The STORM Series: What is the difference between the MKII and MKIII models?

The STORM Series are well known for being quality stroboscopic flash units. They’re perfect for capturing subjects in motion. Freezing motion in frame is necessary for topics such as animal photography, and dance or sports, or even fidgety children.  

But what is the difference between the MKII models and the MKIII versions? How important are the changes?

Modelling Light

A primary difference between the MKII and MKIIIs is the change of modelling light. The newer models of STORM have changed from incandescent 150W bulbs to more efficient 40W LED bulbs, which lower energy consumption and reduce the heat generated in the unit despite often being brighter. The lowered heat also makes use with modifiers easier due to not having to worry about your unit making modifiers too hot.

LEDs generally last longer as well, meaning you’ll have to replace it less, or possibly not need to replace it at all!


IGBT Capabilities

The Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor Technology (IGBT) that is vital to both units has also had some improvements made to the efficiency. Comparing the flash duration of the MKII 400 and the MKIII 400 for example, the MKII sits at approximately 1/35,086 of a second, while the MKIII hits 1/29,600 of a second. While it may seem like a small difference, the faster flash can help freeze motion perfectly, with the improved sharpness.

The 600 and 1200 MKIII models also reach up to 1/26,100 per second, making them even more impressive than their STORM III 400 counterpart.

The dimensions of the units have also changed with the new models. The MKIII versions are slimmer, having been made more streamlined in the redesign to make them less cumbersome. Their respective weights have remained largely the same due to the internal components, but the improved dimensions should make the use of the MKIII models somewhat easier.


Both the MKII and MKIII variations share many features. They both have a High Speed Sync of up to 1/8000 per second, and super-fast recycling times of between 0.05-0.9s.

They both feature the same transmission range, as well as a very similar colour temperature range, and a stroboscopic multi-flash range of up to 99 flashes.  

There are few new features added to the MKIII units, with the major difference being the improved modelling light. Depending on what you use your STORM units for, these differences may well be enough to justify replacing your MKIIs with the newer MKIIIs, but if you’re looking for the perfect strobe light addition for your studio and haven't invested in the previous versions, the STORM IIIs are the perfect choice for high-speed motion photography!


And don’t forget, all new lighting units come with a warranty from EssentialPhoto, in which manufacturer faults are covered for repair or replacement for up to two years, and batteries and lamps/bulbs are covered for up to six months, so you know you can rely on your flash to last!

We’ve added a comparison table below for the MKII and MKIII models to highlight the differences between them.

If you want any more information on the new STORM III models, feel free to get in touch with our team at and our Product Advisor will be able to assist you with any questions!