Top Video Equipment for Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is a platform where people from all over the world can broadcast themselves or a video game they're playing to the platform for people to see; it's just like a YouTube video except it's live, and the content creators are known as twitch streamers. Twitch is mainly a game streaming platform, but over the years, it's been opening its doors to different types of content like crafting, painting, singing, casting, etc. After creating a twitch account and deciding what your streaming niche is, you need to find the right equipment for your space so you can improve your stream quality significantly and improve your streaming experience and we've got some essentials you need to have for a setup.


When selecting a camera, the best results can be offered by using a mirrorless DSLR camera which can shoot in 4k or at least 1080p depending on the quality of results you are expecting to achieve as long as it comes with a USB cable so it can easily connect with your PC allowing it to be used as a webcam. Other options include a standard webcam that does not provide a high-quality quality video stream or a DSLR webcam that provides superior quality, but it comes with a hefty price tag. As for the lenses, the wider the lens, the less shaky the image appears, and it also allows you have a shallower depth of field. The camera should come with a separate plug-in power supply and have the ability to stay on continuously, so your streaming is not interrupted by their constant need to be charged.


When recording live, it is not only the video quality that matters but also the audio, which is why you need to invest in a heavy-duty streaming microphone that provides superior audio quality and minimizes background noise. There are two types of microphones dynamic and condenser. While dynamic microphones can handle loud sounds, condenser microphones capture more sensitive sounds of higher quality.

For streaming, you can use a condenser microphone which can help you achieve significant control over the audio, and you can check out the Comica STM-USB USB Condenser Cardioid Microphone, which features is 16mm gold plated microphone that can be used in a professional studio setting to capture focused and quality audio in live streaming. The microphone also comes with different features, adjust volume levels, and gain control to manipulate the sound, ensuring it is up to your standard with convenient USB connectivity to avoid delays.

USB Condenser Cardioid Microphone (STM-USB)

Lighting Equipment and Kits

Lighting equipment is essential to set the mood of any set, whether you are going for a bright and vibrant set for crafting to ensure every detail is visible or a dim layout for live streaming horror games. As live streaming can often last hours, it is not recommended to use natural lighting due to the intensity fluctuations, which can be resolved by using continuous lights such as LEDs which are energy-saving bulbs that provide hours of consistent lighting. LED light panels such as the PIXAPRO MOBI LED Gaming is a good lighting option as it can sufficiently light a small setup for live streaming. The 22W Daylight balanced light has a CRI greater than 95, and it is a noise-free lighting solution that is ideal for shooting live as it does not interfere with the audio quality. GODOX ES45 E-SPORT and gaming live streaming kit is a bicolour version with Bluetooth connectivity, which give you more flexibility to control the light while live streaming. 


MOBI LED Gaming Live Streamer Kit and GODOX ES45

If you don't want to create your entire lighting setup from scratch, lighting kits are available in the market that combines lights, lighting stands, and modifiers to provide a complete package suitable for multiple live streaming scenarios. The ES45 Twin-Kit comes with two bi-colour LED panels that can produce diffused lighting that can be easily set up on your workstation or desk using mounting rods. The lighting can be adjusted using a detachable control panel to adjust the brightness and colour temperature without disrupting your setup.



Green screen can allow content creators on Twitch to produce content that is in line with their style as it can be used to establish and promote a brand image, or it can also be used to introduce an interactive background that can make the content more engaging. Green screens can also be used to display a list of user comments or allow the content creator to use the background to display the game they are currently playing, allowing for a seamless experience for the viewers. Selecting and setting up a green screen depends on how much you want to show in your stream, as it will help determine the size of the green screen required to ensure it fits the entire frame.

 Chroma Key Green Wall-Mounted Foldaway Background

The Chroma Key Green Wall-Mounted Foldaway Background measures 1.8x2m, and it can be easily mounted to any wall or ceiling to ensure it is locked in place. This backdrop is also easy and quick to set up, and it is made of crease-free polyester, which is held tightly in place with a weighted metal bar that eliminates any wrinkles that can ruin the illusion of a smooth background. Using a green screen backdrop can make any video seem polished and professional as it allows you to select your own background that is not excessively cluttered and distracting.