What is a Ring light? - Best way to use you need to know

Have you ever wondered how most of the recent beauty photographs and videos you've seen are so beautifully produced? Well, most of these photographers and video creators simply utilize a special piece of lighting equipment called the ring light

Generally, a ring light is typically an easy-to-use multipurpose lighting tool. It enables customers to get a source of uniform light that directly comes from the point of your cameras. A ring light is usually built-in from a single circular fluorescent bulb or multiple connected tiny LED lights. Therefore, it is ideal for photographers and videographers in use as the ring shape distributes light evenly over the subject.

If you are interested in learning more about ring lights, we will discuss tips for using them, particularly for RICO240B MKII, and RICO140B MKII and recommendations for various applications. 


RICO140 35.5cm (14") Bi-Colour LED Ring Light and RICO240B MKII 46cm (18") LED Bi-Colour Ringlight

Types Of Ring Light 

There are two main types: off-camera ring lights and on-camera ring lights. Both two types of ring lights are the same in its applications but still have some differences. On-camera ring lights are able to mount on your camera and generate a smaller area of light. Its function is similar to flashes, creating a brief burst of light for images as opposed to off-camera ring lights. It mostly uses for product photography, videography, macro photography and scientific photography. When compared, the off-camera ring lights are able to be used independently from the camera and are attached to an external light stand. With the ability to produce continuous lighting, the off-camera ring lights are perfect for product photography, videography and makeup photography. 

It is fair to say that both the RICO240B and RICO140B are used as on-camera and off-camera ring lights. Two ring lights include 3 alternative mounts, including a shoe-mountable smartphone bracket. It allows you to attach your phone directly to the light source and capture stunning images and videos. Additionally, it comes with a camera bracket that attaches to the back of the ring light. It offers you to mount a DSLR or Mirrorless camera directly to the light for situations where you need to take photos or videos that are of higher quality. And also, a shoe mount enables you to mount a variety of different accessories to the light.


Macro Photography

When shooting images with a ring light, the customer accesses perfectly balanced lighting that is uniformly spread on all sides of the subject. Ring lights make it possible for consumers to produce high-quality images and films without paying a large amount of money for the shoot. Take the RING72, RICO240B MKII and RICO140B MKII for example, it comes with the macro photography ability which can also use to get up close and more focused without using sophisticated tools.

Focusing Details 

Nowadays, it is modified for a number of commercial uses due to its wide potential capabilities. One of the key purposes of the ring light is to emphasize details because of its shape and style. The RICO240B ring light’s circular design allows using your cameras within the ring light’s holes. It enables you to focus on particular details of the shoot. For example, the soft light makes photos and even makeup tutorials ideal because it covers wrinkles and blemishes. In utilize, you can adjust the RICO240B MKII and RICO140B MKII at a daylight colour rating of 54000K. It is perfect for makeup application, especially on an overcast day or natural light is not available.

Video Production 

You can also use a ring light for video production as the only source of lighting for a photo shoot. For example, both two RICO ring lights are able to produce a unique shadowless look to your videos or photos. Meanwhile, it creates interesting ring-shaped catchlights in the eyes of your subject producing a dramatic and professional look for filming. For a more professional-looking, the RICO240B and RICO140B can be used off-camera axis like a softbox or a beauty dish. Moreover, this type of light source is also popular amongst portrait, beauty and fashion photographers.

Diversity Lighting Effects 

Moreover, by simply replacing the standard white bulbs with various coloured lights or by applying coloured gels to various parts of the ring light. It creates colour effects with ring lights. While both the RICO240B MKII and RICO140B MKII are built-in with a Bi-colour light. It allows you to adjust the colour temperature between 5600K (Daylight) and 3200 (Tungsten). During photography or cinematography, warm colours and a healthy glow are often used. While daylight is frequently used for video blogging or product photography such as RICO240 Daylight Balanced. These ring lights are ideal for situations where you need to match the light’s colour temperature to the ambient lighting in your shooting environment.

The special lighting effect is the key distinction between the RICO240B and RICO240RGB. The RICO240RGB, as its name implies, includes a built-in RGB mode with a variety of special effects that may be used to mimic a variety of settings, like fires, TV, illumination, broken bulbs, and paparazzi flashes. This lighting equipment won't restrict your imagination or curb your creativity.

Which Ring Light You Should Have? 

Both two ring lights are LED ring lights which have the problem of the bulb is broken and emitting heat. As opposed, fluorescent ring lights are outdated technology and have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, the cons of RICO240B and RICO140B are built-in the new technology and have a long life span which is about 50,000 hours of usage.


    If you require a ring light to use for taking selfies on your DSLR camera or iPad, the RICO240B and RICO140B are suitable for you as it is big enough to fit inside at 18" and 14" respectively. These ring lights are also perfect for usage on site or to demonstrate your setup on social media because of its low weight and small profile such as the weight at 1444g of the ring light RICO240B. 

    In contrast, if you looking for the perfect single-light solution for wedding, events and photo booths photography, the RICO1200B Super- Large 120cm can becomes one of your options. With the largest size, it provides soft wrapped light for many types of stituations from single portraits to groups. 

    Power Of The Ring Light 

      The power of the ring light is also another factor to consider when purchasing one. This makes a significant difference, especially for professionals that depend on the quality of light like video photography, live streaming, and more. It is no doubt to say that each ring light is built-in with high power consumption. While the RICO240B has a higher power consumption at 60W when compared with the RICO140B at 40W. The control dial on the back of the RICO240B MKII Ringlight allows you to reduce the light all the way down to about 10% of its full strength as same as with the RICO140B

      CRI and TLCI

      This is also especially important for considering the CRI rating as it will measure of a light source's ability to faithfully reproduce colours. Both two RICO ring lights are built-in with a high CRI rating of above 90 which means you can generate accurately capture the real colour of your topic without the correction in post-production. This is essential, especially for makeup artists, tattoo artists, hair colourists or painters. The RICO140B ring light has a 180-degree tilting capability. For those who need to do flat lay photography. 

      Final Words

      Eventually, these ring lights are the perfect addition to the lighting arsenal of photographers, and videographers. If you frequently live stream, play video games, or just want fantastic illumination for online meetings, the RICO140B is a great option. The RICO140B has built-in circular diffusion that spreads out the light more evenly, creating a gentle, even glow without hotspots. Because it reduces skin imperfections and improves the subject's overall skin tone, it is ideal for beauty photography. It is ideal for use as a fill light when broadcasting live video as well. The RICO140B provides the bonus of a completely silent operation making it suitable to use for live video, interview production etc. In contrast, if you are looking for a high power consumption device and a high CRI rating, the RICO240B won’t let you down. The Mini 10" Ring Light Kit With Stand And Smartphone Mount, which contains a ring light, a stand, and a phone bracket, is the wise investment. It is now available for £39.99, but it offers the Bi-color options, the high CRI rating, and a special technique to illuminate your subjects.

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      Brand PixaPro
      Model RICO240B MKII 46cm RICO240D MKII 48cm RICO240 II RGB RICO140
      Price £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £74.99
      Max. Output 60W 55W 60w 40W
      Luminous Flux 6000LM 4800 lm 4,800 lm No Data
      LED Quantity 624pcs No Data No Data No Data
      Colour Temperature 3200K-5600K 5500K 3200-5600 3200K-5600K
      Colour Rendering Index ≥95 ≥90% 95 ≥95
      Power Range 10%-100% 100-10% 10%-100% 0%-100%
      LED Life Approx. 50,000 hours 20,000 Hours No Data
      Approx. 50,000 Hours
      External Diameter 458mm 485mm (19") 487mm 14"
      Internal Diameter 318mm 365mm 435mm No Data
      Width 42mm No Data 46.6mm No Data
      Weight 1444g No Data No Data No Data
      DC Power Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz 100-240V A/C, 2A, 50/60Hz 13 ~ 19V
      100-240V 50/60Hz
      Battery Mount
      Yes (NP-F970 L Series Mount)
      No Data
      2x Sony NP-F750/970
      No Data
      Battery Usage Time (NP-F750)
      Approx. 102min (Requires 2x Batteries)
      Battery Usage Time (NP-F970)
      Approx. 140min (Requires 2x Batteries)