The Photography Show '22: Fancy 20% off Advance Tickets?

Have you bought your tickets for The Photography Show and The Video Show 2022 yet?

The place to buy your tickets is on the official TPS website at Make sure you check which ticket type is best for you, as depending on what kind of photographer you are or how long you're going, there are different ticket types and prices for each option!

We've broken down the main ticket types here for you:

Standard Tickets

Standard tickets are either £14.95 for a single day or £11.95 for a concession single day. Multi-Day tickets start at £22.43 for two days, £29.90 for three days, or £37.38 for the full four-day event. 

If you're only going for one day, however, we have some good news! The organisers of The Photography Show have kindly provided a discount code for our customers to get 20% off Advance single tickets for the show with the code:

Just enter the code when purchasing advance 1-day tickets to have your £14.95 ticket discounted down to £11.96! Please note: this code will not work on concession tickets or multi-day tickets as they are already discounted. This code is only available until 14th September, 3 days before the show.

Student Tickets

Previously, students were able to visit The Photography Show for free on Mondays and Tuesdays, but had to pay the standard price to visit on the weekend dates. This year, the organisers have changed this rule, and are now allowing FREE student admission for those studying media and photography for the entire event! This is great news for students and allows anybody studying to choose the best day for them to visit.

You can still purchase a ticket through the website in order to secure your place and make your entrance to the exhibition a little more streamlined, or you can buy on the door. The only thing you need to be able to redeem these free tickets is a valid Student ID for wherever you are studying.

Apply for Student Registration here.

Pros and Trade Tickets

Professional photographers, filmmakers, content creators and image-making industry representatives can apply for FREE entry to the show through TPS! Anybody under this category must apply for these tickets before the 16th September, and must apply through the official form. Please read the document to check whether you fall under the categories before applying.

Form to Apply for Pro/Trade Tickets.


If you attend the show and would like to check out some of the Masterclass talks, make sure you book them! Masterclasses cost extra and have to be booked to be able to attend. Unfortunately, you will not be able to discount masterclass tickets with our PIXATPS22 code, but we're sure they'll be worthwhile nonetheless!

Please visit the TPS tickets page to get more information on Masterclasses and other ticket types not covered here. 

Have you bought your tickets yet? Why not Tweet us to let us know if you used the 20% off code or what day you'll be visiting! We'd love to hear who we'll be able to meet in person at the show!