School Photography Kits - Everything needed for High-Quality Photography!

Having looked through the equipment required to achieve high-quality school photography; we can see that this maybe rather expensive as multiple different pieces are required for the perfect set-up. We here at PiXAPRO have created multiple kits that include what is needed for this style of photography, and have tailored these for both single/duo subject photography as well as group photography. We have also created different options that include either mains power flash or battery powered flashes, helping to give you more variety and choice for your set-up.

Single Subject

When it comes to single subject school photography, you should be able to use a single light to achieve the best quality, as you aren’t required to cover as much area as you would with group photography. But with a single light, you need to make sure you have the best brightness and power output so that there are no unwanted shadows or reflections during your shoot. The use of a modifier with your light is also helpful, as it will help to soften and diffuse the light falling onto your subject to remove any potential harshness and the addition of a background also helps to add a more professional and cleaner look to your shoot.

LUMI200II Single Subject School Photography Portrait Kit: This kit is an ideal mains-power lighting set-up and includes everything you would need to achieve high-quality single school photography. The LUMI200II is a 200Ws studio flash which creates a bright and powerful lighting for your photography. It offers a super-fast flash duration of up to 1/2000th of a second for sharper images and the fast recycling time at just over one second allows you to take more frequent shots. It also allows a 6-Stop Power control between 1/1 and 1/32 power in 1/10th stop increments, offering you many different lighting options to test and find which is the ideal power output for any particular shoot. Also included in this kit is our 40” Translucent Umbrella, which allows you to modify your lighting, to produce a soft, diffused quality of light. The included 240cm Air Cushioned Light Stands are specifically designed to protect against any accidental collapses during use, to protect your equipment from any potential damage. The 2x2.3m Grey/Blue Collapsible Background is incredibly durable and made from 100% high-quality Muslin cotton, helping to offer different styles and options for your photography, and the included spring clamp allows you to hold your collapsible background in place with one of the 240cm light stands, to avoid and disruptions during shooting. Finally, the PRO AC 2.4GHz Trigger allows you to trigger and control your LUMI200 flash as well as all the PiXAPRO flashes from your camera, making your shoots much easier.

LUMI200II One Light School Photo Studio Flash Photography Portrait Lighting Kit

PIKA200 PRO Single School Portable Portrait Flash Kit: If you require a battery powered lighting option for your photography, this kit is the perfect choice. The PIKA200 PRO is a 200Ws battery power flash unit, capable of up to approximately 500 full-powered flashes per charge. This pocket-sized flash has been updated to offer a stable-colour mode for 5600K ± 100K colour temperature over the entire Power Range and a 9-Stop Power Range between 1/1 - 1/256 power in 1/10th Stop Increments, offering a wide range of options for your lighting. The included 40” Translucent White Umbrella allows you to point the light towards your subject, producing a broad, soft light source, with a diffused quality but it can also be used to light your subject indirectly, where the light is pointed away from your subject and then is reflected towards your subject, for a subtle diffused quality of light. The 240cm Air Cushioned Light Stands have a solid aluminium allow metal construction making it lightweight and strong, perfect for heavier light and modifier combinations up to 5KG, both in studio or on location. The 2x2.3m Grey/Blue Collapsible Background allows you to eliminate backgrounds for the creation of composite images of both large and small objects thanks to its 200cm x 230cm size, and the included Spring Clamp allows you to hold the background in place when connected to one of the included 240cm stands, perfect to prevent the background from moving or falling during shooting. The Spare PIKA200 PRO battery is ideal for carrying as an extra charged battery for when you are out on a long photo-shoot, essentially removing the need to worry about running out of power in the middle of your shoot. Finally, the ST-IV Trigger allows you to trigger and control your PIKA200 PRO flash as well as all the PiXAPRO flashes from your camera, making your shoots much easier. 

All-In-1 PIKA200PRO Single Portrait Flash Kit Designed For School Photography

Group Subjects

When it comes to group school photography, it is always recommended to use atleast two lights, as whilst there are multiple subjects, you need to make sure that you are offering ample light coverage, as you may be left with unwanted reflections and shadows otherwise. As the same as single subject photography, the additions of modifiers help to soften and add diffusion to the lighting. But as you are finding multiple lights, you may find that you could need different set-ups for different shoots, such as one light with a modifier and one without or both lights with modifiers attached, this will depend on the size and style of shoot you have. Having a background also adds a new style and look to your shoot, and can help to make it look more professional.

LUMI200II Group School Photography Portrait Kit: If mains power lighting is suitable for your requirements, then this kit is ideal for group school photography. The LUMI200II is a robust and dependable 200ws power output studio monolight strobe, that is small and compact with every feature you will need from a studio flash such as power, built-in receiver, slave mode, fast recycling time and flash duration. The LUMI200 II is also part of the PiXAPRO ONE System, meaning that it can be control by the included PRO AC 2.4GHZ Trigger and be used in conjunction with the range of PiXAPRO flashes (excluding the RIKO400). The combination of 2x LUMI200II units offer a combined power output of 400Ws and allows you to create ample light coverage on your subjects. The 2x 40” Translucent umbrella features a lightweight eight-spoked metal frame with an 8mm shaft, making it suitable for use with most brands of lights and the umbrella’s surface is made from high-quality nylon for durability. The 2x 240cm air cushioned light stands feature 3 tier extension making it possible to be extended to a full length of 240cm, which can then collapse right down to 75cm minimum height, making it compact, easily storable and portable. The PRO AC 2.4GHz Trigger features a universal hot-shoe, allowing it to be used in conjunction with a wide range of different camera brands. Also included is our Telescopic Background Stand, which allows you to use a background up to 3m in width and 8kg in weight, and is made from a light-weight and durable aluminium construction. The 1.45x4m Grey/White Vinyl Backdrop has a special Ultra-Matte finish which will eliminate reflections and features a fade resistant surface, making this background great for both low key and high key photography and video. The included 6” Spring Clamps help to hold your backdrop in place on your background stand to prevent excessive and unwanted rolling.



LUMI200II Two Lights Portrait Studio Flash Lighting Kit -School Photography

PIKA200 PRO Group School Portable Portrait Flash Kit: For battery powered lighting that offers high-quality brightness but is simple to transport between shoots, we would recommend this kit. The PIKA200 PRO is everything you loved about the PIKA200 Pocket flash, but with added Pro Features including 9-Stop power range (1/1 – 1/256 power) 1/10 stop power adjustments, as well as increased colour-consistency rated at 5600°K ± 100°K over its entire power range. This small Portable Flash gives you access to powerful flash with a guide number of up to 60m at ISO100, whilst only being pocket sized. The 2x 40” Translucent Umbrella allow you to modify your lighting to produce a soft, diffused quality of light with the option for direct and indirectly lighting giving you multiple different lighting styles. The 2x 240cm Air Cushioned Light stands are sturdy heavy-duty lightweight stands that allow you to mount your light up to 240cm in height, offering a stable platform to use and transport with your lighting effortlessly. The ST-IV trigger is designed to work with your specific camera brand whilst allowing control of 5 individual dedicated groups and features a large backlit Dot-Matrix LCD display, with a new and intuitive user-interface. The telescopic background stand is perfect solution for small studio or any locations with limited spaces, thanks to its flexible extension design, it can be extended from 1.2 to 3 meters in width. The 1.45x4m Grey/White vinyl background is made from colour impregnated, fade resistant vinyl material and has been pre-treated with a fire-retardant coating and the 2x 6” Clamps included in this kit are able to hold the background in place on the stand to prevent any unwanted rolling.

PIKA200PRO Battery Flash Portrait Lighting Kit For Group School Photography


Making sure to capture the highest quality school photography is a must, as the subjects may want to look back through time and reminisce of these memories. With these kits mentioned above, you will be able to create the most professional photography possible.