PiXAPRO Li-ION 580 II TTL vs Godox Ving V860 II

PiXAPRO Li-ION 580 II TTL vs Godox Ving V860 II

Both the PiXAPRO Li-ION 580 II TTL and the Godox Ving V860 II are both made by GODOX, and are both identical internally. This means that both the Li-ION 580 II and the Ving V860 II are cross-compatible with each other and will work with each other's triggers. However, at PiXAPRO, we offer a Full 2-Year UK Warranty with UK-Based Customer Service, and UK-Based Aftercare.

We also offer a full-range of compatible accessories and carry a range of Manufacturer Spare-Parts. Don’t see what you are looking for listed on the website? Please contact us at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and let us know what you are looking for, and we will look into it for you.

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Lithium Ion Battery

Unlike traditional speedlites that use AA batteries, the LI-ION580II uses a lithium ion battery which will give you an impressive 650 full powered shots per charge and with an ultra-fast recycling time of up to 1.5 seconds and virtually no slowdown as the battery power diminishes. This removes the need for bulky external battery packs, or a bags of AA batteries and will keep you going throughout your shoot.

8-Stop Power Range

The PIXAPRO® Li-ION580II TTL Speedlite has an 8-stop power range (1/1 to 1/128 power) adjustable in 1/3 stop increments, with flash durations between 1/300 second to 1/20,000 second for sharper images whilst maintaining colour accuracy throughout its power range which opens up a whole world of possibilities. It also features a variety of different flash modes. This includes a multi-flash mode, which can be set to between 1 and 100 flashes at a frequency between 1 and 199Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography. 


The Li-ION580II gives you access to TTL automatic metering which will quickly provide you with perfect exposure without the need for manual metering, which could sometimes cause you to miss key moments.

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