Top Tips for Maximising Your Affiliate Profits!

Struggling to make the most out of your affiliate link with us? Here’s some pointers to help boost traffic through your link so that you can earn more from our sales, and some advice on keeping your affiliate promotions within UK ASA Guidelines.

1. Make sure people know how it works.

We often get reports of our affiliates recommending kit to friends and fans, but then not getting any of the commission when items are bought through the link. This is because when the link is used, the customer must stay on the affiliate link when they checkout and not use any external links, new tabs, or other affiliate links, as the website needs to recognise the page as your specific affiliate link for any commission to be paid to you.

We do recommend making this as clear as possible when advertising your link to avoid confusion or disappointment. 

2. Make links public!

Keeping them exclusively to your websites will limit the amount of traffic your links get. The more traffic, the more money you earn!

3. Mention it when you tag us in photos.

If you post photos taken with Pixapro kit on your feed or stories, you can use the affiliate link on them to make it accessible to anybody who wants to learn more. Giving your audience examples of what you can create with Pixapro equipment is the best way to draw in new sales as they get to see the end result before they buy!

Check out this page to find out how to add links to your Instagram Stories.

4. Insert affiliate links in your product reviews and tutorials.

If you’re reviewing our kit and recommending our products to your audience, add the link somewhere in the review to encourage anybody who'se interested to find out more for themselves.

This also applies to video reviews, as it is easy to add the link into the YouTube description or mention it when filming and add a graphic during editing. You can also add the links to your blog if you have one, or on forums you may take part in when posting reviews or discussing equipment.

5. Put the link in more than one place on your website.

Rather than keeping it to a tab that audience would have to click around to find, making it more accessible and having a clear link to the Affiliate Link Page will make it easier for people to find and use! A way to do this is also to add a banner for the link on your website if you are able, which gives easy access to the Affiliate information, especially if you will link it in blogs regularly, or if you have a page where you mention what equipment you use.

6. Add it to newsletters and emails!

A great way to spread the word about your affiliate link is also to add it to any emails or newsletters you send out. Keep it short and sweet and add a small banner to part of it with the brief information and the link.

7. Advertise it directly.

You could also make social media posts specifically for this link. If your audience consists of many Pixapro users, posting about the link directly is a great way to advertise directly to the market. All it may take for some people is to see link to click through to it!

8. Extend it to people asking for Pixapro product advice

If anybody comes directly to you asking for product advice regarding our kit, don’t be afraid to give them your affiliate link! If they’re coming to you, chances are that they trust you and what you’re recommending. If you feel like it’s appropriate, you can drop them the link once you’ve assisted them.

9. Ensure you're sticking to the UK Guidelines!

One very important thing to remember with all of this is to be clear that your link is an affiliate link!! Make sure you’re sticking to the ASA Guidelines and add a mention or hashtag in your affiliate posts, stories and videos (such as #aff) to make it obviously identifiable as a marketing communication so that it complies with the UK Advertising code. While it may seem like this is something that only “influencers” have to adhere to, these codes apply to everyone.

Breaking these codes could mean you may get reported to Advertising Regulators and your posts or videos may be taken down. Go to the Advertising Standards Authority website at to find out more and to ensure you’re posting to the correct guidelines.


If you follow even some of these tips, you’ll likely see a rise in usage of your link, and in turn, a rise in earned commission. The difficult part is getting the link out there and making sure it’s clear and easy to find, so once you’ve done that, everything else is a piece of cake!