional and high-quality picture. 

Similarly, the Godox LD150RS is a powerful unit with 16.7 million various colour hues. It also has a brightness of 18,500 LUX which is higher than the LD150RS. The LD75R is another choice in the range, with a brightness of 9,300 LUX. It seems more than almost half when compared with the LD75. While the LD150R is a sibling product with the LD150RS. It offers the same characteristics, with the sole difference being a slightly lower brightness of 17,500 LUX. 


LECO500B II LED Bi-Colour and LD75R

In summary, you also could add one of these lights to your kit for their feature-set, size, compatibility, and connectivity. The three Godox LD LED models can adjust in dimmable increments of 1 from 0-100%. Moreover, the three lighting models support 32 groups and 16 channels. In contrast, the LECO series is released with dimmable increments from 10-100%. It gives you the freedom to tailor your lighting to the needs of every shot you utilise on. 

Control Options 

When using LED Studio Panels, you must be able to operate your panels easily for your shoots to run smoothly. Therefore, each panel also comes with its own specially designed remote control. It allows you to modify and control the panel without having to do it manually. Each remote operates on a 2.4GHz wireless band and has a range of around 50m, providing amazing freedom. It is ideal if you find yourself on a busy shoot and need to be away from your lights.

Thanks to this feature, you can change the colours without touching the unit. Moreover, it operates on mains power or with two rechargeable batteries for when you are choosing on the go. Additionally, Connectivity on the Godox LD series is simple and fast as same as with the LECO series. Each LED panel contains DMX in and out, a five-pin XLR and a USB for firmware upgrades and connectivity via each of the LD series. 


While these LED panels are primarily intended for use in a studio, the ability to use them on location is a significant advantage. Each panel comes with its power cable. It allows to use with mains power, but they can all also be used with battery power. The LECO series and LD series all include a built-in V-Mount Battery Plate. It allows each panel to be used with a V-Lock Battery and run on battery power for an extended amount of time without trouble.

The LECO500S/B can also be operated with battery power. However, these panels have two built-in Sony NP-F battery plates, so you can connect two Sony NP-F Series batteries (we recommend the NP-F750) or NP-F970 batteries. Thanks to this feature, you can use these panels on battery power to expand your shooting options. From now, you don't need to worry about restrictions to shoot in a studio and may roam wherever you choose. 

Godox LD75R/LD150R/LD150RS RGB Panel Light, LD Series Light – Pergear


Professional build quality and the best design are critical if you want your LED Panel to be usable for many years to come. Each panel has an LED output, however, these vary depending on the panel's design and characteristics. The LECO500S/B both have 600 top-quality LED Bulbs that generate bright lighting. The LECO1000B is slightly different in terms of LED design, as it employs 900 SMD LED chips rather than Bulbs, which will still aid to generate very brilliant lighting but will now offer a slight diffusion as well. While the LD75R doesn't add much bulk to the overall light. 

Because of the difference in the number of bulbs/chips and the general design differences between each panel, they all have various dimensions. With dimensions of 242mm x 191mm x 42mm. The LECO500S/B panels are the most portable and compact panels offered throughout these ranges. The LECO1000B is the next largest available LED Panel, measuring 300mm x 300mm x 46mm, with the VNIX1500S/B at 330 x 330 x 48.5mm. Despite being noticeably larger than the LECO500S/B Panels, they each come with a carry bag, making them very easy to travel between locations.

When compared, you will find the Godox LD150RS is a strong squarish format. It is measured at approximately 53cm x 51cm and doubles the output of the smaller LD75R. The Godox LD150RS power the same way, via mains power or a V-lock mount battery. It also features a 10cm thickness like the rest of the range. In terms of the front of the LED panels, the LD series comes with a very streamlined and clean design. It also welcomes a duty stand or c-stand ton more effective for your shoot. 

Godox LD-SG150RS Softbox with grid for LD150RS Panel | Store Godox.eu

Godox LD-SG150RS Softbox with grid for LD150RS Panel

Sum Up

The LECO series and LD series feature many different specifications and features. To determine the best light for your needs, you must come down to the power output, budget, and specific features required. Being smaller light, the LD75R, LECO300B and LECO500B/S is still worthy contender in your lighting setup. If you want a stronger light, the LD150RS, LD150R, LECO1000B and LECO1500B is the choice for you. If your budget isn't an issue, the LD series will be highly recommended with a price of approximately over £600.00. 

Eventually, not all lights are created equal, and even though they share many similarities, each has its unique set of advantages. However, no matter what LED studio panel you choose, you will always have high-quality and professional illumination. 

EssentialPhoto and PiXAPRO are pleased to be a direct partners of Godox in the United Kingdom, with the largest collection of Godox stock available in the UK. So you can be confident with the support and assistance we provide. As we are representing Godox at The Photography Show 2022, this further shows our partnership and commitment to the Godox Brand, and we are always looking to expand this further.

Brand PixaPro Godox
Series LECO LD
Model LECO300B II LED Bi-Colour LECO 500B Bi-Colour LECO500S LECO1000B LECO1500B LD150R LD150RS LD75R
Price £89.99 £171.99 £171.99 £349.99 £499.99 £862.99 £855.99 £689.99
Max. Output Power 30W 36W 36W 100W 150W 150W 150W 75W
Colour Temperature 3200K-5600K 3200-5600K 5600K 3200-5600K 3200-5600K 2500K ~ 8500K 2500K ~ 8500K
2500K ~ 8500K
CRI 95 96 96 ≥95 ≥97 96 96 96
TLCI No data No data No data ≥95 ≥97 97 97 97
Number of LEDs No data 600 600 900 1.700 No data No data No data
Luminous Flux 3,000 lm 4,320 lm 4,320 lm 9,000 lm 15,000 lm No data No data No data
Brightness 520 lux (1m) 2,400 lux (1m) 4,800 lux (1m) 2,400 lux (1m) 4,000 lux (1m) 17,500 lux (1m) 18,500 lux (1m) 9,300 lux (1m)
Power Range 10% - 100% 10%-100% 10%-100% 10%-100% 10%-100% 0% -100% 0% -100% 0% -100%
DC Power Input
13 ~ 19V 13 ~ 19V 13 ~ 19V DC36V DC 26V DC 26V DC 14.8V
Power Adapter DC 17V DC 15V 2.4A DC 15V 2.4A DC 19V 4.7A DC 36V 5A DC 24.0V 8.33A DC 24.0V 8.33A DC 16.8V 7.0A
DMX 512 No data No data No data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Remote Range >30m No data >50m 50m 50m ~50m ~50m ~50m
No. Channels 99 99 99 99 99 14 Categories (39 Kinds) 14 Categories (39 Kinds)
14 Categories (39 Kinds)
Dimensions 250mm x 95mm x 22mm 242mm x 191mm x 42mm 242mm x 191mm x 42mm 300mm x 300mm x 46mm 300mm x 480mm x 46mm 748mm x 430mm x 107.5mm 542mm x 513mm x 107.5mm
441mm x 410mm x 107.5mm
Battery Usage
2x V-Mount Batteries
2x V-Mount Batteries
2x V-Mount Batteries
V-Mount Batteries
Approx. 153mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 244mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 90mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 120mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Approx. 50mins (5600K) Approx. 65mins (4400K)