The Ultimate Guide for Wedding Photography Lighting

Wedding photography is a highly popular field as people tend to mark the occasion with photographs that can become permanent memories. If you're just getting into wedding photography, it is different from commercial or fashion photography as these images are more personal, and they have to capture the joy and celebratory mood of the event. If you're feeling lost and confused about where you should start, we have a comprehensive guide for you to follow if you're thinking about going pro.


Wedding photography shoots require a lot of planning as it requires location scouting, acquiring equipment, and ensuring you have enough backups in the form of memory cards and batteries, so you don't miss out on any crucial moments during the day. The photoshoot planning should be aligned with the wedding schedule depending on whether the bride and groom wish to have their photos before or after the ceremony. It is best to be on the same page as the happy couple, so be sure to discuss the type of photography style they are looking for and your rates, so there are no hiccups on the final day.

Selecting Lighting

For outdoor weddings, it is better to use studio flashes or speedlites that can overpower the sun and remove any unwanted shadows from the shot. Flashes are also essential for photographers who are on their feet constantly and photographing wedding guests all around the venue. The  CITI600PRO is ideal when shooting wedding outdoor or when you need the power for a family group shoot.

The PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO is a light and portable pocket flash that often use in a busy wedding require moving around and limited space. The CITI300PRO is very popular flash that comes with a rechargeable battery and weighs only 1.25 kg. This light also has an adjustable bicolor modeling chip that helps you adjust the color temperature of your light to capture beautiful images. The flash has a short recycling time ranging between 0.01 - 1.5 seconds and a TTL auto exposure that determines optimum light intensity for any shoot and pairs easily with modifiers.



We recommend using continuous lighting for more staged shots that require an indoor setup or act as a photobooth area. Continuous lighting is also better suited to longer shooting sessions and creating wedding videos as they do not have recycle times or delays. The PIXAPRO COB60D LED Light provides a constant light source that can be used for shooting wedding videos and wedding portraits. The flicker-free light has a CRI of greater than 96 and a TCLI of greater than 97, allowing it to reproduce colors accurately. It is highly user-friendly as it comes with an easy-to-use dimmer and universal mounting system that allows it to be used with different diffusers and modifiers. The COB LED light is ideal for use at different locations as it can be powered by a mains outlet or batteries. 

Think About Investing In A Lighting Kit

If you don't want to go through the hassle of assembling your own lighting equipment and modifiers, there are lighting kits available specifically for wedding photography, such as:

The PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO Wedding Kit with a Stand and Softbox comes with the compact CITI300 PRO studio flash with features such as TTL and HSS to accommodate outdoor shoots. It also comes with a 65cm softbox to produce a soft lighting effect, along with a highly portable stand that can reach a minimum and maximum height of 87 cm and 220 cm, respectively. This kit is ideal for wedding setups regardless of location and existing natural lighting.

The PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO Compact Wedding Twin Kit is another lightweight flash kit containing basic lighting components for shooting on location. The two CITI300 PRO can produce up to 320 full-powered shots per charge, and when paired with the 40" translucent umbrellas, it produces a natural-looking light. The light flash can be carried by hand or placed on the included stands, extending to a minimum and maximum height of 75 cm and 240 cm, respectively. This kit offers additional coverage by providing two lighting units for producing well-lit wedding photographs.


PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO Wedding Kit with a Stand and Softbox and PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO Compact Wedding Twin Kit

Select the Right Background

If you're shooting on location, you might not have a background as the venue can provide different settings in line with the wedding theme. For location shoots, it is always better to scout the locations well in advance at the expected time of the wedding, so you can take practice shots and figure out your preferred way to get the best images. An advanced visit makes it easy to consider the landscape and direction of natural lighting, so you don't waste any time on the big day with logistical tasks.

However, if you're having an engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot in the studio, you can use printed backdrops that bring a different vibe. The PIXAPRO wedding design 1 creates a classic scene with large windows covered with greenery. The  PIXAPRO wedding design 2 can be used to embody a destination wedding complete with a sandy beach, blue sky, and floral wedding arch. The PIXAPRO wedding design 3 has a more luxurious feel with crystal chandeliers, Persian rugs, and a descending white staircase. There are so many options to choose from, and they are all made of crease-resistant micro-fibre polyester, which is machine washable and can be used multiple times if stored properly.


 PIXAPRO wedding design1PIXAPRO wedding design 2 and PIXAPRO wedding design 3


Weddings might seem like a complicated event to shoot as it requires extensive coverage, specific equipment, location scouting, and a time-consuming editing process; however, it can also be highly rewarding. By using the right equipment and discussing priorities with the bride and groom, you can produce images that capture the essence of the wedding for years to come.