Our New Extended Warranty

Our standard two-year warranty policy does pretty well at covering those rare but unfortunate circumstances where your lighting units reveal a manufacturing fault or similar, but we can understand the need for a longer warranty period for when you really need the peace of mind of knowing your equipment is covered for repair or replacement a little longer. 

So, we've set up our new extended warranty policy to cover this! Two different tiers of this extended warranty are now available to purchase alongside your new equipment to get cover for one extra year on top of the free 2-year warranty we already offer. Here is the full breakdown of how this works and how to buy it:

How do I buy it?

The new 3-Year Warranty is available in two separate listings for purchase. Both listings are the same, but they are only separated as we can only list so many products in the drop-down box. There isn't any particular order to the drop-down categories unfortunately, but if your light isn't on one listing, it's likely to be on the other. If you still can't find it, don't fret, just drop our team an email and we'll be able to confirm whether we offer this for your particular light or not. 

To buy it, just select the specific light you're purchasing in the drop down box of the listing and add it to your basket. It's as simple as that! 

However, it's important that you buy your extended warranty in the same order as your purchase of your equipment. If it is purchased separately, it will not apply on your warranty unfortunately. 

Your extended warranty will also only apply to one unit of the item you've bought it for. For example, if you buy 3 PIKA200 Pro units, you must add 3x Extended Warranty listings for the PIKA200 Pro to your basket. If you only purchase one, then only one will be covered. 

How does it work?

Each available extended warranty available for purchase is for a piece of equipment that already holds a free 2-year warranty on our website as per our policy. These items are generally main lighting equipment, and not the 'whole' unit will be covered. The majority of it is, however the "cartons, equipment enclosures, cables or accessories... consumables such as batteries and bulbs" are not. These will instead be covered by a basic 6 month warranty. This works the same with the extended warranty.

In essence, the warranty works exactly the same way as laid out in our standard warranty, with the simple addition of one extra year onto the length of it. Please read our standard warranty policy in full before purchasing the extended warranty to ensure that you are fully up to date with the current procedure. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Support team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk for some tailored advice.

Why does extended warranty for "X" item cost £x amount?

The prices differ for each unit, and you'll notice that the more expensive the unit, the higher the extended warranty is. Generally, the cost for an extra year's warranty is around an extra 10% of the cost of the item itself. This is because, with use, especially extensive and repeated use of an item, the more likely it is that a fault will develop. At around 2-3 years and onwards, the risk of something developing a fault beyond wear and tear/as a result of damage gets much higher, which is why we're not able to offer this in our standard warranty. 

So, although it may seem like it can be expensive, if you're worried that your unit will develop a fault before this 3 years is up, it's a good investment to make if you need to ensure that you'll be covered. 

What equipment can I buy the extended warranty for?

There is quite a long list of equipment that is eligible for this extra warranty, so instead of listing them and having you find the warranty to add to your basket separately, our lovely website team has added the right warranty option to the right hand side of each of the available unit's listings so that when you add the equipment to your basket, you can simply add the warranty to your basket from the very same page. Simply, if the listing doesn't include the 3yr warranty addition, we don't offer it. Make sure you check before adding to your basket, however, as the price will differ for every piece of equipment it applies to. 

And if you need any more help or advice about our warranty process or how it will apply to your equipment, please check out our policy page or get in touch with our Customer Support team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk. 

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