Support and Multifunctionality from the 225cm Wheeled Column Stand

Welcome to June's PiXAPRO Kit Spotlight! This series aims to provide resources and customer discussion on different products that you won't get on the listing!

This month, we're all about the 225cm Wheeled Column Stand, also known as the Pistol Grip Handle Stand. This multifunctional stand is a super space saver and problem solver, and once you've used it once, you'll be hooked! Hold multiple lights at once on one stand, mount your camera on it for flat-lay photography or hold different modifiers or a laptop table! The possibilities are endless with this studio-saviour. 

The stand can hold up to 12kg in weight including grip handles and comes with castor wheels for easy and smooth transportation around your studio. It's this kind of stand that is perfect for studio working, especially when you have limited space and can't justify storing multiple different stands just so you can have a completed set-up. 

To make it even more efficient, the 225cm stand uses Grip Handles to mount your equipment on, which are easy to use; just grip and pull the handle to release it to spin the handle or move it up or down depending on where you need it! No more adjusting the entire stand just to move something down an inch! These handles also feature a reversible Baby-Pin and 5/8” stud pin, meaning you have two different options to attach your accessories and lights with.

The stand is super handy for when you need to mount cameras too, as Barry Mountford demonstrates during his video on Food Photography here:


The possibilities really are endless for this stand! Chris Conway, for example, says he has used up to 6 lights on a stand at once! See his photo below for an example of 3 gelled lights being used on one stand to backlight and add some excitement to the background.

 There are so many amazing uses for the 225cm Column Stand, and it's a perfect pairing for a photography studio. If you're after more information about the 225cm stand, visit the listing here, where we have full specifications and have answered some FAQ's!