Portable LED Lighting to Capture the Winter Season with!

Twinkling Christmas lights, snow, and cosy clothing is enough to make lots of photographers get outside and start snapping photographs! But when the nights draw in early this time of year, you'll need some lighting to brighten up your images! Here are some nifty portable LED lighting options that you can use this winter season to elevate your images and lift those shadows a little.

Godox LEDM150 9w Dimmable Smartphone LED

Looking for some products that you can use with a smartphone? The 9w LEDM150 is a nifty (and affordable!) LED panel, that offers both a hotshoe which can be attached to a camera, as well as a smartphone grip on the back of the panel for maximum efficiency and ease of use. With a built-in 3,000mAh rechargeable Lithium Battery, the LEDM150 gives you approximately 70 minutes of illumination at maximum brightness, making it handy for outdoor and location shooting. With a detachable diffusion panel too, you can also adapt your lighting to be softer on your subject. 

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LEDM150 9W Dimable On-Camera Smartphone Video Light

Godox Litemons LC30Bi 

Looking for something a little more powerful? The new Godox Litemons LC30Bi is a handy pocket-sized 38w cylindrical LED head with a hotshoe mount that can be attached to cameras or to lightstands or hotshoe gimbals. The LC30D and Bi can be powered by mains or by 2x NP-F970 Rechargeable batteries*, and can be used with the AK-R1 Round-Head Accessory kit to offer modification to your light such as barndoors and filters.

LED170 Mini Panel

An even more portable option is the LED170, which can be powered by either 8x AA Batteries or one Sony NP-F750 Rechargeable Battery to provide approximately 180mins of power at full capacity, and is perfect for video work or stills! With a hotshoe and thread mount, this LED panel uses 10W of power, and has stepless brightness adjustment, allowing you to dim the brightness as much as you need. 

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Godox R1 Round RGB LED

Looking to add a splash of colour to your images instead? Why not try the R1 Round RGB light? Choose from 360 colours, adjust the colour temperature from 2500K to 8500K in CCT mode, and select from 14 FX special effects in its FX light effect mode! At only 5w, this isn't a light that you'd be able to illuminate a large area with, but if you're hoping to add a some variation to some outdoor portraits for example, then this would do the trick! The R1 is a super portable, handy LED option to have to hand, and is also powered by a built-in battery that can be charged with a simple USB-C cable. 

KYU-6 Magnetic RGB Strip Bracelet

Looking for another RGB option? The unique snap bracelet design of the KYU-6 RGB LED strip makes it a particularly useful light for certain photographers, especially if you're working with models for your photography! Use as a prop or as standard lighting, and the magnets inside mean you can also stick the strip to a magnetic surface so you don't have to hold them by hand. These may not be for everyone, but they can certainly have their uses for some fun outdoor/street photography! 
KYU-6 Magnetic RGB LED Light Bracelet 5 Effects By Spiffy Gear