E-Commerce Clothing Photography - Shooting in a Tight Space & with Tight Budget

Whilst you may wish to capture the best quality photography for the clothing items you wish to sell, you may have restrictions in place that could make this difficult. You may find that you do not have a very large shooting space or that you are not financially able to create a large professional set-up. In this blog, we take a look at three different budget lighting set-ups that you could use if you find yourself struggling with these issues. Each option can be used as either a Photography or Videography lighting set-up and can be used with either a Camera or Smartphone to suit all requirements.


Under £400

120X200X100CM Daylight-Balanced LED Light Tent

This particular lighting set-up is ideal for anyone who may be struggling with shooting space, as rather than having the lighting placed external to take up vital space, this light tent features eight LED Panels that magnetic attach to the interior to reduce the loss of space that may be vital. However, if you do find that you would like to add further lighting to this, the light tent features removeable sides that would allow you to use external lighting sources for additional coverage. The interior of the LED Light tent is a highly reflective silver to maximise the light efficiency and produces a nice clean end result to perfectly capture all the details in your clothing. This LED Light tent offers large dimensions of 120x200x100cm, meaning you could use a mannequin or subject to display your clothing, and is large enough to cover larger products that you may also sell on your E-Commerce website. Each LED Light tent comes with two hard-wearing PVC Backgrounds, one offering a white finish and the other offering a black finish, allowing you to adjust and adapt your shoot to better suit each individual clothing item being displayed.

120x200x100cm Daylight-Balanced LED Light Tent With Magnetic LED Panels

Under £850 – All-in-one Starter Kit with Background

DAYLiTE60D MKII Four-light E-Commerce Fashion Kit

This set-up is designed for a slightly larger shooting area, but the cost of this would not be too high as to where it may impact your available budget. This set-up would include four of our Daylite60D MKII units, each of which are 60W LED Lighting units that can be dimmed to between suit the lighting requirements of the shooting space, and each offer a CRI of ≥95 to make sure that the colours in your subjects are being properly reproduced in your final shot. The LED Chip that is used in the Daylite60D MKII units offers a Flicker-Free lighting, allowing you to shoot either photography or videography at virtually any framerate without issue. Included in this set-up would be four different softboxes, each with their own reason and specific requirement in the set-up. For the key light, we would recommend using the 95cm Octagonal Softbox as this would provide ample light coverage on the subject and would create pleasing catchlights that compliment delicate features that may appear in clothing items. For the fill light, we would recommend using our 30x120cm Strip Softbox as the shape produces a narrow beam of light to separate the subject from the background. For the two background lights, we would recommend using two of our 60x90cm Rectangular Softboxes, as these would allow you to properly cover your background with lighting in order to remove any unwanted shadows or reflections from your final shot. For the two background lights and the single fill light, these would be suited to using standard light stands to securely hold these in place. For the key light however, we would recommend using a boom stand as this would open up the possibilities for where you place your light to make sure that your subject receives proper light coverage in order to capture the perfect end result.

DAYLiTE60D MKII Four-Light E-Commerce Fashion Kit

Under £1500 – All-In-One Intermediate kit with Background

LED100D MKIII Four-light E-Commerce Fashion Kit

This set-up would be very similar to the previously mentioned four-head set-up, but with a few noticeable differences. Whilst this set-up would also be designed for a larger shooting space, this particular set-up would require a larger budget due to the different lighting units. In this set-up, we include four of our LED100D MKIII units, which are our 100W Daylight Balanced LED lighting units, that can be dimmed between 100% - 10% and feature a Flicker-Free LED chip. The LED100D MKIII is a useful lighting option as whilst it is predominantly used as a main powered lighting unit, it is possible to purchase additional accessories that would adapt this light into a battery powered unit, perfect for moving between different locations or if you are unable to gain access to mains power easily. This set-up would also include the same softboxes as the previous set-up, with the 60x90cm Rectangular Softbox being used on background lights to remove any unwanted shadows, the 30x120cm Strip Softbox used on the fill light to separate the subject from the background and the 95cm Octagonal Softbox used on the key light to offer ample light coverage for the main subject. This set-up would also include the same stands as the previous set-up, with three standard light stands being used for the background and fill lights, and a boom stand being used with the key light to create a wider range of positions for your lighting unit.

LED100D MKIII Four-Light E-Commerce Fashion Kit


Capturing the perfect shot comes with a range of different complication, such as finding a suitable shooting area and the financial cost of purchasing the correct equipment. With these set-ups, this should allow you to deal with all of these issues whilst still making sure your E-Commerce Clothing Website looks professional.