Photography Backdrops: Does Your Studio Need Them?

Are you ready to take the leap and set up your very own photography studio? Apart from finding the best space, purchasing high-quality lighting equipment, and investing in the perfect camera to do your shoots with, it’s important to get good photography backgrounds. Photographs incorporate a multitude of tiny details, and the studio backdrop is just as important as the subject standing in front of it.

Boring walls aren’t the best at complementing the subject of your photograph, and editing the image to look better would take longer than utilizing a photo background. It can help you minimize your post-processing and save time—after all, time is money.

Here are some amazing advantages of using studio backdrops:

They’re Long-Lasting

A good quality backdrop lasts for a long time if it’s well-maintained. Our Heavy-Duty Crease-Resistant Fleece Fabric Background is made from a special fleece that prevents it from creasing, enabling a quick setup for a photoshoot anywhere, anytime. It’s super easy to maintain and clean with as it’s machine washable. The heavy-duty material can last many years if maintained properly.

Heavy-Duty Crease-Resistant Fleece Fabric Background

Wide Variety of Colours

Solid backgrounds are excellent for taking out the clutter in any image, making them perfect for photo composites. You can find them in a wide variety of colours to cater to your needs and create unique looks. You can even add in some interesting shapes by using shadow caster (also known as Cucoloris or Cookies) or gobo projection

They Provide Uniformity

If you plan on doing a lot of headshot images or corporate portraits, you should invest in a professional backdrop for your studio to create a repeatable and consistent look. Our Collapsible backdrops are perfect for getting a sophisticated and professional result. They can make any photograph look classic by creating an clean and smart scene.

Collapsible Dual Side Background Board (BLACK/WHITE)

They’re Versatile

Paper backdrops are gorgeous and seamless and are easily available in a multitude of colours. They’re super easy to manage and are durable enough to allow people to stand on them during full-length shoots. If you find any damage or permanent marks, you can cut off the unwanted pieces and roll it out further.

Patterned backdrops that replicate wood or bricks are perfect for replicating textures that you can’t access at the moment, whether it’s due to the weather or it’s simply not available. You can use backdrops to cover any unwanted elements in outdoor photoshoots or change the feel of all of your images within a single shoot by utilizing multiple backdrops.

1.35x10m Paper Background

Price Point

Quality backdrops cost more, but you get what you pay for. Seamless backdrops made of high-quality materials can’t be substituted with wrinkled, stained sheets that reflect unnecessary light. It’s difficult to smooth out the background to achieve perfection post-shoot, using up precious time and resources.

They’re Easily Portable

If you ever have a shoot scheduled outside of your fixed studio, you’ll have to transport your equipment, including your backdrop, to the location of the shoot. Canvas, vinyl, and muslin are comparatively easier to transport than paper since they can be rolled up or folded without developing wrinkles. Collapsible backdrops are the best choice for outdoor shoots since they’re super easy to transport and set up.

Types of Backdrops

Backdrops come in such a wide variety that it can be difficult to sort through the options and find the perfect material for your studio. While it’s easy to substitute a backdrop with inexpensive items like bedsheets or a plain wall, there will be a visible difference in your photographs compared to high-end materials that are built for this purpose. Here are some different kinds of backdrops for your studio photography:

Black Backdrops

Backdrops such as PiXAPRO’s Dual-Sided Black/White Vinyl Backdrop create the ideal background for high-quality and rich-looking photography. Its ultra-matte finish eliminates any unwanted light or reflections from your subject—making it perfect for headshots. The hard-wearing vinyl is rather long-lasting and needs to be gently wiped clean if it gets dirty.

Seamless White Backdrops

White backdrops are best for stock and product photography, as well as conducting headshots. They provide a crisp, bright, and clean portrait that looks highly professional. Check out PiXAPRO’s PVC Backgrounds (Matte Finish)! It’s completely scratch and wrinkle-resistant, providing a professional finish in every photograph.

Solid Backdrop

Solid coloured backdrops are perfect for adding dimension or colour in a simple manner. PiXAPRO has multiple coloured solid backgrounds that can make your subjects look extra gorgeous.

1.35x10m Paper Background

Green Screen Backdrop

If you want to do some digital editing to recreate a new location for your subject, green screen backdrops work best. We recommend the Green Screen VNIX1500B Bi-Colour LED Four Panel Kit for the perfect lighting. The backdrop is made out of durable muslin cotton and is 6m long, perfect for any shoot!

Green Screen VNIX1500B Bi-Colour LED Four Panel Kit

Textured Backdrop

Backdrops with some texture or prints add some style and a dynamic feel that can spruce up any photoshoot! Perfect for models and food photography, this Dual-Sided Coated Printed-Texture Paper Background emulates the look of various surfaces such as marble, concrete, and wood. The backgrounds are reversible and waterproof, and can easily be wiped clean in case of any spills.

70x100cm Dual-Sided Coated Printed-Texture Paper Backgrounds

Different photography backgrounds require different equipment to set them up. Canvas and vinyl are much heavier than paper and need strong support to keep them held up. Paper rolls need to be stored in a specific way to ensure a long lifespan since they crease easily. With so many choices, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect backdrop for your shoots!