"Testing the PIKA200 and Citi600" with Glenn Curley

"OK, so the composition is rubbish. We weren't aiming for great composition. We were conducting a test on the Pixapro stand at the Photography show a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to see if the Pixapro CITI600 and PIKA200 flash units could keep up with 12 frames per second. The test was done on the spur of the moment and completely unscientifically and for fun, indeed I didn't even meter this, I just guessed at the exposure and shot as-is.

So, the set-up:

Pixapro CITI600 camera left in 1m collapsible beauty dish at around 1 metre from the subject at 1/32 power and the PIKA200 pointing directly to the backdrop at 1/64 power in a standard reflector with diffuser.

The main picture shows a 2 second burst at ISO 400 f/5.0 1/160s on a Canon 1Dx at 60mm.

The lights recycled perfectly and uniformly. We were mightily impressed, I hope you are too.

Credit: Glenn Curley 



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