Perfect Photography Lighting Equipment for Cosplayers

We've got a selection of suitable (yet affordable!) Godox Lighting Equipment In Photography right here to help you do just that, and make your cosplay photos really pop, whether you're snapping your own creations or you specialise in photography for other cosplayers!

We understand that your hard work that goes into creating your costume and the look to embody your chosen character. So, it just makes sense to ensure that you have some amazing photos to go with your work! 

Pocket Flashes Lighting Equipment In Photography

Pocket flashes are a great way to get familiar with off-camera flash for your photography as they're fairly versatile and battery-powered! The two most common choices for Godox pocket flashes are:

AD200 Pro: A 200w 9-stop flash with a range of interchangeable heads available for purchase depending on what you need. 

AD300 Pro: A 300w strobe with a 12w modelling light and super fast recycling times. 

Battery-powered pocket flashes often pack a fair punch in light power and are great for trekking out to remote locations such as forests for shoots. Check out some of our YouTube videos below for examples of this:

RGB Lighting Equipment In Photography

If you're also looking to include a pop of colour for more sci-fi or dramatic shoots, RGB lighting offers a huge range of creative options. 

For a small backlight or practical light in a shot (think the briefcase scene in Pulp Fiction!), the 13w M1 Mini RGB LED Panel is a great option thanks to its compact size yet bright colour. 

This palm-sized panel enables you to use hue and saturation settings to choose between 360 different colours, plus a range of special effect settings such as police lights, lightning and broken bulb. 

Jasper Shadloo, Matrix themed photo.

Alternatively, if you're after a bigger RGB Lighting Equipment In Photography, then the TL Series is super handy, coming in tube shape to offer a wider spread of light. At 18w of LED power, the TL60 may not seem like it would pack much of a punch, but it is super bright, and adjustable in brightness, as well as compatible with bluetooth control via the Godox Light App on a smartphone. 

Retro and Vintage Flashes

Looking for a replica retro or vintage flash to get that perfect look? Whether you're out to use them and get that authentic flash effect with a vintage camera, or if you're looking for a working prop to fit your cosplay, Godox has your back! 

The Lux Senior is styled after vintage flashes, without the hassle of replacing the bulb after every flash! With a built-in rechargeable battery, this vintage flash is essentially a speedlite, with all the inner workings of a modern hotshoe mounted flash, that is compatible with both modern digital cameras and vintage film cameras.

Shoot on easy mode with the Automatic shooting settings or choose Manual, and collapse the silver reflector when you're done with it to avoid damage when storing or travelling.

Or, alternatively, if your character/cosplay is more 80's than 50's, the Lux Junior is a more retro styled speedlite flash. With a lot of the same features as the Senior including a built-in rechargeable battery and Automatic and Manual modes, the retro is a little smaller and fits a different aesthetic, but is just as easy to use. 

Vlogging Kits

Godox's vlogging kits are also a great option for cosplayers that have a big social media following and are looking to improve the look of their social media content! 

These handy little smartphone kits include small microphones, mini LED lights and a tripod or smartphone holder to be all-in-one handheld high-quality recorders. Perfect for if you're on the go and if you record content at cosplay events. 

The VK1-UC kit has a handheld design that allows the rig to be held with both hands for steady moving landscape shots, plus a mini tripod for static recording. This allows for easy clean YouTube footage without the hassle. 

The VK2-LT kit, however, has a tripod/extendable selfie stick design and is great for portrait orientation shooting for social media such as Instagram and TikTok! 

Both vlogging kit mics connect directly to your smartphone with a 3.5mm cable (you will need an adapter if you don't have a headphone jack) and the mini LEDs are flattering and easy to use, and are rechargeable. 

Streaming instead?

If you're less of a TikToker and more of a Twitch streamer documenting your cosplay creation for example, streaming lights will be more suitable for you! The ES30 Twin Streaming Kit offers easily adjustable Bi-Colour lighting that's easy to adjust for your streaming space, with built-in diffusion that flatters your skin and offers a wide spread of even lighting. 

LED Lighting Equipment In Photography

Alternatively, if you're looking for some video or photography lights that can serve multiple purposes, then why not look into some continuous lighting instead?

The ML60 LED is a great alternative for photography, with Daylight and Bi-Colour options, at 60w of LED power, equivalent to around 600w of tungsten power! These LEDs are also super compact and have multiple powering options depending on their use, plus TLCI and CRI ratings high enough to be suitable for broadcast use. If you're not a fan of strobe lighting, then these LEDs are a great option.

The Godox LC30 mini LEDs are also super lights with versatility and enough power to pack a punch in an indoors/studio setting. Great for mounting to tables, these small LEDs can be used for videography or for lighting tables from above if you're looking to film creative processes such as how to make parts of costumes.

Plus, the LED170 is a great on-camera light for professional-looking video content. Power via 8x AA batteries or Sony NP-F batteries and make shooting  easy! 

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